What is collective bargaining

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“All of the talk of protests government shutdowns and employee rights one term we keep keep on hearing is collective bargaining negotiations between an employer and a group of employees determine the conditions of employment. So i want to give you both sides of the argument first let s start with the pros of collective bargaining collective bargaining wages are one of the big deals it gives unions the power to negotiate wages. Unions often succeed in getting higher wages for their members..


Then those workers would get if they weren t unionized take a look at another pro it s employee protection collective bargaining helps protect workers from abuses of power by employers things like arbitrarily firing them or making workers work long hours without overtime pay or under unsafe conditions. The idea behind collective bargaining is that the relationship between an employer and a worker is unequal. The worker really needs the job more than the employer really needs that specific worker..


So by combining workers into a group it sort of helps even the playing field. So really unions are about power in numbers unions say collective bargaining is a safeguard to ensure that everyone s interests are considers workers. Speak together as a body to assert their rights using that strength in numbers that s the good side there are criticisms though of collective bargaining let s talk about some of those those higher wages that i just talked about well for one what s good for workers isn t always good for companies higher pay per hour means less productivity or less work performed per dollar paid..


According to some companies or employers that means a company with a unionized workforce that uses collective bargaining to get their members a higher wage may not be able to sell their product as inexpensively as a company that doesn t have collective bargaining ultimately that could mean that the higher wage unionized company may lose business and have to layoff its higher paid workers that s something we ve seen in the airline and auto industries. It s something we re starting to see in government another con of collective bargaining is that it could reward bad behavior does it reward teachers and other workers who have tenure for instance a contractual right based on seniority that in many cases prevents a worker from being fired unless they ve done something really bad critics argue that tenure and seniority rules are a disincentive to do your job really well because all you have to do ” ..


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