What Is Communism?

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“Diplomatic relations between cuba and the nunited states improve. We wanted to look at the the political philosophy. Behind the long embargoed nnation cuba. Is one of the last communist nleft in the world and since extreme anti communist sentiments in the mid 20th century.

The philosophy nhas been a regular fixture in political discussions. So we wanted to know what exactly is communism well there are a number of overlapping philosophies nand socioeconomic systems that can be described as communist in nature but in the most basic sense communism is nwhen..

All manufacturing or means of production are equally owned by all the members of a nstate. The intended result is to eliminate the capitalist inspired nclass system. Where one class does all the work and the other gets all the money. Although.

Similar ideas have existed both naturally nand intentionally since the dawn of time the most common form of communism comes from nthe work of german philosophers karl marx and friedrich engels in what is today known nas marxism in particular marxism is focused on the exploitation nof. The worker..

It s based on the idea that any profit generated nby the worker. But instead goes to the business owner is a form of inequality and should nbe abolished in recent history several countries including nthe ussr china vietnam and cuba have attempted to institute their own versions of communism. However all can be said to be predominantly nsocialist and not communist. The biggest difference between the two is nthat socialism says that all workers should get an equal share in profit and property nwhile communism.

Says that there shouldn t be money or ownership. In general and everyone nshould get as much as they need and work as much as they can unfortunately attempts to achieve this political nphilosophy have led to lower standards of living government corruption and in the ncase of the ussr total collapse and failure..

A number of reasons have been put forth as nto why communism hasn t worked out historically. But the strongest criticism of the philosophy nis that communism removes the incentive for people to work harder than they absolutely nhave to it also leads to resentment of those who work nless hard. But receive the same in general communism is described as being ngreat in theory. While disastrous in practice.

The state of the world seems to agree with nthat assessment. If you d like to learn more about political ntheory..

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