What is in the BOX? Guide to re-think-health AIM products

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“My name is daniel welcome to rethink health and on this channel. I teach and and promote how we as a family can eat and live today that leads to healthy lifestyle for a whole family and on this video today. I just wanted to talk a little bit about the products that we sell on rethink health. Its with the aim companies.

And i just received a box and order from them. What our family gets is i just wanted to show you to explain things and so that you know what you re getting into and really all you need to know when you re buying the products from rethink health coming up next alright. So welcome. Again here is the box from aim that you get here we open.

It up and we have a few catalogues. A different products that they sell different nutritional guides as well this is great catalog to all that they have and i ll take out a few things start with our herbal fiber blend. It s a mix of herbs that are each good for the for your bowels for your gut. The lining of your gut to to get out those toxins to move things along full of fiber that we need and how important fiber is today.

We need it we re so i think the average person in north america. Only gets about 8 to 10 grams of fiber. A day. We need 25 to 30 or more right and we re deficient in that and our bowels are blocked up our bowels are really the sewage system for our body and if they re clogged toxins are gonna start to go into other organs and organ systems and its really the source of good or bad health.

We need to have healthy bowels if we don t it s it s really gonna harm our bodies and we re gonna start to see a lot of symptoms symptoms especially like constipation diarrhea. Pain bloating. These things are most common and are the symptoms that first start when the body is trying to tell us something is wrong whether we need more fiber or whatever if we need a cleanse anyways also what we have in here is ready beats this is beat powder. So is beats that have been juiced and dried into powder form and they re sealed in here to preserve them all year round.

So it s great quality..

Nutrients. So you can have all the way through the winter. And if you don t want to juice. It does all the work all the works already done for you all you have to do is mix it with water and and you re good to go.

It s great especially if you have a busy family busy life you don t have time to juice. This is a great supplement for that and beets are full of nutrients that we need especially nitric oxide. Which open up our vessels improve our circulation. So that s going to be good for all things cardiovascular wise for the health of our heart.

Another thing that we have with rethink health. This is raw cacao or use it in their one of the smoothies on the rethink health. A family smoothie challenge as well as in the recipes on the recipe page. I rethink health.

This is and you can also get cacao in your local store as well it s fine. But this we love especially with the kids because it has chocolate the cacao raw cacao bean and then it also has a mix of greens in it like let me see here has but the barley grass pea protein spinach leaf kale leaf arugula broccoli sprout swiss chard so it s just full of greens with chocolate the raw being which is so healthy for us right. It s not processed not full of sugar. It s not in its natural state.

So it s so healthy for us and this is great for the kids they love it you can mix. It with almond milk or whatever. And it s like a child chocolate milk or you can put it in your chocolate smoothie whatever or mix. It with your protein powder.

Just get a plain protein powder with no flavoring in it which usually the flavorings are artificial anyway so put this in as your flavoring and it s awesome..

I do that so the last thing i want to talk about is the barleylife xtra. There s also barley lights that you ll see on the product. Page rethink health. The barleylife itself is just the barley grass with kelp powder.

This is added fruits and vegetables. 18 fruits and vegetables added to it it s a lot better tasting especially for kids. Our girls love it we either mix. It with water or juice.

Actually they they usually take it in water. Now they re used to it and also they just take it off a spoon put it in their mouth and wash it down with water. They love it we have it morning and night for them just a little bit. And we found it really really helps and we take it every day as well and i i can t live.

Without it like that the energy of clear mind just just overall feeling good and healthy. It has really helped a lot if i feel a cold coming on or some. If i don t feel good. I ll take it a little bit extra and and within minutes.

I feel better so it s it s really powerful. I ll put a link in the show notes on the podcast episode as well an article. I believe i did on barley grass and it s preventive and therapeutic effects on a human body. It was it has been named the best functional food for overcoming chronic conditions diseases.

It is just full of vitamins and minerals..

It was once said that you know have this and you ll replace all your vitamin and mineral supplements. You won t need anything just this one. It will replace everything. And it has the instructions on the back.

So that s what i got in the box. Today. There s also other products as well. But like i said the barley extra or the barley life is the product to get that we ll just it has everything your cells need to be healthy and maintain health.

It will replace all your vitamins in there supplement and as well. We also do regularly take herbal fiber. Because our boughs are so important to have cleaned out and working properly. So that s a little bit telling you a little bit of the products.

The main products that are with rethink health and so if you follow the link you can you can purchase these. But also for only twenty dollars a year. I know it s you have to pay you have to sign up. But it just if you subscribe put in your name email address and pay twenty dollars a year.

If you get a starter pack. You get the subscription free it s it s really treat. It s really cheap. We really need to have good nutrition as priority in our homes.

With our families..

We can spend a lot of money on a lot of material possessions. That and and still live in pain and still cope with symptoms. We have and conditions that we have when there s so many great supplements and food healing foods that we can have to live such a more vibrant healthy life and so please make it a priority for your family. So like i said.

20 a year for subscribing and you get the member pricing. Which is a significant discount and and once you subscribe. There s no there s no limit you don t have to order every month. You just you subscribe you order what you want when you want there s no conditions or limitations.

Just so and then you get my support as well once you do that. And you re supporting rethink health. And this message to get out. So you follow the link to subscribe.

It s pretty straightforward if you have any questions send send a comment or an email. So also please don t forget to like this video share with anyone who you think this may help and and don t forget to subscribe. If you want to see more videos talk to you next time. ” .


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