Where Should I Put the Bus Windows? Aging Daily: Day 1

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“Right instead of trying to hazard a guess as to where the focus is let let s use a stand in i threw this together last night. Let s skip. Some features so i have something to focus on that ll do all right let s put it roughly. Where i m gonna be standing.

What is happening to my lights. What what is this voltage dropper get forget about this what s going on up here. Why what is happening with my lights. I m turning that off holy crap.

I m scared turn it off turn it back on what is happening. Aha 70. Volts coming from this outlet. That is not that s not ideal nope.

They re fine now well that s gonna be a hard issue to diagnose isn t it hello. We re gonna be doing something a bit different new today for me in this channel. This is the first day of daily videos that s right we re gonna do daily videos this isn t the new direction of the channel or anything i just want to try it for fun for about a week. Maybe two if i like it maybe less if i don t like it i don t know if i do it more than a week.

I feel like i ll get burned out. But i want to try it for a week and the project. We re gonna be working on during this week. Is the bus yes the bus the project people will not stop asking me about even if i post a video on my second channel under done.

I will inevitably have a comment on that video that says something like what s happening with the bus. Which is great it means you all are interested in the bus project and you can t wait to see what happens next. But also so much pressure. I clearly have not been working on the bus.

I ve been working on my shop. I mean i m standing in what used to be a pit right now so i it s worthy. It s it s it s time well spent. I consider it now after the daily video stand.

When i have enough work on the work done on the bus to put together into a part for and i will be compiling clips in making a part four of the bus project series. If you ve been watching the daily video. Some of this stuff will be a lot of the stuff will be repeated in that part four project update series. But i want to have people in the future be able to start the bus project series watch it all the way through from part one to part whatever and have no interruptions and i don t want them to have to watch part.

3. And then watch like an hour s worth of daily video content before they arrive at part 5 or whatever so i m going to be compiling all this stuff together into part 4 at the end just to make for a continuous project series. I don t know if that made any sense. I m working off work on off.

No script. Today so words are hard also i m having a weird electrical problem in my shop. So i may spend one of these days in the daily video working on that i don t know maybe i ll spend a day going to the metal recycler. I don t know you re gonna be following me along in my daily life and this whole daily video.

Thing is going to motivate me to get start anyway. Let s get started shall we i m just rattling on too much all right we re in shop building number two now and lighting in here was already bad. But i mean atrocious really but in comparison to all the lighting upgrades. I did to the main shop building this is just sad it s so dark in here.

And all the lights are being obstructed by the bus anyway. The first thing i want to do on the bus is enclose the side walls here. I have this sheet metal that i bought last year for this purpose. I think it s 22 gauge.

I don t remember i brought plain cold rolled steel and i should have bought galvanized steel this whole bus is made out of galvanized steel and now i have to think about rust prevention on this stuff. So the way i plan to let me go get something real quick..

The way i plan to attach this stuff to the side railing. Here is i m going to tuck it under the get up there slapping slapping ow. I m going to tuck those sheet metal panels under the side of the roof. Here you can see i ve already separated the adhesive and i ll put some other sort of silicon or caulking underneath.

There something that s long lasting. I ll screw it down wedge. It in there screw it down. And it ll be clamped from the top over the bottom down here.

I think i m also go to screw it down with something it ll overlap these existing panels. But to attach it here i don t want to use any screws. What i have in my hand here is 3m vhb tape. If you re if you re not familiar with this stuff.

It s basically just double stick tape vhb stands for very high bond. Which is the kind of marketing. I can get behind it s very descriptive. I have high confidence and be able to attach these sight sheet steel panels to these pillars with just this and of course mechanical fasteners on the top of the bottom.

But what i don t know the reason i have high confidence is because there s other rv builders that attach it attach their wall panels with this stuff. I don t remember the names of those places. It was show hauler. I think i think show hauler is one of them that it uses this stuff anyway regardless they do that they use this stuff.

And i know i can be able to do that. But what i don t know is this is bare steel. And i m going to be grinding this so that it is bare steel and i can attach the two bare steel pieces together. But if i add paint to both sides of this is this stuff going to be strong enough.

I don t know or will it just rip the paint off the panel. So i need to do a little experiment here watch my second channel and wonder why i have to mitre saws this why this one is for steel. Now what i want to find out if i didn t make it clear. Before is will this vhb tape.

Still hold these two pieces together representing wall sections. They re just scraps will these still hold these two pieces together if both sides are painted that s when i want to find out first of all i need to clean the mill scale and grease off of these all these panels acetone acetone everybody the some acetone unless they drink it and they don t oh no i m getting my workbench dirty. The first time by the way do you all like my new set. I said i literally did slap all these decorations on here last night obviously didn t slap all this together in a day.

But yeah. There s a video on it if you haven t seen it yet. It s not under done let s check a channel that i m starting to like a lot. I m not gonna use acetone these two parts.

I m going to use the grin. Deer alright. One of these i m going to leave bare and the other one. I m going to put black paint on so i should get the black paint now by the way.

I have to say that this is really strange for me. This is the kind of stuff that i would definitely cut out of a normal video. I would even bother filming it but this is the kind of content you get to see on daily videos. If i were to put all this stuff like this little experiment here into the final project video.

It would be what like an hour along two hours long and i want to edit that probably no one wants to watch that i m sure there are a few people that would say they want to watch that but after you have a few project videos. They re an hour long you lose interest anyway. Let s paint these this is automotive enamel. Just black.

This is actually pretty high quality high quality for rattle can paint obviously i won t be able to test this right away. I m gonna have to let this this paint harden dry harden whatever for a day and i ll come back and test the vhb tomorrow..

And i m not going to do anything incredibly scientists or anything. I m just going to stick vhb on these two strips smash those two panels together probably roll them together and then do the same thing for this one and then just try to pull them apart if they have the same level of difficulty pull. If i have the same level of difficulty pulling the two different ones. Apart.

Then i ll say that the painted panels are fine for attaching vhb to again that s this stuff. It s incredibly strong incredibly strong also this roll of 5 yards. Was 10. So it better be incredibly strong experiment.

Number. 2. This is not really add to the sidewalls it s related to that roof section that custom sloping roof section. I need to make on the front of the bus.

I m going to be doing that using steel rod and epoxy resin and this resin is three years old. I think i bought this when i built that camper. I ordered a gallon of epoxy resin and through a miraculous screw up amazon sent me this five gallon jug of the stuff. So i got plenty lying around this is normally 300.

I did not pay a few hundred dollars for so that was a great screw up. I don t know that the epoxy resin actually goes bad. But what i do know is that the hardeners go bad. So i have two bottles of it here these are for one gallon sizes.

I have this is fast hardener and this is slow hardener and i don t remember the temperature ranges for either one of them now it s about 70 degrees here in the shop because i am heat and this one does not say anyway. I m gonna try both of these make sure that both of these are good the fast and the slow hardener the slow hardener is for when it s hot out and the fast hardener is for when it s cold out. I don t know what temperature s going to be and the the bus building when i do this so i ll test both of them make sure they re both good and make sure that this is still good. And it s not i ll have to buy some more which would be unfortunate all right i got to mixing buckets.

I got paint cans to set this giant just set this giant jug of epoxy on top of there we go all right. I ve got a shirtsleeve scrap to petrify with resin just to give something to do and i ll do everything on this trash bag just so i don t have you know a petrified shirt. Permanently stuck to my workbench uh huh. What to do first now this and this normally come with a pump.

So you can just do pump pump and it s perfectly mixed out. But if i m going to be doing the roof section on the bus. Then i need to do it like this using the mixed markings on it this here jug because i m going to have to be doing a very large quantity. And i ll always be standing there pumping forever.

Let s start with this slow just because. And where did my other cup. This is my other cup wow. If you ll stop dripping at some point that d be cool.

There we go let s do the slow stuff first. I am wasting an awful lot of this just test it out. But that s alright. I m good excess welcome to aging daily will you get riveting content like mixing up boxing.

Together. We re somewhat out of it out spread it around with this pick stick of wood. I should use some chip brushes for this but i have any at this moment. I probably won t even get to the roof until like a week or so from now so it doesn t really matter.

I just want to make sure the epoxy is good now because there s a bit of a delay on amazon. Ordered right now due to a certain pandemic going around alright that spread out enough it ll tell me if it what do i do with the rest of this i mixed up way too much i m just gonna use this hat extra shirt sleeve. Let s petrify a whole shirt for the second test this is a spradlin insulation shirt. This is very slow going this epoxy resin may be bad if both of these don t harden then i will know that the epoxy resin resin is no good.

I m sure the hardener itself is good i only ordered that like a couple months ago. But the epoxy resin is still an unknown you may have noticed there s a lot more jump cuts in this video..

It s because it s a daily video. I don t have time to move the camera around poor attempt pour one out for that s a that s a dead meme. It s almost like a lovely peach color. I like it the shirt is going to be petrified forever alright.

That s the fast hardener tested now i m going to go in for lunch. Please don t poop on my neck. Hi say hi burp all right we re back in the poorly lit bus. Dungeon and my nest next task is to see where all the windows are going to go now.

I could just slap the siding up here and then put the windows in after the fact. But the windows. I got some of them are wider than this gap. Here so i ll have to cut out some of these struts and brace around the windows and for that i need to know where the windows are gonna go before i put that siding up.

I shall now show you the windows that i got these are the rv windows. I have bought to put in the bus because like i ve said previously. I m not gonna be reusing any of the windows. I ve taken out of the bus.

I got these from an rv salvage place called cola rv sales. This is not an ad for them in fact. This is so much of not an ad for them that i m going to tell you that place is overpriced. And you probably shouldn t buy anything from there every single rv part they had in their little show room was just wildly overpriced.

This one window was 200 that one was 200. This one was the cheapest at 120. All of all of this together was like 800 and that made me very sad. The only reason i bought windows another showroom at all is because i drove for hours to get there then when i got home i looked on ebay and i was even more sad because a window like this was like 120 dollars.

Not 200. And even when you tacked on the shipping. It still came out to be less than 200. And it s not like these are in the best shape.

Anyway i got ripped off don t go to an rv salvage place buy things off ebay i need to figure out where to put all these windows. This is the only one that i have an absolutely solid idea of where it s going to go. This is the driver s window gonna go right next to the driver s seat. This is the only one of the windows that s not tinted and is not a flush mount look.

And it has a slightly opening bit so i can just you know open the window next to the driver s seat. This is i know where it s going to go these two are emergency exit windows. They re flush mount and they hinge open from the butt from the hinges on the top. So they open from the bottom.

These also hinge open hinges on the top through flush mount they re basically the same except they re not emergency exit windows all right i think window ones gonna go right out here i can get through that area wonder whine. I think that s a good place for it it seems like it might be a little low. I was at one point thinking that this would be the only window on this side of the bus. But that s a lot of enclosed space with no window.

So i definitely need a second window over here or maybe. I should put the second big window. Here. Where is this gonna go away.

I m liking this that s nice and open. This wood little light. A lot a lot of light in i don t know if they should be higher or not that s what i m struggling with i m thinking they should be higher how much higher. I don t know now i m left with something to debate here if i put both of the big windows on this side.

What do i have left to put on the other side. I have the two little emergency exit windows..

All right the back of the bus as i said earlier. I am not gonna be reusing any of the windows or doors. That i took out of the bus and that includes the back here. I m going to line this all up with sheet metal.

It may be sheet metal. They took off other parts of the bus. But it s not going to be the windows and the door and everything that i took off this back section. It ll all be new now.

I am definitely going to put at least one emergency exit window back here right about here as the plan sits in my head right now i plan to put a queen size bed back here not a foldable one just a full queen size bed taking up a full queen size beds worth of space back here and maybe another one on top of it in a double decker arrangement in the top one as the plant sits in my head right now we ll be on a platform that raises and lower so you can raise it up to the ceiling get it out of the way or lower. It all the way down to i don t know sleep on it or sandwich the bed below. It anyway do i want just this one emergency exit window here or door. We want one here and one here.

I don t know the answer to that i would prefer to have both of them. But if i do that then i definitely don t have enough windows to go around on the bus because that s all five of my windows spoken for and then i haven t put anything on that side of the bus at all arranging windows is difficult. Hi oh. God spider hmm big spider underneath the window that i was picking up off the ground.

I know that was off camera. So i thought i explained. The massive noise. It just came out of my face.

Ha ha ha. All right. That s in place. That little emergency exit.

Window. Now is that enough windows for this entire side of the bus. I don t think so so i think the conclusion. I ve come to today is that i don t have enough windows.

I would like one of the big windows that s that i ve got tacked up on the other side of the bus here i d like one of those here. And maybe put one of these behind it as a supplementary window. Like i said. I think the kitchen area is going to be here a countertop and a sink and whatnot and then maybe bathroom here and then beds here that s just how i have the plans in my head right now.

I did sketch it up a little bit on sketchup but just to see if everything fits. But that s the plan for right now this part of the bus can be windowless. This part is i just i need to order more window. So i think i m going to order or maybe look up the pricing on and then order some of the one more of those double wide windows.

That s on the other side of the bus and one more emergency exit window that will go on the back of the bus. So i can have two windows 2 emergency exit. Windows on the back of the bus statue on top of each other for the bedroom. One double white hair.

One emergency exit emergency exit. Here. And i think that would be good all right. I think that s enough for day.

One at the daily video is i don t know how long it s gonna take me to edit this ” ..

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