Which Automakers Can Seriously Challenge Tesla?

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“Major automakers are making big nbets on the electric vehicle market but so far the the us. Ev market seems to belong to none automaker tesla of the 246000 new vehicles sold in the nunited states in 2019. nearly 194000. Were tesla s of none kind or another that is more than three times nthe amount sold by all other manufacturers.

Combined the tesla model three sold nnearly 160000 units. Alone no other vehicle from any nother manufacturer came. Close the next biggest seller was the nchevrolet. Bolt which sold roughly 16400.

Units. A fraction of nthe model three s volume. Investing in tesla. Is said to not nbe for the faint of heart.

But as the automaker has managed to nget a handle on production of its model three introduce other models and nexpand its presence in china. Its stock has climbed hitting new nhighs above 900 in february 2020. For years s. Keptics have warned nof a tsunami of competitors coming for the pioneering electric car brand nand starting in just a few months and really accelerating next nyear and into 2018.

It s just going to be swarmed nwith long range electric car competition still tesla a few vehicles have been released so nfar. But sales indicate that any one of them has failed to make na significant dent in tesla s share of the ev. Market. So far.

The ntesla killers haven t really killed tesla at all. But more rivals are ncoming and they are being launched by massive automakers who have been nmaking cars for a long time. So who are they and how much nof a chance do they have first it helps to look nat. What they re up against.

Analysts and industry watchers debate. The nreasons. Why tesla is so dominant in evs..


There are a few nclear ones on paper first of all tesla s have some of nthe best ranges available of all electric cars on the market and tesla s biggest seller. The model n3 starts at about 39000 . Not far from the average price of na new vehicle in the us tesla s have also garnered praise nfor their innovative design both on the outside and the inside. But there are criticisms of tesla as nwell as a relatively small and young automaker tesla has nbeen plagued by manufacturing difficulties which has left hopeful buyers nwaiting a long time for reserved vehicles veteran competitors have even used ntheir manufacturing experience as a selling point when marketing ntheir own electric models telling customers they won t have to wait nfor a newly unveiled vehicle tesla customers have also complained nabout troubles.

Obtaining parts and service tesla s success seems to ndefy the odds in other ways out of the three models. It ncurrently sells to are traditional sedans in a market that has nbeen increasingly favoring sport utility vehicles since the us economy emerged from nthe great recession its only suv available so far the model x carries a nvery high end price tag. But tesla fans. Loyalists and would nbe buyers are so far undeterred.

The company seems to attract a nlot of hype and attention many industry watchers say that much nof what sells tesla cars is tesla itself as well as nits charismatic. If often controversial leader elon musk. Despite gripes about long waits. Nfor service serial production setbacks and criticisms of the ncompany s build quality buyers still seem to want to be npart of the tesla vision.

The renowned industry reviewer consumer nreports has both praised and criticized tesla vehicles. But it says nthe brand seems to have something special no one else nhas been able to capture well. I think that s exactly it i mean think a lot of interest nin tesla more so the fact that they re looking for nan electric car. So the fact that tesla is the ninnovator is the latest thing is the latest technology.

That is what is so nattractive to so many people so. The question is which nbrands can compete with tesla. Which ones are meant to what are potential ntesla buyers shopping on the higher end where ntesla tends to play there are cars such as the audi e ntron the jaguar i pace and the bmw i3 porsche began delivering its nlong awaited taycan to us customers in december it s expected to follow that up with nat. Least one other model.

An electric version of nits macan crossover mainstream electric vehicles include the nchevrolet bolt. The honda clarity electric a couple cars from nhyundai. The kia niro the long selling nissan leaf and leaf nplus and the volkswagen e golf. There are several others scheduled for nrelease starting in 2020 from major brands especially in the premium nsegments and near the higher end of the mainstream market nwhere tesla currently competes ford unveiled its mustang mach e in november 2019 the company expects to begin deliveries in nlate 2020 and said it has already reached its order limit for na first edition version of the vehicle.

Despite. What some have called na. Muted..


Response. To its e tron. Audi. Is planning.

More ne. Tron. Variants. Including a midsize.

Suv. Called. The q4. E tron.

A. High nperformance. Gt. And a sport back version.

Bmw is expected to launch the ni4 a more sport focused car for its electric i brand whereas the i3 nwas more of a small city car that even elicited some nderision from bmw purists the i4 comes with 523 horsepower bmw s mini cooper brand will supply the ncity car the mini cooper s e expected in early. 2020 mercedes. Benz. Parent daimler said in.

Ndecember it would delay the us launch of its eqc nelectric crossover until 2021 about a year after its originally nintended launch time in early 2020. A more sedan like car called nthe eqs is also expected smaller luxury brands are pushing into nelectric vehicles. In the near future. As well jaguar is planning.

An electric version of nits xj sedan and volvo is working on an electric xc40 compact suv nas well as a high performance crossover through its nsister brand polestar automotive colossus. Volkswagen is throwing nits weight behind electric vehicles apart from its nhigher end products under porsche audi and other brands nthe german giant is planning several volkswagen branded evs including na crossover called the id crozz and a revival of the legendary nvw. Bus..


Called the id buzz. Then there are the smaller brands. Nand startups. Such as bollinger lordstown.

Lucid and the ntroubled faraday future. Many many such vehicles are planned nincluding several in a very american segment electric vehicle manufacturers nso far have barely touched pickup trucks tesla introduced perhaps its most nambitious and polarizing design yet in 2019 the cyber truck. This puts the ncompany at least technically squarely in competition with pickups segment nheavyweights such as ford fiat chrysler and general motors truck sales in the us are dominated by detroit ford has said it plans to release na. Fully electric version of its best selling f.

Series. Nfull size pickup general motors plans to revive its nonce potent hummer brand name as an all electric. Vehicle gm said at the end of njanuary. 2020 it will spend 22 billion at its detroit hamtramck nassembly plant to produce several all electric trucks and suvs to build a new generation of nelectric pickup trucks suvs and other evs beginning late just nthis next year buzzed about startup revision is working non its own electric pickup truck.

The r1 t is slated for nrelease along with a similar sized sport utility vehicle in 2020. Rivian is promising 400 miles of range non a single charge a wading depth of more than three feet and nzero to 60 acceleration. In three seconds. Ford invested 500 million in nthe startup in 2019 and plans to release an suv bearing its luxury nlincoln badge that is based on technology developed by rivian meanwhile tesla s cyber truck design nseems to baffle some industry watchers.

Some investors have called nit weird really weird musk defended the truck s polarizing ndesign on a conference call after the automaker released earnings for nthe fourth quarter of 2019 for the cyber track. A few months ago. We revealed th e. Ncyber truck that went viral and we tried to build a product.

That is nsuperior in every way without any preconceptions of how such na product should look so it really just from a standpoint nof what s the most bad ass futuristic armored personnel carrier that you nknow kicks the ass of any pickup truck basically nthat s the goal and we wanted to look like something nthat just came out of a sci fi movie set from the future. On the same. Call. Musk.

Said. Ntesla s demand exceeds. What the company can produce over three nor..


Four years. We ve never seen actually such a nlevel of demand at this we ve never seen anything nlike. It basically i think we will make us about as nmany as we can sell for many years so sell as many as we can make it s going to be pretty nuts. So and i think actually that nthe product is better than people realize even though they don t neven have enough information to realize just the nawesomeness of it it s just great industry.

Watchers. Say that the move ninto trucks is another way for automakers to try to make the nbest of a difficult situation both investor excitement over ntesla and increasing regulatory pressure are forcing legacy automakers to ncome up with some kind of electric vehicle plan. But it is commonly thought that electric nvehicles are so far still a tough sell for many. Buyers evs remain a tiny slice of the us.

Auto market and are heavily nconcentrated in states. Such as california. Where high fuel nprices government policies and incentives and perhaps a dash of nculture all contribute to higher electric vehicle sales ev demand in the us. Market has been pretty nmodest through the years consider that it took an entire nhuman generation for 44 alternative energy models combined to achieve one half nof.

The market share of the ford f series. Pickup. The best selling pickup nin. The united states around the world it seems nthe.

Healthiest electric vehicle markets are supported heavily nby government intervention. The largest car market in the world nchina is also the largest market for electric vehicles. Tesla surprised the automotive world by nbeing the first foreign car company to gain permission to nmanufacture in the country. Without partnering with a chinese firm nelectric vehicle sales were growing in china until the government ncut subsidies for battery electric vehicles in june of 2019 sales nbegan falling that next july just weeks later while early nelectric and hybrid vehicles were sedans and compact cars.

Newer nmodels are increasingly sport utility vehicles and pickups areas of the nauto market that have grown tremendously in demand over nthe last decade. There are also vehicles customers are nwilling to pay more for compared with similarly nsized passenger cars that combination suggests. Automakers will nhave an easier time moving them off the lot and absorbing nthe high costs of electric vehicle technology. But they will still have to nfind a way to challenge the eed esto graph and so on okay guys.

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