Why barcodes and product data is important for selling online

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“Did you know just how important your product data is here s a quote directly directly from the google merchant center to give you an idea if you want to people to your products and help them make well informed purchasing decisions. It s important that you provide accurate high quality product data product data is helpful information about your product. And it s important to both retailers and their customers retailers need your product data in order to be able to list your product on their website and customers will use that information to make purchasing decisions here are the product data pieces. You really want to get right product name product.

Description. Including size or net content. Key product. Features images product.

Barcode or g..

10. Good product. Data will increase. Visibility.

Boost conversions. And ultimately help you grow your profits. Here are some tips first product. Name.

The name of your product..

Is the initial piece of information that will draw customers in be descriptive. There s probably a million options for black dress on amazon come up with something that will pull your buyer in like off. The shoulder black dress or a line lace black dress next product description. When writing your product description.

It s important you put yourself in your retailers shoes. What information are they looking for what information will help them decide where to place your products in their internal product catalog. What distinguishes your products from others that would ultimately help your retailers and customers make their buying decision language. That defines your product along with color and size or net content provides a succinct verbal picture of your product versus others that might be in the same category.

Mention what the product is made of and be descriptive avoid saying things like excellent product quality instead you ll want to actually describe your product next are images product images are crucial to your product..

Listing well lit images from multiple angles. Are reported to sell more products. If your product is packaged make sure you include an image of the front selling face of your product its how your product would be displayed on a shelf or on the sales floor avoid any watermarks on your images or infographics that can be hard to understand the more pixels in a picture. The better more pixels mean the image will be clearer.

When the viewer zooms in try to include a picture of the product in its packaging. This is helpful when someone s purchasing a gift for a relative or a friend and lastly product. Barcode or g10. You might not think this one s important.

But to google and other retailers..

It is the g10 is the number under the lines and spaces on your barcode since online retailers don t scan the barcode at checkout like a cashier would in a store they use the g10 to source. All the information about your product who will reported that merchants who ve added correct g tends to their product data have seen a 20 increase in clicks on average its truths listed right on their merchants website when potential customers are searching for products like yours google can match what they re looking for with your product data. Which gives you better visibility online your customers and retailers like google and others are depending on top notch product data from you accurate and trusted data will help drive sales and contribute to increasing the lifetime value of your customer and to the integrity of your brand. If you need a barcode or g10 for your product visit ” .


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