Why LISTED.com?

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“Right so by now i m sure you ve seen me on tv. This is is pretty much a no brainer welcome you need marketing tough guy you re just idiot just plain as the nose on your face that s not how you sell a home. Yeah that s right it s. Me lauren.

Skatebird speaking on behalf of listcom. Why listed calm. You ask well. It s pretty simple.

I m the type of individual who enjoys saving thousands of dollars. When i sell a home that my friend is why i sold my home with listen calm with listen calm. It s a one stop shop for anyone who s selling a home you see..


When you sell your home with lissa calm. You get a full team of realtors showing agents a robust marketing team and attorneys to take care of all the nitty gritty contracts well here s the catch you get all of this while paying. 0. Listing commission let me say that again you sell your home list it calm and you pay.

0. Listing commission. What does that mean well look at it this way in a typical home sale a 6 real estate commission is split two ways between a buyer s agent and the listing it 3 for the biased commission. 3.

For the listing commission with lists calm you the home. Seller saves that. 3 less than commission now on a..


300000 home that s a savings of 9000. That s a lot of cheese now you might say lauren i m saving thousands of dollars surely. I can t be getting the best service when it comes to marketing and selling my home what oh contraire gentle sir in fact you re getting even more superior service imagine this you decide to sell your home. With joe schmo.

The realtor from across the way. Joe puts your home up on the mls. Any pops of sign in your yard. And he waits around for buyers to come by seems pretty ineffective right now imagine you sell your home with lists of calm now you get what joe schmoe.

Provided plus a customized marketing campaign specifically designed to sell your home quickly and for the best price now i m talking professional photos of your home full color supercharged yard. Sign featuring interior photos and a dedicated text enabled lead capture phone number for potential bias. A single property website..


Built specifically for one purpose. Has showcased your home a direct mail postcard campaign to send out to the surrounding neighborhood. As well as flyest business. Part door hangers to be distributed all over town.

Finally a digital ad campaign on social media. And popular website. Targeting potential homebuyers. And just think all of these.

Things. I just said you get them while paying zero percent less than commission. All right i can tell you re thinking..


This is too good to be true. And it s gonna be a catch well. It is true there is no catch or my name s not lawrence caper and it is my name is lawrence. K.

Byrd now to get started on your home selling journey just visit lindacom. For details and when they ask you how you heard about this deal just tell them a little birdy poser. ” ..


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