Winning at work

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“In the uk is tough our wages are low. We are treated unfairly nour basic basic rights like holiday pay sick pay safety at work and parental leave are under threat zero hours jobs and contract work. Mean. We don t even know our hours and pay day to day and they re often not enough those in power.

Our government and our employers nare doing very little to change this. But workers are pushing back by joining and ngetting active in trade unions. We are campaigning together and winning not only for ourselves nand people..


We work with but for workers everywhere at the ritzy. We won a 26 pay rise. We joined nbectu recruited more members and tried to negotiate with our managers. Unfortunately they didn t listen so we went on strike companies don t expect workers like us to norganise.

But it s not impossible our managers. Only listened when we did unite found out workers at pizza express weren t receiving all of their card tips. The tips customers were paying service staff ended nup lining the pockets of pizza express bosses with the support of pizza express workers nunite activists leafletted restaurants started an online petition got news coverage and npizza express changed their policy affecting 10000..


Staff in 430. Restaurants across the uk. Me and the other cleaners at the university nof london. Did something that no one thought we could do we were outsourced workers.

So nwe worked at the university. We were employed by an agency and earned very little and treated nbadly our campaign ended. This we got a promise of contracts..


Direct with the university and nequality with our co workers including london living wage sick pay holiday pay and pensions couriers are isolated from each other and nit can be difficult to feel like you can change anything we felt powerless against nthe company and they were treating us how they wanted. But we organised together won union recognistion sick pay holiday pay and found a real sense of community at tgi. Fridays. Bosses are taking tips from nwaiting staff and giving them to kitchen staff.

They re abusing a loophole to deny nkitchen staff a proper pay rise and on average are taking up to 250 a month from waiting nstaff our fight to stop this is just beginning. But we ve already signed up hundreds of nother. Tgi fridays workers and got over 11000..


Signatures on our petition. We ve got the backing of jeremy corbyn. We know we ll win this because others in our movement. Nhave won before us joining together with other workers in a union nis.

The only way to protect and improve not ” ..

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