Zero Lot Line House Patio Design Behind the Simple.Honest.Design

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“To simplehonestdesign behind the design. I m so excited about this design. Because has so so many little details to show you so let s get started as you can this overall design has so many colors and textures in it we want to keep together with the metallics copper a little bit of wood and a blue tone throughout the entire design. But you can see this a really subtle look and you can see it in every piece of the design from the throw pillows.

Here on these really great modern looking chairs that have a great color to them. We ve got the metallic side tables with the copper hammered look..

There s just a lot of visual texture going on in this space. I love the group together succulents and kind of desert type plants that we added here in the corner to add height in this side of the arbor and as we talked about last week in the design. We had a really great time choosing the color for this arbor. It s something that s a little different.

It s actually a custom color. We went darker then that was on the paint card and created this really modern looking arbor..

So let s get moving over to the custom piece of art that the homeowner commissioned. It s beautiful and it incorporates all those colors that we talked about the coppers. The black the blue and even the white to just pull all of those colors into the space. The sofa that we used is great it s an outdoor sofa.

It really pulls together those lines that we wanted to keep the modern look and then more tropical plants since we had high group of plantings on the left side. We wanted to pull that over to the right side..

So we went low with this plant and then used some pendant lights that we converted to use for candles up top to create that balance and symmetry throughout this space and then again on the opposite side. We had the same chair that we had on the other side matching same matching pillow hammered copper table and then we added a little plant to the bottom just to add a little softness to the space. And i think one of my other favorites. The artist following that favorite piece in the whole area.

But then i love the coffee table too because it pulls that coppery of a color finish with the wood. And just pulls the whole look together and of course..

You know i love a succulent. So we ve got all the succulents here again pull. Lots of color into the space. So overall there s a ton of texture color going on that i just love how it all came together and i hope you love it as much as i do so that s it for this week s edition of simplehonestdesign.

” ..

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