1 week challenge with iPhone 5s in 2018!

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“Right so i took a one week challenge nwith the iphone 5s downgrading from my my iphone x and here s what i have to say nabout this 80 phone using it for a full week. Now the iphone 5s has to be nthe best design from apple. It s a really good looking for you can t deny that and nit s one of the few phones that can stand upright. I love that now in terms nof size this phone is definitely smaller than what we are used to it has a 4 inch ndisplay.

Which is pretty small compared to flagships of today and if you re ncoming from a bigger screen size like i did it will take some getting used to neverything feels a little small and just cramped together for a first few days. Nbut after that you ll get used to that now has a positive since this thing is nso small it s a great phone for one hand use fits very comfortably and you can nhave this thing in your pocket without even knowing is there so i can imagine nthis thing being a great fit for a lot of people and especially for the price nnow these days you are moving towards phones. That are almost bezel less. But nthis thing has a big forehead and a big chin.

So that s definitely a downfall and nwhat makes this phone feel a little old but still even in 2018. A majority of npeople are using phones with big bezels. So it shouldn t be a problem for at nleast the next few years now for the build quality. We have a full metal body nwith a glass finish on top and the bottom.

And it s definitely a really nsolid phone and it feels really premium holding it in hand. Now..

This is an naluminium body and the middle is a little bit soft so it s easy to get some nsmall scuffs and dents on this thing. So you ll be better off having a case. If nyou don t want any pens or any dents on your phone. So the model.

I have which was npurchased the day came out so it s a little more than five years old it s in npretty good condition even after the five years. Besides some small scuffs and nscratches so if you take good care of your phone or have a case on you should nbe fine for the most part. I even had this thing dropped countless times with nthe case on and the screen is just fine. So overall for build quality is ndefinitely a really premium phone and you re getting a lot for the money i ncan t think of a single thing the iphone x can do and the 5s can when it comes to ndaily usage.

Sure you might get some fancy features like face id. But npractically you can do everything on the 5s. Without spending. Fifteen hundred ndollars on something like the iphone eggs and performance wise.

There s two nways of looking at this if you will be comparing this thing to the latest nflagship. Sure you ll be disappointed..

But if you compare this with the price and nthe value for money this phone won t bring you down is the nnot as fast and snappy as the iphone x apps. Take a little bit to load up and nyou definitely need to be a little more patient with this thing. But the good nnews is once the app is up and running you won t really feel a big difference nnow. If we talk numbers.

It probably just takes a second or two longer to load ncontent. But it s definite playing some light games and some heavy games both nwork perfectly fine. I don t really have any glitches or any issues for the most npart. But now every once in a while you will feel the phone is a little laggy nand.

All it did was basically just restart the phone and it will be back to nnormal or you can try to clear the ram by holding the power button until this nscreen pops up and then hold the home button until the screen disappears and nthat will help you clear the ram and make sure your system is fast and smooth nnow that was performance side of things. But for me personally cameras also a big nfactor especially with all the hype around snapchat and instagram and for nthe. Camera we have a 12. Megapixel front facing camera.

Which honestly is njust enough to get the job done. But i won t really have any high expectations nfrom..

It and it does perform pretty bad in low light condition. The back camera nwhich is 8. Megapixels is actually pretty good for the phone. I mean if i take a npicture from the iphone eggs and the iphone 5s and upload both pictures on nsnapchat.

I haven t noticed a big difference after the pictures have been ncompressed so if you re taking pictures on snapchat or instagram. The 8 megapixel ncamera on this thing would be just fine. But if you take raw pictures from your nactual phone. The quality would be so so.

But still i wouldn t complain nconsidering. How cheap this thing is so overall after using it for a full week. Nthere s definitely some features i missed like apple pay. But honestly i got npretty comfortable with speed and performance within a few days and as a nbonus you still have a headphone jack with this thing.

My only two main nconcerns with this phone would be the battery life and the storage. The battery nis so so and i mean i m not surprised as a pretty old phone..

But if you re using nthis as your daily driver taking you to school or work you ll probably need a npower bank with you and if that s a little too much all the free roam and nchanging your batteries. And it won t cost you anything more than 20. And you ncan change them yourself is pretty easy and my other concern would be the nstorage so if you re getting this phone definitely stay away from the 16 gig. Nbass storage period has of my recommendation.

I will say you can get naway with the 32 gigs model. But roughly it has my storage as you possibly can nand besides. That is a great value for money even in 2018. I can t think of any nother phone.

You can get a factory. A lot for less than 80 with such premium nbuild quality like this one. And yeah guys that would be a four today. I want nto hear from you let me know what you think about this phone in a comment down nbelow and subscribe for more content.

” ..

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