10.1 Inch Cheap Fake & Fast China Android 8 / Carbayta Octa Core Tablet / Unboxing & Review

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“Package from china welcome to the wicked gamer and collector welcome back to a new new video and in today s video. We are going to talk about this cheap tank tablets from china is it worth the money so let s check it out and let s unbox. It the first thing. I m noticing the box feels quite heavy he comes into three basic box.

It s up very well and here we have to tell it itself wrapped up in a little bit buta plastic. We re going to take a closer look at that later we haven t here and basic european micro usb charger. Screen protector basic manual explanation. The system itself the functionalities and here we have and warranty cards keep in mind you gotten one year repair warranty on this you know piece of equipment or piece of hardware.

This is what they were saying on the website of aliexpress alright. Let s take a close look at the tablet itself alright..

Let s take a close look at the devil itself the first thing that i m noticing. It feels quite heavy and there s something i really like about it not too heavy. But feels like a quality product somewhere this protection for yama s and as you can see isn t really nice quality products at the back. We re finding this aluminium finish.

We have different colors and here you can find the little flashlight with the camera. So what makes this tablet. So special yes. It s cheap.

But the specifications are pretty damn impressive it comes with an android 8 version. On it..

It s got an octa core. In full hd. Screen. Four gigs of ram 64 gig of storage.

And that all got the things we can expect from very expensive that but like gps wi fi and this one got the possibility to use your phone cards here are the back. We have pretty nice finish. I really love it maybe you can see it on the camera already seen a little bit of finger prints. They re different colors.

This the black one we got even gold and white and what you can see here we got the option to expand the internal storage and you can even use some telephone cards two of them so you ve gotten tablets with dual sim possibilities really awesome and at the back. We are finding two stereo speakers so if it s quality..

We re going to test it out but it s really cool that this tablets sporting stereo sound and here you can find your micro usb connection for charging and connecting it to your pc. I really do enjoy to watch some netflix or does browse the internet and then is the question this response of the screen itself and i find it very responsive. So yeah if you just want to browse youtube checking out some videos that s of course also possible alright let s check out how the videos are working on the tablet. I m very curious all right let s play later with a mario room and i see how it runs on this tablet s just a basic game for checking it out loading times.

All right and now we are going to test out the possibilities of making a video and making a little picture. This is the quality you are going to get when making a picture in not very light room and now a new picture and in this picture. You can see how it is with some extra lights. Here we have a small movie from the tablet so for the final conclusion of a hottest cheap chinese tablet.

I think we cannot complain and what you see is what we re going to get for the money. The screen itself is really nice an ips screen for watching movies..

It s just fine. If he asked me the touchscreen works fine. The speakers are not the best i have here. But yeah for the money the camera same story so if you just want to have an yeah let s say in 10 inch eps cheapest tablet for playing some games some basic games watching movies browse the internet check some videos on youtube.

I think it s just great and for the money. We cannot complain if you have any questions or do you need to test something out for you leave it in the comments. I want to thank you for watching don t forget to subscribe to the channel and hit that little bell and see you next time bye bye. ” .


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