10 PS2 Games That Are Still Fun

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“Sony playstation. 2. Was released on october 26. 2000.

And took the gaming world by by storm selling over a hundred and fifty five million units making. It the best game system of all time. The ps2 featured an incredibly diverse and vast library of games there were three thousand eight hundred and seventy four titles release on the system in north america selling a combined 15. Billion copies over a 14 year span.

It is easy to see why so many people myself included look back on the ps2 with such admiration and fondness. I mare houses always came back time as today i want to take a look at ten ps2 games. That will always be fun now before we get into this i just want to make it clear that this is a list is based off of my own personal favorite games on the system and with countless amazing games. There is no way i could have possibly played all of them on the ps2.

So if there is a game that i missed or you think. It should have been on the list go ahead. And leave a comment down below telling me. Why you think it should be on the list.

And maybe i pick up that game and try it out someday. But with out of the way guys let s jump right in with our first game nba street bout and holy crap is this game addicting. It is non stop fun if you guys had a few friends to come over and play with you you re in for one of the most satisfying couch multiplayer experiences of all time. I mean.

There s nothing better than building your boost meter and unleashing. Some killer game breaker dunks on your bros. It just simply never gets old this game. Is one that i still find myself going back to him playing all these years later.

It s truly timeless like i said. You have a few friends over hop on the couch grab a couple controllers get some mountain dew. And you will not be disappointed. By this one that was sick right.

There that was very sick next up is one of the all time greatest rpgs ever made and that is kingdom hearts 1..

2. And they are near perfection. As you can get in my opinion. Any time you combine square enix with disney characters you are in for absolute treat in these games.

Do not disappoint in that department. The games have such a unique style and it s amazing storylines and you ll completely be immersed in the world and the lore and the characters you just feel. So familiar the combat system is great as well you just won t want to put down the controller. There are tons of great rpgs on the ps2.

But this one stands amongst. The best they are also remastered on the ps3 and ps4 so it s absolutely no reason to not get your hands on them and play them just now. We re waiting on a release date for kingdom hearts. 3.

And ps4. If we can get that we d be in good shape. Another standout title that never gets old to me is so socom series these games are incredibly addicting and i ve sunk countless hours into most of them so come to however is the pinnacle and to meet of squad based tactical third person shooters on the ps2 the online server. Sadly i have long since been shut down.

But the campaigns are still top notch and offer hours and hours of fun yes. There have been newer and better third person shooters since. But these games will always have a special place in the hearts of those who cut their online shooter teeth on them and i will continue to go back to them again and again retching clank is another classic series that i just can t get enough of there are four wretched clink games on the ps4. But my personal favorite was going commando it s a perfect blend of action platforming.

Big boss battles. Very funny plot lines and all these great things coming together to make this game just so memorable and a standout amongst other great platformers on the system like crash bandicoot. Sly cooper klonoa. This one.

I think is the better of all those. And it s the one that i had the most fun and most time playing back in the day. It s just an addicting formula. You ll find yourself sucked into the charming cast and the characters in no time and you ll waste hours playing this game even today one of my favorite shows of all time is dragon ball z.

So it s no wonder i m a massive dbz game fan so i d note the new dragon ball fighters as it was a z is mind not only great and i cannot get enough of it..

But that is a story for another day back to the ps2 games. So there are two standout dbz trilogies on the system. The budokai series which is excellent. But i think the budokai tenkaichi series is even better and the third 10 guy each game is one of my all time favorite fighting games.

It has such a fluid and fun fighting system. It s not very hard to pick up. But it s hard to master by liking fighting games. And you know you keep trying to master things.

But you can still jump in and still have some fun not to mention it features and outrageously huge roster of playable characters seriously every villain from all the movies. All the series side characters main characters different versions of characters are just everything you can imagine you can even fight as chichi in this game. Super. Amazing one of the very first games.

I ever got the chance to play on a playstation 2. Was ace combat 4. And it blew my mind at the time. I had never seen anything like that the cockpit views the missiles.

The way that the graphics looked back in the day were top notch. And i absolutely fell in love. With the series and not to mention that ace combat 5 and ace combat 0. Are some of the best flight combat games ever made the games feature a massive roster of both real and fictional aircraft and weapons as well as a truly gripping storyline that ll keep you guessing the entire way through to me these games never get old.

I played them through the whole trilogy multiple times a year. I ve completely beaten these games probably 30 times each and it never gets old to me and that s why i cannot wait just for ace combat. 7. To come out and play it on ps vr later this year.

But man it s coming at 5 and he s coming at 0 our timeless marvel vs capcom 2 is the gold standard of fighting games and is still played competitively at major events to this day. It s one of those games you can just keep playing and playing forever just never gets old it s easy to play. But hard to master like i said. That s why i love and fighting games.

So it keeps you wanting to perfect your strategy or get better with other characters or get better combinations of characters to counter you can go on forever and the meta is absolutely perfect this game also again a thing i love is it features a robust roster..

All of your favorites from both for marvel and capcom franchise. It s just a masterpiece of the game. And there s a reason that people still play this so much it s because it s just that good. I still bust out the old ps2 in place one all the time when my friends come over there s just nothing better than wolverine versus spider man and duking it out with a few rounds their buddies on the couch.

You simply cannot have any ps2 list and not include god of war 1 2. I mean these games just define the hack and slash onra especially on the ps2. They re incredible from top to bottom. I mean the massive epic scale battles killing gods are just so cool it s off the charts.

I mean these games just booze character both games are so damn good they ve been remastered for both the ps3 and ps4. I mean kratos is its absolute icon of the ps2 era and now it s like one of the main mascots for sony. It s just a great great game. The story is one of the best.

I ve ever ever played just everything about these games. Screams perfection and they simply is something you have to play if you play played in these games. Just also never get old you go back and play these over and over and just oh the amount of time i ve put in these games is insane. But it never gets old to me that s why i m so freakin pumped for the new god award this year cannot wait for that as well another series that s pretty much synonymous with the ps2 at this point as final fantasy with ax and x2 and these are games.

You can sync hundreds and hundreds of hours into and just never gets old it never feels like it s worn out these games are some of the best rpgs that have ever been made square enix really hit these ones out of the park with an epic storytelling. The combat system is great yeah just the way they stood to storytelling in this so great. And even you had the updated version of ps4 or even on the ps3. The visuals are great they re even good a further time and the ps2.

The visuals were outstanding back in the day as well. I mean these games are loved by fans of the series like i said they just never get older completely timeless timeless you can get them on the ps3 ps4. And there are hundreds like i said hundreds of different rpgs on the ps2. But these are the ones that stand out the most to me the ones.

I ve played the most up and every time i boot. It these games back up for a new playthrough. I get instantly you know rehook end up playing these games for days and days. And i just i absolutely love it that s why there s on this list don t bother going after all of them cut the ones that matter in rock.

No before we get into the last game of the list does take a second to first take a look at a few honorable mentions that just missed out on a spot on this list on the sides and now the game that will literally never get old is grand theft auto san andreas..

I just don t care how old this game gets. I still can t get enough of it the gro street gang is forever ingrained in my mind. I he remembered the day this game came out getting it as like a teenager and not playing it for weeks. Just like didn t leave the room type thing just completely enthralled in this world.

And i can t even stop bring him and how much time i spent playing this game. It just got to be an insane amount. I mean cj and crew like i said her endless amounts of fun and even though gta. 5.

Is also amazing. I still go back to my old ps2 play my original save file for my original memory card in this game from time to time. I absolutely have a blast each time there s just so much to do so much to see and who doesn t love to steal a cop car and go for a you know a joyride and run people over and blow things up los santos is one of the best things ever happened to the ps2 and i love that and this game is the definition of timeless and i ll be playing this one. Until the end of time come on g thanks g.

Just don t drive like no fool. But anyway. That s all i have for today guys. I hope you guys all enjoyed it because did do me a huge favor smash that like button down below.

Also if you re new around here feel free to subscribe for more videos like this and your sub boxes. Daily also like i said if there s any games that you think that i may have missed or overlooked. Please. By all means leave.

A comment down below let me know which games you guys touched me on the west or that i missed. I would love to check that out maybe flights or no games you guys suggest i love to hear all you guys had suggestions down in the comments. Let s check out to my previous ps2 videos. It s on plenty of video games and stuff like that in the channels links in the end straight in description.

But it s next time guys. Remember that it s always came back time somewhere until then take it ” ..

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