10 Secrets We Found in the New Overwatch Busan Map

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“Overwatch jets. We ve got some exciting stuff for you this week. I hope you you re as excited as i am because this map is probably my favorite one ve ever released since i can walk back in late 2016. Busan is jam packed with tiny secrets mecca lore and various icons and nods to korean culture from downtown to sanctuary busan.

Is filled with plenty of secrets to keep us busy for the next eight minutes or so. So let s go on ahead. And get this show started starting with something that i probably would have never found on my own and i had to have multiple people tell me about this and even after trying it myself and listening for it i still had a hard time believing. This was exactly what i was listening to but in the busan international theater section of the downtown map you can actually hear the original overwatch announcement cinematic trailer playing in the background now if you listen attentively enough you ll hear distinct sounds and events that actually happened in the trailer.

And what gave it away from me was hearing. Some of winston s primal rage drawers and bellows when getting into the fight with reaper. It takes some patience for you to really identify the sounds and what part you re at in the cinematic. But if you listen for a good minute or so you ll eventually be able to piece it all together.

It s it s pretty cool moving on over to the sanctuary map. This circular symbol here located on the drum is actually a symbol of korean shamanism a very particular religion held in high regard in korean culture and philosophy. Now the general word for shaman in the korean language is mu and this was synonymous with the chinese worth whoo to describe both male and female shamans. And it s this exact symbol that represented this sort of ideologue.

The three colors represent each segments of the divine trinity of ha olam. The violet blue color is representative of heaven. The earth depicted by the color red and finally mankind depicted as yellow and while we re on the topic of korean philosophy and legend this creature right here in the sanctuary map. Is also alluding to a commonly known korean mythical creature with quite the legend behind it the high chi.

It was called had feathers and scales lined across its body and had the physical traits of a lion..

She and a unicorn all in one beast. It was represented as the embodiment of justice and the prevention of things like fires and other natural disasters after being introduced by china this figure would later become the official iconic animal of south korea s capital seoul. In may of 2008 in fact as a means of projecting. A friendly identity for the country and attracting an international audience this image was to serve two purposes firstly to market.

The country s exotic identity to other lands and secondly to assimilate ancient korean ideals and bring them full circle into korea s modernity. But i know none of you probably came here for a history lesson. So let s move on to something that would probably excite you a little more in one of the downtown s spawn areas. There is what looks to be a karaoke bar with kpop music overlaying.

The scene now with any other character for whatever reason. This actually doesn t work maybe. Blizzard hasn t written in the lines for other characters just yet and wanted to see how fans would react to only reinhardt doing this. But if you select reinhardt in this spawn room you were given the option to well sing karaoke and i m gonna be honest the following audio was really not something i was expecting to hear exploring further into the crevices of downtown.

You ll also find a pretty large ubiquity of starcraft references thrown across buildings signs and various details in the city. The siege mode. Three sign is probably the most obvious because of the iconic space marine taking up a good portion of the display. But also you ll find starcraft names being used as brands for different types of clubs and entertainment venues.

This sign right here for instance actually has the word terran written over it. Which is indisputably a starcraft reference. Upon further examination. You ll see it s even typed out in the same starcraft typeface used for the games in case.

You were curious the sign below..

It translates to billiards club. So not sure what the terran are doing managing a billiards club in downtown busan. But i guess that s really none of my business. So now if we shift our attention to the third and final portion of the busan map.

The mecca base portion. We get some pretty good looks at divas chamber. Complete with a small bed a nice computer setup and a pretty impressive display of trophies that we can assume. She was awarded during her esports pro days now i tried getting a closer look at these and even tried cranking my settings up all the way to the epics setting.

But it doesn t look like the titles on the trophies are illegible in any way. Which is somewhat of a shame. I personally think blizzard missed out on a pretty fun opportunity to add some personality to these awards. It would be kind of cool knowing the stories behind each trophy.

And when exactly hana was awarded them. If any of you remember dancing your ass off to one of the actual few decent dancing games. Especially when i was growing up you ll probably think this is pretty cool. But if you re considering a dance emote for a character that you ve been itching to buy with your currency.

Then i think now is probably the absolute best time to do so basically with any character. If you have a dance emote. Equipped and you decide to test out the game by dancing on top of the dance pad the game will actually acknowledge this and give you a perfect score rating of the screen another thing that i had to be told about before i found it it s pretty cool being able to interact with the details of the map. Like this in such a playful way another thing we find in the mecca based section of busan is some interesting competitive history between the two mecca pilots diva and overlord lauren has a starcraft backpack outside of his room.

Now if you re an avid starcraft fan..

Then this already makes a ton of sense because in overlord is a pretty integral zerg unit. Used in battle. And we actually saw this reference. One other time in blizzard.

World. Do you remember that giant balloon floating around that gave aerial tours to the parks. Patrons. Well yeah.

That s that desert this might actually be a pretty good tell of why blizzard ended up retconning diva status as a starcraft pro player because a mecha pilot with the name overlord sounds like it would be a much nicer fit and while we re on the subject of the mecha force. We actually get a solid look at all of the other mechs that are being piloted around including casino demon and king all fronted by the commanding officer of divas mecha. Squadron captain moon. I can already hear people going nuts with tons of hero.

29 theories that our next big reveal for the fall hero might end up being one of these mecha pilots. It would certainly be an interesting way to add some long awaited lore surrounding deva and some of her old friends she made in the mecha program. Now the real question is we ve got five other options here laying right in front of us. So.

I wonder. Which one they re trying to tease finally. Let s take a look at what is debatably. The centerpiece of the sanctuary portion of busan and now this strange tablet with glowing blue korean symbols when translated ends up saying those who have fallen will be remembered forever.

Hmm makes a lot of sense considering..

This is supposed to be a sort of spiritual sanctuary. Now who exactly this tablet is referring to is another question entirely my immediate first thought would be fallen mecha pilots that met a nun. The enduring the climax of a battle or referring to the people that died during the various gui jian amna ki tax on busan maybe this is an opportunity blizzard is taking on expanding the lore of the mecca program. Which i wouldn t be opposed to at all in fact.

If we think about it there was still this one brief instance of a mission. We saw in the shooting star cinematic. Where it looked as though one of daevas missions was on the verge of going catastrophic ly wrong so whatever it is divac certainly has some pent up trauma revolving around something to do with a previous mission and i m thinking this memorial tablet might have something to do with it bruce on looks incredible. But between the cute little interactive.

Easter eggs and the further expanding war of the korean mecha pilot program. I m honestly not sure if i can take so many reveals all at once i d love to hear what you guys think of the new map. And what you re expecting in terms of new lore. Having to do with some of what i mentioned thanks for tuning into tgn.

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