$1100 Gaming PC Build – i5 8400 GTX 1070 Ti (w/ Benchmarks)

gtx 1070 build This is a topic that many people are looking for. star-trek-voyager.net is a channel providing useful information about learning, life, digital marketing and online courses …. it will help you have an overview and solid multi-faceted knowledge . Today, star-trek-voyager.net would like to introduce to you $1100 Gaming PC Build – i5 8400 GTX 1070 Ti (w/ Benchmarks). Following along are instructions in the video below:

“Up guys joey here back at it again one another build the. Budget we re re working with today is 1100. Here s my parts in front of me really to build this guys like the color combinations for this builder just spot on oh yeah guys this how we re gonna do things first. I m gonna go over the parts their prices short summary on them and whatnot and then second.

We re gonna build the pc. Time lapse style not a full guide. But i have done full guides in the past. If you haven t built a pc.

Before those are linked in the video description and in the future i m definitely gonna do more so turn on the bail notification icon to be alerted for when i post future pc build anyways guys here s my parts. We have a lot to cover. So let s just jump right into it we re gonna start off with our cpu and our motherboard. So the cpu.

We went with is the i 5 8400. This is a six core cpu. It s locked so here s the six core beast. We re not gonna be using this in this build.

Because it s an insult to our entire system. So as i mentioned the i 5 8400 is locked. So we re not gonna be overclocking. It temps are not gonna get so high.

So an intel stock heatsink is fine this guy right here cost 30 bucks. Those thirty bucks could have went towards another area in your bill to provide more performance. So yeah guys you don t have to go with this the only reason i picked. It is because i m trying to have fun with it it s gonna look really cool you guys are gonna see what i m talking about so anyways now that that s out of the way that was pretty much the only super unnecessary part and of course.

The extras list that s not really necessary. There. That s also first etics. We should have just included this an extras list.

But i did it while i m talking about the extra as well there s always two parts list. The first part list is what s totally necessary or semi necessary to get the pc to function that s our 1100 budget. But the extras list there are a bunch of extra stuff like the funko pops. The rgb led strip and these vinyl wraps of course those were not counted as part of the thousand one hundred dollar budget.

So just to be clear on that okay guys so let s move on to our motherboard with a pretty beefy motherboard attention to detail on this motherboard is very high as you can tell by the picture. It s rocking the b 360 chipset..

Which is locked you can t overclocked cpus on it. But that s okay our cpu. We won t know if is also locked boom would you look at that the text. I just i love the text.

It s a red and gray. It s gonna match the build perfectly even on the backward. You re not even gonna see this in your build. They still included text and it looks beautiful.

So we have more ram slots. So that s great for future realm. Great ability as far as the ports on this motherboard we re good six usb ports we even have an optical audio port to hook up your mix and directly to it hdmi port dvi port. I don t know why that s there we have this pretty cool while we re on the topic of our motherboard.

As far as our ram. We with two sticks of four gigs for a total of eight gigabytes. This rams rated at 2600 66 megahertz. It s red.

So it s gonna match our theme. Beautifully remember the good old days guys. When ram was a lot more affordable. The ram has tripled in price.

I foresee. A future where ram prices drop. When that day comes. Pc building will be more productive as more of the budget will go towards other parts and not the ram so our power supply 650 watt bronze rated nice so we got our power cables they have more power cables so semi modular.

I know i said this in the last video. But others may not be aware semi modular means that some of the cables are not connected to the power supply. These cables right here fully modular means all cables are disconnected from the power supply. Why does that matter because some cables you will not use which means you don t have to include them in your case.

Which means you have more space for cable management. Okay. That was a quick summary on semi modular power supplies. And i didn t really notice this in the last video.

But yeah this i like the polish on this power supply. I don t know i just thought i d mention that it feels good in their hands..

It feels good and forgot to mention this arctic silver so this is the thermal paste. We ll be using the arctic silver 5. Thermal paste. I m sure i heatsink in one thermal paste.

But i want to use this one now as far as our storage. We went with ssd hard drive ssd is where we re gonna be installing windows 10 and all our programs. Because then our computer will boot faster this load stuff a lot quicker than our hard drive. But we still got a hard drive because modern games.

Nowadays very large in size there s 2 terabyte hard drive should mean enough for a while 2000. Gigs right here guys. This is where we re gonna be storing all our games only games on this thing and we re gonna be wrapping our ssd with the red carbon fiber vinyl wrap it s gonna look sick alright graphics card opening time oh yeah look at this guy so this is by msi the geforce gtx 1070 ti well it s a beautiful graphics card. I m really admiring it why are my eyes getting hot that s that s really weird ok guys here we go so this guy right here.

Has 8 gigs of the ram plenty for 1080p gaming. And okay gaming and 4k gaming. Really all right here. We go tada behold.

The gtx 1070 ti. So what s in here guys a lot of unnecessary. Things you re not gonna need them. But i will show you anyways nice envelope alright guys.

What do we have in here well we have this what is this man aw man look at all these languages hey guys in the comments be honest guys how many languages do you know i know only two languages. But yeah i m just interested how many languages do you know it s okay if you know one do you know what i m gonna leave a comment down below and say how many languages you know and then right there is where you re gonna comment. How many languages you know and if you only know one language. Then you only know one language.

We have stickers wait no these thinkers. I don t think they re stickers whatever we have a cd. We re not gonna use this because the drivers on here are most likely outdated so we re gonna download the new drivers and we have oh this is cool check this out remove the expansion brackets on the back of your case. It s not what they re called expansion brackets.

I always called them i don t know what i call them previous videos. But i didn t is that that is that the official tour tada here comes the cream remember to press on the side of the i o first then finally press on the other end to complete installation. But here s our card play hard stay silent. This is gonna match our build so well and yes this graphics card has a backplate.

It s beautiful come on there you go. So..

The case will with this is the master box 300 p. From cooler master. So yup. This case.

We paid. 60 bucks for it comes with three fans. One fan right here. And then the two fans up here in the front.

Our rgb color. We re gonna be connecting the fans from this case directly to the motherboard. So then we ll be able to change the color of our fans not by remote control. But on our desktops.

Yeah. I just wanted to share that with you guys before we start building well guys that wraps up our parts overview. We re not gonna build this pc. I m really excited it s gonna come out awesome that all right let s build this guy my heart.

But i just wanna be because you re making me feel guys this build is finished. It s beautiful these two fans and then they ll light up here those are controlled on the desktop. We re gonna install a program as far as the led strips those are controlled with the remote way up pink red that looks good i m gonna keep it like that see how these fans are not spinning. I don t know something got disconnected.

I ll find out now as far as our cable management pretty much flawless clean. Very clean cable management. We have going on in this build all right fan shanell spin yep. They re not spinning problem solved.

Okay let s play some games. Though you re already coming down. Here. It goes here it goes actions.

If that s what happened three two one oh no we re gonna get killed what s happened. Oh what where okay let s see this river no way. What do you thought. Where s the vacancy on top or bottom right no i got this bro.

We re just gonna rush in there. Here..

We go oh nice that was crazy okay. What up buddy don t worry i won t hurt you where you go alright. See you on the know what i what you do that boy is your problem man. I m public.

Ottoman stay there no black calm down. There s a lot of them and you help guys know oh nice i got lucky right. There. That s right.

Easy. What the face. Yeah. Oh yeah.

Let s throw it up. Here. Hey. All right.

Well. You know what i m risking me. You re gonna go on the bottom. And get a gun and then i m gonna go on the top and get it done and then we ll fight.

And there s no gun up here looks like oh yes. There is there s a good is he already running up here. Don t wrap yourself up. I know right right now each other gun.

Where s that package going oh. It s right behind me. Oh here we go. I was on that hill like for a lot of minutes.

And this guy was just chilling back there for the longest. What where s nobody s ever even reached that far oh man anyways guys if you watch till the end. I really appreciate it if you haven t already be sure to turn on the bell notifications for the channel. So when i post future pc builds.

I ll be alerted anyways guys thanks for watching peace ” ..

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