$12 Smart Wi-Fi LED Bulbs From Walmart – Do They Suck?

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“What s going on you guys. It s her man james aka. Jp back again again with another toy room review today. We re gonna be taking a look.

At 12 dollar smart wi fi led bulb that i got from walmart now. I ve been wanting to get a bunch of these bulbs for the longest time. But they re always so expensive. The phillips brand is 50 per light bulb now.

I was walking around walmart. The other day and i stumbled across this for only 12 a light bulb and i went ahead and picked up about three or four of them so we re gonna go ahead take a look at this and see if it sucks because you guys like my five dollar led strips to see if that sucked and obviously i don t think they did because i bought so many of them. So let s go ahead and take a quick look at the packaging and then we ll go ahead and test out. This led smart wi fi bulb to see whether it sucks or not so let s jump right into it so on the packaging.

It s pretty decent packaging. So it s all black you got the light bulb here and then like the little color shifting thing right there you know pretty basic stuff. Just tells you everything about the light and whatnot you can control it with the app. You can work it works with google assistant and then as you see right here also works with alexa and cortana so a lot of different platforms.

That you can use it with to control it with your voice. If you wanted to and then this is just some of the other products they have they have like a smart camera. I think like a doorbell camera and then smart outlets which is pretty cool and then it just downloads you download the genie app..


So that s pretty basic there on the back you can see some of the different lighting settings that they have and then over here. I think this is really funny. This is like nutrition facts on food except. That s the lighting.

Fact so you can see the brightness. A thousand fifty lumens estimated yearly energy cost is a dollar and 32 cents. Based on three hours per day. Ah.

The life is based on three hours per day. So that is twenty two point eight years. These are expected to last and the light appearance. Which is the color of the light when it s in its normal mode is warm at 2700 k.

They are a bit yellow compared to what i would like and they all look to be the same when i was checking out walmart. Did they are just that one color and it says energy used 11 watts. So let s go ahead and unpack. This and see what comes inside all right.

So you just go ahead and open the this little flap right here. And it opens up let s see if we can focus there we go. And then pretty basic stuff here..


So this looks like the voice control guide and the quick start guide. We don t really need any of that should be self explanatory and then once you get through. There a little cardboard. Insert and then you get the actual light bulb itself.

So it s nothing too crazy. Just your standard looking light bulb. So let s go ahead set this up let me get the app downloaded get that running we ll plug it in and see all the different features i have and see if this is worth 12 dollars. All right you guys so i got the bulb set up here and as you can see this is on its regular mode.

This is what you would use for just everyday like normal stuff. This is regular light mode. This is actually very very bright and it does i mean i have it in this little corner here on this little lighting stand here. But as you can see it lights up that whole corner now with the app that you have here if hopefully my camera will focus right there you go so you can as you can see here you can adjust the the brightness of it make it very dim make it very bright.

You can also do colors obviously now with the colors once you do the colors let s see here. So you can see how bright that is for whatever reason. Once you do colors it does dim it down quite a bit. But it makes sense because it s kind of like mood lighting or whatever.

But as you can see you just drag. The slider here. And it s instant setup was actually very easy..


And very fast just took a few minutes to set up the app as well as set up the light for connectivity. But as you can see instant change right there in the light and then as you go into other settings. You can change the brightness turn it completely off dim. It brighten it up all the way you can also do you know saturation to mess with the tone of the color that you re getting and then if you drag it all the way you get white.

It s kind of like a pinkish white. But you guys get the idea. There and then you can do different scenes. So you can have okay you can have that randomly turn off alright for some reason soft turns it completely off.

But you have blinking which you ll see here blinks through that you can do like a party. The transition is pretty slow doesn t feel much like a rave at all rainbow is more like rave than anything else and gotta love that rainbow effect and then you got nature. Which is green cocktail. Reading and then night of yeah for whatever reason soft okay soft before was turning it off.

I guess if you double okay that makes sense. If you double tap at the mode. That you re already in then it does that and then you can have a schedule you can schedule. When you want the light on or off.

Which is pretty cool. And that is pretty much the gist of it now is this worth. 12..


Yeah definitely as you can see. It is lighting. It this op lights. The room up if you want to use as a regular light or for me.

What i m gonna do mood lighting. Lights everything out perfectly seamless transition in the app. The app is very nice very easy to set up and you know pretty self explanatory with whatever you re trying to do as far as changing brightness changing saturation. So i am in love with this like i said i bought three of them.

And i couldn t be any happier. I m probably gonna buy more to set up. I might stick this one and this little corner right here maybe behind the arcade 1up cabinet probably something like that to set up some nice moon lighting. Yeah.

This is definitely worth twelve dollars and like i said i picked up a few of them so that is pretty much it i hope you guys enjoyed this video. If you did make sure you like comment and subscribe share this video with your friends be sure to follow me on instagram. The link is in my description stay tuned for more and as always i ll ” ..


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