2.6M Yacht Tour : Princess F70

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“Have an essex on a rather blustery day a pod riesling with noise. You might might say we ve already got an f72 on your channel nick. But that was a boat show. It s a very quick rounded wouldn t cover all the area.

So this one s going to be the full tour through kevin s engine room everywhere so step on board a high level platform of course alright a little seat they put in the back here as well that s a new feature and then steps up into the cockpit really good sized cockpit as you expect on a 70 foot boat and the overhang is back almost to the transom. Which means you re plenty shade in here. When you re in the mediterranean or other warm places. Okay.

Let s go have a look inside one of the things i like about this of course it s got the galley aft layout. Which a lot of the boats have got now it works very well and with this lift up window. It means that when a door is open it completely connects these two areas and it makes it into like a bar area really so you can serve straight out onto. Here people sat out in the cockpit.

You can and drinks out or food out or whatever that works really well. And what s nice is they ve put a separate little dining area obviously so if want to tuck yourself away just inside. The table. There that will of course fold out to make a really big dining area.

If you want you could have kept the chairs over onto their side of it so this gurney area is really neatly done you ve got of course. All electric cooking and things like a proper dishwasher and a full height fridge freezer. But take a look around here. This is the kind of attention to detail they put into this all these drawers.

I ve got things like your crockery. Now on this side more crockery and the cutlery already classy stuff. And all properly shaped hold it into place that s great and in fact as we head forward you ll see a similar kind of attention to detail. Because.

This is a magnificent saloon area. Just here great big. Social seating area love the way they ve done this table and the seti opposite. So it s a great social area.

But take a look at things like this if you look in here your glasses and you laid out underneath that you ve got different types of glasses. It s really clever and behind this is a huge tv that rises out of here so an evening. If you want watch a film that comes up and gives you your screen and your surround sound. Then is built into the ceiling.

You can see this because. The stereo speakers are either side and a center. Speaker and in behind that two. More so you ve got your full 51.

Surround sound system. But of course during the day. We re more likely was looking at these fantastic windows into essex at the moment your view may vary. But that s great isn t it what a tremendous for you out.

And then ahead of this. There is a small bar area so this has got fridge tucked into it and an icemaker and that s that harman kardon surround sound system..

So that s what s powering those speakers and the tv head of that well over this side is a great little nook that s some nice place. If you want to get it away from the main party have a little chat. But also when you re underway. This is raised up and right next to the helm position.

So when you re cruising down the coast. You can get a few people sat around there drawing the guys at the helm and enjoying the ride. That s a brilliant feature and the helm itself well two big comfortable seats. And then you ve got all of your instrumentation here this one s currently laid out to your chartplotter and this is on engine instrumentation the minute but of course you can select on these whatever you want you can have a second chart zoomed in radar.

If you want it. Which is whatever you like and in fact when these are laid out to navigation all your engine instrumentation is in here. Anyway so you ve still got all that there s a side access door. So you straight out onto the side deck.

If you need to be when you re maneuvering and this is a neat touch assist steering wheel here at the center of it so what it is it s actually weighted so it always is the right way up so i power controls and these are variable thrusts really helpful when you re birthing you can control the thrust of the balance down bringing it in cool. It s gonna have a look downstairs. But one thing to mention as we go through here is this control panel those flickering at the back are not in real life is just the way that it s reacting with a camera. But this is really cleverly divided so all of your 240.

230. 240. Watt systems are here so things like the refrigeration cabin outlets. Washer dryer dishwasher.

All that kind of stuff. All controlled from this side and an easier generator controls. So you stop stop free generator and then with you running off your shore power. As we are now or for generator one off generator and then as we come back across water systems.

So your discharge pumps for your holding. Tanks and main and also a backup in case. That goes wrong and high load isolators for things like windlass and passerelle and any other high load items that you fit and there s just 24 volts. This is all the ships electrics so this stuff doesn t run off the 240 volt.

So lighting and the wet bar. More refrigeration navigation instruments all that kind of stuff so this doesn t require any of the shore power or generator to be running anyway. Let s head on forward. And we ll take a look at the rest of it at the front of the boat.

Then we have got your vip guest cabin. This is a fantastic size again gift remind yourself it is a 75 boat so you should expect plenty of space. But you ve certainly got it double wardrobe and then more storage around the top and i love the way they ve done things like the headboard at the head of the bed. There and a little desk area over here.

Which is nifty drawer. Just there lighting. In here is great as well so what you ve got is got your overhead lights of course. But if you hit those off you can see all the concealed lighting.

Now so that s will around the sides. Here..

It s up around the top of here. And it s down under the bed. So. If you just want a bit of mood lighting.

In there you can have it or you can hit the other switch and get the full lighting. Okay that of course will have an ensuite. I had just tucked away in here typical princess really nicely done okay. That s it on back this then is your day heads again with a separate shower stall.

And this is ensuite to trap. In number three good science cabin. And again you ve got wardrobes and more storage up around the top of here and down underneath. The bed.

A tv. A v system in here. As well and then this is the ensuite access to that but this toilet at night is then also shared by this cabin. Which is cabin number four so four really good cabins.

But the owners cabin itself isn t down. Here. The owners cabin is a little bit further back so if we head back on up. Here.

There is a separate stay away so down this. One is where you find the accommodation. Now one thing to mention the lobby area just here there s a washer dryer and layers of space of towels or other bits and pieces want to keep out here and the cabin itself is through this door as a brand spanking new this boat. So it s not even been dressed yet so excuse.

The fact that it s just a mattress on the bed well that just give us a chance to see that it s a proper high quality buy spring mattress for a decent night s sleep. And again you ve got this lighting system in here. So you can turn the main neighbor head lights out on the right switch like that and then you ve got all these pin lights across the back. You ve got lighting around the bed that sort of makes it float.

It s just a nice subtle lighting. If you want it if you don t want the overheads on if you do want near heads on those are also dimmable so if we hit the button. There you can probably see them just fading away. So let s bring those back up okay.

What else we got really comfy saty down here so a nice place to take yourself away. I love these big windows so if you do want to hide yourself away with a good book away from the main party. You can sit down here or just even sit here nope. My love you very nice.

Big tv on the wall. And again. It s classic princess with this future panel it just adds a bit of interest to the whole boat loads of storage over on this side of course big window over here these sector areas here. Incidentally these are opening portholes.

So you can have these open on both sides and get a nice bit of ventilation to this cabin right let s head on back. And we found the ensuite massive shower stall and then you ve got of course your sink..

Yeah. That s all it in behind. They re huge blinds really good what a lovely karen that is okay that s covered the interior. I think so we re gonna have a look now at flybridge deck areas through cabinet engines basin so back up these steps.

That s a nice area to greet in the morning. When you appear. There was somebody making a bit of breakfast out the back would be ideal okay so we re first flybridge. I think okay so one thing worth.

Mentioning is just beneath this flap here. This boat has the optional third hound station. So this is giving you throttles forward neutral. Reverse gear shift and bound stern thrusters and that means that when you re docking the boats turn to and the med could stand right at the back.

See exactly what s going on that s a really handy feature. Okay let s close that a. But now it s gonna get a bit breezy up here projects that not an awful lot i can do. But i hope you ll better hear me okay.

We ve got is this bar area. There is a big fridge in here. And there s an ice maker in here and a barbecue. The helm is up ahead with the course a great view out across the front of the boat.

And that s got around a nice seating area next to it so if you join in on the ride. This one s got the optional hardtop so plenty shade up here in the med. But this if you want the sunshine here you can certainly have it and then behind that huge dinette area behind that what a great for you lying out there inside kind of imagine her calm parma bay. Okay.

Big white side thanks really high rails. They are almost hip height. So it s very secure walking around smoke. Which is quite a good thing because this is an area where you would want to come out out socialize because it s got a four day area.

It s just brilliant if you re cruising at very low speed along the coast. You can sit out here with a drink and an amazing view forward or if your berth turn to in the mage and you want a bit more privacy. It s a call so good to you table drinks on the front and hopefully you ll forgive me that okay well first true foundational things okay so down these steps and takes us into its crew quarters. This is a pretty decent size.

So i come into here full stunning headroom all the way through there s a few bits of canopy and so forth down here. But two decent sized single beds. A real feeling of space in here lots of light to the window up here and a bigger window across the back. See you dan for the talks.

Electrophilic in here. And then it s got a separate ensuite cuts away with its own individual shower stall. So that s a pretty good size and the way that it s fitted out of the way that they ve done the water work. It is pretty much two guest specifications.

So in actual fact. If you did have guests that wanted their own area teenagers..

Especially. This is a great place to put them tucked away. Yeah. No complaints.

There that s little wardrobe. Yep ice okay engines next they are accessed beneath the floor. Yeah. So this takes us down into an engineering space.

First of all sit down. Here. You got things like the operation systems for the just right now bow and stern thrusters. These are variable speed.

So they re quite high tech units. And then everything is very neatly plumbed and wired. So you can get to everything you can see all the controls for everything down. Here.

Well. There s little blue things on there they re all labeling. So you can see exactly where everything goes. And where it comes from you can see it over here for examples and this generator exhaust and the generators themselves are just here twin generators on this boat.

So you know short of backup power. And the interim itself is behind this big door look at that so these are man of v12. 1400 engines so almost 3000. Horsepower out of this boat and a brilliant engine space so i walk into here.

This is absolutely full height all the way through brilliant this little fur here this is a fleur camera. So i sort of an infrared night vision camera and it means that you can monitor this space from those screens at the helm. So if you re charging on one. I ve equipped with an engine room so everything s okay that ll do it says all your air conditioning systems long here and again they would starboard cabin stateroom port cabin so they re all individually controlled even the crew cabin has its own individual unit.

But it s classic princess. The way they put it on this rack mounted everything up we can get to it just makes for a really easy boat to maintain and on this side. I think that s a water maker that s pretty impressive okay tanks you can see on the outboard. There and again classic princess loads of good lighting.

Loads of in soundproofing makes for a really refined boat and these are all your various filtering systems so your raw water filter so you ll see what it cools the engines there and these are for the generators. I would imagine all very neatly done superb ok. Let s head back up through the engineering space. Behind me panels a linked ok re emerge from the bowels of the ship lose anybody down it and take a seat than one of these comfortable seats so that is it that is the princess f17 magnificent dope.

I hope you ve enjoyed that tall if you have if you give the light button a quick click. I d appreciate it always helps if you haven t subscribed hit that subscribe button. We ve got loads of great videos coming i ll keep you posted of when they re arriving thanks again for watching i ll catch the next one take. ” .


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