$20 Dreamcast Garage Sale Finds

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“Right welcome back to another stomach julian s venom projects. Today. A bit of nostalgia nostalgia for the folks that we re buying video games are growing up in the 2000s late 90s. It s a good dreamcast.

I remember the dreamcast coming out in late 99. It was one of the consoles that came out around the time. I had a job and i could afford to get these things for myself. If i so pleased and ever look at the specs and trying to decide is this thing gonna be better than a playstation or any other number of consoles that were out at the time.

And i remember thinking that they were definitely ahead of themselves with having 56k modem built into it and you know so networking that kind of a thing and a lot of the they had network browsers i was on the impression because i was a bit of a geek and i knew what windows seee was and i thought this thing was gonna have an operating system that was windows it ended up not being the case windows ce ii was used as a development tool to convert your games. If you ve already built a game for another system or another architecture for the processor. You could use windows ce ii tools and a windows ide. A development environment to convert your games over with a bit more ease and so they were hoping to capture developers that were interested in you know making a bit more money or licensing their game for yet another console.

So that was that a lot of people are depression it runs windows ce ii. I am highly confident it doesn t which is why these weren t reverse engineered to the point. Where you could just boot. A you know boot linux into it or boot.

Some sort of base version of windows on here that hasn t happened to my knowledge. So a lot of the games. A lot of the hacking efforts were mostly around piracy of the games. And there s there s a number of videos some really great ones done the guys are the vintage modern courses.

That s right it s the vintage modern gamer on youtube. He s already done a great video outlining. The gt roms and how they were circumvented. It s very technical so could take a look at those i ll put a link down in the description for it.

But i wanted to show you guys i wanted to have a i wanted to add a dreamcast to my collection for quite a while it s something i missed out on like i said before i i was interested in video games. But i had job and had a life and a career as trying to develop. So i didn t have time to play them and so it dropping down the the money would take to get this and accessories in a couple of games. It often took a backseat to i don t know rent or having a girlfriend.

These kinds of things so now i m interested and getting back into it or exploring what i missed. If you were so i m instead of these things got an expense of these consoles and the games. And so so i stumbled across someone s yard sale. The day before the 20th anniversary for the dreamcast and a tip to anybody.

That s interested in yard sales garage sales lot sales whatever you want to call them. If you re on the hunt for something whether it s camera lenses or vintage video games or old paintings. Whatever the case is ask the person hosting be polite you know introduce yourself let them know what you re looking for because a lot of times. They ve got a garage full of stuff and they re pulling things out.

Throughout the day. And they ve not gotten to prepping. Oh yeah. A lot of people own for their yard sales.

This isn t something they do as a small business. So they re not super prepared. But if they know they ve got a box of old canon lenses tucked away back in the garage somewhere. And they re they are planning on bringing it out for the garage sales haven t gotten to it yet.

And you asked for it explicitly they ll go rummaging for it that s exactly what happen here. I said. I m interested in old video games and i said well we don t in the old video games and i said ok..


I said you know any video games. I said i m really looking for stuff that was pre internet. You know things that didn t need to go online to play. And it is guys lit up.

He s like oh i got an old dreamcast and guy pulls out a stack of games. A console. A couple controllers including one of these guys that the controller with the pmu. Which was the the memory unit.

Which also double as a tamagotchi style video game that you could play on the fly or you could like maybe trade them with your friends. I can write what it was there s like a link up cable. I don t remember. But i do remember them being able to both see contextual information while you re in the game maybe scores.

Or maybe like a sub map or something well to get into some of these. But that was fascinating to me at the time. I thought was really good innovative step in that direction to use this as a secondary display for for information that related to the game. And then and then just super cute really.

It s the ability to play them on the go you know up down left right a b select and start here. So hopefully we get this thing up and running it looks like it takes some cr2032 s. I ve got a bunch of those sitting around we ll get this thing cleaned up and tossed in there so point being it doesn t hurt to ask that s the point so let s go through the games. With guide number of these demo discs.

I guess you had to subscribe to these really bought also say bottom to restore. But that says do not or not for sale out here probably. A magazine subscription either through one of the video game. Like as a leaflet that stuck into a thicker video game quarterly or maybe from dreamcast or from sega themself.

I don t remember. But what s great about these is they re playable demos. So for jet set radio or jet grind radio depending on when you are i m really really interested in playing that some more even if it s not the full game. I just i think it s super nifty as i get as a game.

And so that would be fun to bring it to you let s see here san francisco rush took you extreme racer. If that s play widest playable. Very cool tony hawk also ever ever good things about that. Oh yeah.

I saw. A recently there s a bunch of youtube videos of people. Highlighting the fact that this thing. It hit its 20 year anniversary and jet set radio or jet grind radio.

Was one of the first like open world games. Where he s actually navigate a city. It just kind of explore and do what you want to so that was very innovative at the time super cool i ll pass fishing. Very nice that s it i didn t bother to check to see if they were all in here.

Though i got all this stuff for 20 bucks. So at 20 bucks you don t yeah it ll split hairs about whether or not is there any every single one of these things it also helps to ask what folks are hoping to get for the thing. I probably would have if he d said what are you thinking i would have started at 50 bucks. I mean i know that this thing alone is worth 50 bucks.

If it works we don t know yet and then all these games my my cursory search of games was like 20 bucks per game on ebay so i would have said 50 bucks easily you know with the risk that some of these aren t gonna work and then i have to put some love and care into getting up and running again. But as soon as he said 20 bucks. I didn t sold and i m not gonna sit here and go through each one of these things and check on ya see sonic dino crisis..


I looked this up earlier it s kind of a resident evil and actually i think one of a the guys that created there s a resident evil. Sorry. I quickly looked up some of these games on on youtube to see what the gameplay looked like if there s anything that i wanted to jump right into or that had a lot of maybe had a lot of interest from the community of saying. You know something is metal jesus does the the hidden gems.

If you will for a console. So dino crisis is that if you re into horror games. Sort of like traversing maps to solve puzzles kind of the game. And dinosaurs so kind of that i think this would be a pickup sonic adventure to your guests in here awesome.

I see our life and it was a big deal for people to get online and play other people around the world that was really really cool over a 56k modem and they weren t transferring a lot of data back then it was in just your players position. And maybe. The values the weapon. You re using and where you were aiming it at that kind of a thing so it s a still pretty lightweight.

There wasn t a lot of multimedia. Going on or like voice chat necessarily. It s just just enough to get the game to be playable over the internet. Chuchu rocket sauce people playing this it looks like a ton of fun apparently.

This is one of the first multiplayer games either ever or for the sega dreamcast. I don t remember but look like a ton of fun. I ll see an emulator this if not the same one maybe wasn t this exact one. It was a later one there was a hope covered that i think that by the modern gamer covered this one or one.

Like it where he described the scene. If you will the the underground scene of getting a game the day launched or that a couple days before it launched ripping it and immediately making it available on the internet. This is before bittorrent existed and was a scene it was a scene. I wasn t plugged in at the time.

But i ve learned a lot about it since then and it s just fascinating was it s a testament to their you know if there s a will as a way for people to circumvent technology and so in this case. People were doing raw dumps of the disks with like modified firmware like a specific cd rom in a pc with a vo. Some modifications. They re able to read all the files from this and dump it into an iso file.

And one of the files inside of that disk as they broke it open had a message to the guys that were eventually going to copy this and crack. It and it effectively gave them instructions on how to add different roms and conclude them in their own burned versions of this game. So. The the sky was the limit.

So they did it just so at any sega game at the time. If you could get a rom port. You d be able to play it on your dreamcast. Those this is the elston 99 2000.

2001. Kind of thing super super cool. I got a racing game. This one s got mixed results online about being kind of difficult to play.

But it had some interesting mechanics like whatever your clock was for your dreamcast. The weather and a day would reflect that in the game. So enjoy playing night. You you could play video games.

Tonight. You d be driving at night day day in the game. And so there were reports of people that were trying to get a top score for a particular track and it s easy to do in there in the day so they d go in and change their cmos battery..


But the cmos time and their system and then go back into the game so fun relaxed like that tetris. Another wife is super keen on seeing this one so we re gonna get that in a world. She s really big at a tetris and then d. What was d id choose.

Another like horror game horror games. Where you re like in a plane crash and then there s aliens or zombies. For some reason. There s some like supernatural stuff going on and and of course loads of machine guns.

Even. Though you crash land in canada. They re not known for having machine guns laying about maybe. Some hunting rifles or something at north cabin.

But i don t know that we playing this one too much or at all this is the kind of thing that like i m not doing this as a profit thing i do this because i enjoy fixing them. It s this thing s broken getting it up and running maybe replacing the cd rom with one of those solid state sd card optical emulators they call them so it replaces. The it takes the funk in the optical bay here and goes from sd card to whatever format. The mainboard wants to get data from the cd rom period.

And it ll match that it also lasts longer run cooler these types of things so that s really what i m interested in doing. And so i have to find an opportunity to take something like just this one here. It s in here three four. Yeah.

So all the disks are in there. And so this might be the kind of thing that i pop up on ebay and if it goes for twenty bucks. There we go i ve just i ve paid for all this stuff and all the rest of this ends up being free to me to play with so if you re in or you re interested in this stuff. Just keep an eye on for these kind of deals you can break into a hobby for not a lot of money.

If you just if you re patient you got cash. So i want to cut to me cleaning up probably this bmu to start with and let s see if we get this console. If it if it boots up and if we get that thing up and running all right so these buttons are gonna need to be cleaned up at least up and down. Don t seem to be working all too hot.

I bet they re just a bit dirty. I ll show you a little trick there with those if we pop this open okay yes so fancy. It s a virtual memory unit. Okay all right well let s take it apart and get it cleaned up and trying turning mindful that piezo electric speaker there and i need snapping it off a little deeper oh where d that thing come from hopefully.

There s like a rocker like that yeah. That s gotta be it i do not for the life of me remember where i learned this it was yet you know yet another youtube video of someone there s a british kid getting stuff like this to repair off of ebay. Whether it s as a hobby or a business. I don t remember and he had a dead simple way of reviving some of these buttons.

These membrane buttons and they re called membrane because they they re just they re describing that little bit that pops out and says it you press. It it wants to return back to its original shape. So it s making a connection with this you know fingers out of the way. Here.

This is like a graphite doped bit of rubber here and it makes contact with these pads and so it shorts. You know this pad to that pad through that that that particular shape there gives it more chances to do that on a couple different planes so if you come in at an angle. It ll set it up for success and you can still get it here or here or here. But over time these oxidize and they re not as conductive and so they don t do so hot.

So you guys saw when we were trying to set the date up and down. It was kind of hit or miss with so here is the trick get yourself a piece of paper and one at a time doesn t need a lot you just drag it across the piece of paper and that s it a scuffing up a bit of scuffing up. There just gives it a fresh piece of graphite to connect to there we go see already it might be hard for you guys to see..


But they re not as shiny and then there s one here. I can see it s it s shiny on one side. And it s dull on the other so i m gonna get that guy another go try and hold it nice and flat against the paper. Yeah.

Yeah very nice that s it good as new and so you d normally you d also give this thing a visual inspection those look pretty clean for completeness if you found this because you doing some google search on you know how to clean up or fix a bmu. I ll show you how to clean up those pads as well so you re gonna get a regular number two pencil with a written eraser and just give those a nice rub. If they re really bad and oxidized. You might need to break out the isopropyl.

But here. There s no sign of oxidation. So we re just trying to take off that like a microscopic layer that i d suggest all metals have some level of oxidation on them. So it s not been that off having this open reminds me there s a guy online and i ll try and i ll try and stitch in some still images maybe some video.

If it exists of a pcb that he s designed that i think uses a an arduino zero or like a teensy or something like that that can drive. I mean like now we re into like you know just you know damn near 2020 and they have very dense pixels per inch displays that are the same size as this and decent enough compute that can fit on a board. Like this or smaller that can drive that display and have ample room for a battery. You probably have hours and hours of playtime on a display like this do a small computer.

So he makes a printed circuit board that just mimics these up down left right you know a b and select and start if you find one of these vm use just by itself or you that s broken or what have you and you want to use the exterior case this guy sells a nifty little board you drop it in you maybe do a little bit of wiring up and you re off to the races. You got yourself a cool. Little video game console. And the palm of your hand.

So toulouse as a conversation starter it s pretty nifty. I don t i don t think you ever want to sit there and set some world record on a nark you know cape game. Or something like that but to pass the time pretty nifty all right clean enough for me let s get this thing back together all right. It s a little bit better.

It s not amazing all right so truth be told. It s a it s a bit on the noisy side that might be for another video. Where we go in and fix the fan. I know that i saw online folks were modifying there s like a 3d printed part to adapt it to one of these noctua fans.

It s a brand name there lot quieter higher quality stuff. Only they don t make that brand doesn t make the same size of fan. So you have to make a little adapter. So that it ll still fit and then i think also the eject mechanism has to be modified as well so maybe since then they do have the right size fan.

We just drop it right in that d be pretty awesome so one of things i did learn as an aside watching. Ben heck convert one of these things to a handheld console was that the fan had to be on before the system. It had to be connected before the system would boot. That s probably sensing that somewhere to make sure.

It s not you know unplugged. It s not gonna overheat. So so join us next time on another one of julian s random projects. We will take a stab at getting this thing cleaned up or like i said maybe swap out the disk drive with solid state sd.

So i m gonna sit here and swap out these discs all day yes stay tuned here s something i noticed i was cleaning this it s got a little notch in here. So you can run the cable forward like you normally would so the bottom. I understand that gives us a strain relief. But your preference might be to have this thing going forward towards a console.

So it looks like someone s thought of that that s pretty good you ” ..

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