2019 8 26 UnBoxing TracFone Samsung Galaxy J7 Crown 4G LTE Prepaid Smartphone

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And may i present another zurich in production. Hello and welcome to unboxing today i d like to introduce you to the tracfone samsung galaxy j7 crown 4g lte prepaid smartphone 55 hd screen 156 gigahertz octa core processor android 80 oreo 4g lte wi fi capable bluetooth 42 wireless technology mp3 player 13 megapixel camera 13 megapixel front facing camera internal memory 16 gigabytes supports micro sd memory card up to 400 gigabytes. Not included. Here s it a closer look at the phone.

But enough of the amazon. Posting. Let s have a look at the real thing. Here s the box it comes in tracfone for moments the matter samsung galaxy g7 crowd unlimited carryover with active service no contract there s phone itself high.

Definition one hundred thirty nine point five millimeter or 55. Inch screen ultra power..

Saving mode has some details about that are tracfone services and some bullet points about the phone itself 4g lte android 80 oriya five point five high definition screen battery talktime up to twenty four hours standby. Time up to twenty seven days wi fi capable internal memory sixteen gigabytes device only bluetooth at four point two wireless technology hearing aid compatible h ac rating m3 t3 yeah thats games music and more on google play supports microsd memory card up to four hundred gigabytes not included 13 megapixel camera 13 megapixel front facing camera a gps gps capabilities 156 egrets octa core processor mp3 player includes activation card services guide battery charger and quick start guide then if you have another phone you want to transfer content from you can download the free mobile transfer wizard app on google play let s get this open bunch of documentation back here so tracfone stuff quick reference manual get to know your smartphone service and the big ol tracfone guide. Right here. Tracfone is very easy to set up and it s been a reliable service for a booth.

My wife of mine for many many years. I think for ten years so we ve been very happy with it quite reliable you know the rest of the accessories. Here of course is your ac. Adapter and right here.

It s a little key to help poke in and out your memory card and various other things you want to stick into it don t lose on terms of conditions. So for transportation well thankfully. You won t have to read. Most of this i would just contact info.

Really where s the tracfone itself. So it s very thin and pretty big to the head of the various identification information on the back..

Which is quite helpful in setting things up and of course. Any kind of troubleshooting you may have to do later on which we haven t we found track phones to be very reliable. We ve always been impressed with our performance. But for a proper demonstration.

I will need to do a bunch of stuff to bring it up to snuff if you will be to install whole bunch of software sync. A bunch of stuff enter and tell my passwords and then since copy over all the stuff that i have left over from a previous phone. So what we re gonna do is we re going to do all that and then cut back whenever we have all that done and show you what the galaxy and j7 krum can do i ve fully outfitted my phone and installed. All the apps that i regularly use put on a nice case and also fitted a screen protector to it it does come with two screen protectors.

But i bought extras because the such thing as being too protected. So do you have these just in case. Now well things to keep in mind for the rest of this video is that i m actually using this phone to film. It i bought two of these about one for myself.

And one for my wife and i m using my wife s phone to film the rest of the demo so the visuals and sound. They re getting right now are actually from this mobile phone so if you like what you see in terms of audio and visual performance..

Then you ll be quite happy with this phone. Firstly display is very much bright and vibrant according to whatever setting. You have a turned on this is actually it s dimmest setting. I can turn it up but of course that eats but or a battery.

If you do that that connects to both data and wi fi and bluetooth. Very easily i have it on airplane mode right now so i m not constantly interrupted when beeps and boop s and a lot of space for apps. So these apps that used to occupy four pages on my previous phone. Only occupy two because you have room for five icons and of course five icons down below for things that use the most like phone maps camera settings and the remote for my cars radio well i really love though is the visual clarity and of course.

The microphone pick up this outperforms the 2018. A gopro that had been using previously and let s get some really awesome this here. This is zoomed in using the digital zoom on this. A feature that my gopro doesn t have and see that well it does lose resolution the further out you zoom.

It s still pretty good like really good so much so. In fact that i plan on doing by future demo videos using this phone..

All you have to really do is if you want to film on interrupted about having to deal with all the beeps and boop s getting in her videos just put it on the airplane mode that way it won t communicate it ll just be a camera. It does support up to 400 gigabytes microsd card. I have a 128 in this phone and in my phone there s a 256. Very inexpensive to get those cards they used to cost a lot more but you can you can buy a four hundred gigabyte one if you really want to for about 40 bucks.

So it is el chico grande and i love the autofocus. It is very responsive in that regard and the low light compensation. While this isn t exactly night vision this easily outperforms anything that the gopro have been using up to this point does so this is an amazing phone for all the great smartphone applications that you can put on it. But this is also a viable alternative to buying a dedicated camera.

Because it takes really good video takes really good pictures and has excellent audio pickup. It also sounds great too what we do here does go back back back back this is an excellent product. I totally ” ..


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