[2020 How to Make ANY WEBCAM Look BETTER *FOR FREE*

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“Will learn how to make any webcam look. Ten times better for free. Then this this is a video for you let s get right into it. What is going everybody.

It is once again view here bring you guys yet again another tutorial and today. I ll be showing you guys how to make your webcam look so much better without you ve been spending a penny. It s completely free to do this and you only need one thing. And it s obs now if you have a webcam.

Then there s a pretty high chance that you already have obs. But if for some reason you don t have it let alone don t know what it is it is the most commonly used streaming slash recording software and if you don t have it downloaded. It s super easy just go to your web browser and look up obs studio. Then it ll be the first thing that pops up just click that and then select your operating system and then it ll start downloading now as you saw just now i already have obs so i m not gonna download it twice.

But the installation process is pretty straightforward it s just like installing anything else also i will have a link to this website down below in the description. Just go ahead and click it and it ll bring you to this so once you have obs downloaded you re just gonna go ahead and open..

It up now yours will look just like mine. Except the scenes and the sources boxes will be empty. So all you re gonna do is you re gonna go down. Here under the scenes box click this plus icon and then you can name this to whatever.

Then click ok. And then you ll see that it made a new scene. Which means you have an empty source box. So all you re gonna do is you re gonna go under the sources box click this plus icon and then once this comes up click video capture device and then click ok now most likely it ll already select your webcam.

But if it doesn t go right here. Where it says device click. There and then select your webcam. So once you have this box open right here.

It s really straightforward. I ll show you guys through it step by step before you do anything i just want to recommend you to check this box..

Where it says deactivate when not showing it s pretty self explanatory. So if you go through and then you switch scenes or whatever and your webcam isn t in it your webcam will shut off therefore saving it from overheating and exploding. I don t think it would explode. But yeah it does prevent it from overheating.

It has happened to me a couple times hasn t exploded. But it s overheated a few times. Anyway so once you check that you re right here where it says resolution slash fps type click the box and then select it to custom and then you ll see that went away. But to bring it back go right here.

Where it says resolution click this drop down arrow. And then select 1920 by 1080 and as you can see your webcam is fully fitted into the frame. And if it isn t then just go right here under the sources box where it says video capture device so next to transform hover over that and then down here click fit to screen. And then it ll be proportioned like it should be and by the way to bring that box back up you just simply double click.

The source and it shows up so after you ve selected the resolution make sure fps is set to match output fps or highest fps. It doesn t matter..

Which one video format make sure that s selected to any i find that if it s on anything else my webcam gets really glitchy and then these two options are the most important y uv color space and y uv color range so next to y uv color space it ll say default click that box and then make sure it s on 709 and then right here. Y uv color range it ll be on partial click it and then select it to full now right now you ll notice that it kind of actually looks a little bit worse. It looks a lot more washed out. And just kind of like d saturated.

Now for those of you don t know about cameras this is kind of hard to explain but basically selecting y uv color range to full allows more colors to be shown through the camera that s kind of the most simple way you can put it and while it looks nice good right now. We re gonna make it look a lot better than it did before now once you ve done that the rest of these can stay the same. But don t exit out of it yet go back up to the top and right here click. Where it says configure video.

And then this window will pop up once you re here go up here to advanced settings. And then right here click restore to defaults and then go next to contrast and slide this to the right. Just a little bit. This is kind of your personal preference as to what you think looks best you don t want to go all the way over.

But also you don t want to go you know all the way down of course. So just find what looks best you ll see probably i d say right here is really good..

It s probably the same for you it might look at here. It might look good here. It doesn t matter just go off of what your webcam looks. Like and once you ve found that good.

Contrast level. You re pretty much done just go ahead and click save. And then you could click ok. Here.

And yeah. Your webcam would look a lot better it ll look you notice that the colors are a lot more vibrant and the blacks and whites are a lot more accurate. But yeah that s pretty much it i hope this helped you out and if it did you all know today be sure to leave a like go down and subscribe. If you haven t already please share this around if you found this helpful and it would really mean a lot to me if you did that and yeah.

I hope this helped i will see you all in my next video peace buddy ” ..

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