25 Best RPGs of This Generation You NEED TO PLAY

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“Playing games take up a big portion of the gaming market in fact they are are so popular that they often lend their characteristics to many other genres and in so they greatly contribute to the fluidity of the storyline because they are such a big player when it comes to genres and because they encompass so many gaming titles. We put together a list with 25 of the best role playing games from the recent generation. The witcher. 3.

Is one of the most talked about and appreciated games in the last few years. The complex storyline and intriguing gameplay transforming this role playing title into one of the best sold products of the gaming market millions of players worldwide have been enjoying stepping into the shoes of geralt of rivia and completing the most amazing of storylines ninokuni. 2. Is a charming action role playing game that tells the story of a young king who has observed and now must set out to build a new kingdom for himself revenant kingdom.

Is in fact a sequel to the first title of the series called wrath of the white witch. And it is equally challenging and full of vibrantly coloured sceneries and heart melting characters notorious for its insanely difficult gameplay dark souls. 3. Has been proudly creating massive or rage quits since 2016.

This hellish title is the fourth entry of the soul series. And it has become constantly praised by players and critics alike. Becoming the fastest selling game of bandai namco with over three million copies sold worldwide within just two months after its release. An action role playing game characterized by comprehensive combat system.

In surprising. Thematic. Depth. Near automata is the sequel to the 2010.

Drakengard. Series spin off title. Name simply near it set amidst a proxy war between machines created by ethereal invaders in the remnants of humanity. The gameplay combining role playing elements with action.


Based combat definitely one of the most praised and most played titles of the franchise fallout. 4. Is set within an open world post apocalyptic environment. Where people are struggling to survive.

In the desolate and depleted boston region. The player freedom and the overall generous amount of gameplay content are two of the most prominent aspects of this ultra praised game and that s why fallout. 4. Is a true hit created by india.

American developer. Toby fox undertale is a video game that draws inspiration from many other pop culture products. Such as the mother and the mario luigi role playing series. The bullet hell shooter.

Series. Touhou project and the british comedy show. Mr. Bean.

The player controls a child who fell into the underground and must fight various monsters to be able to climb back to the surface. The choice is made during the gameplay affecting the outcome of the entire game. This dungeon crawler is part of one of the most famous and appreciated gaming franchises in the world the diablo series being one of the best role playing titles on the gaming market diablo. 3.

Was such a big hit that is set a new record for the fastest selling pc game shipping over 35. Million copies in the first 24 hours after release in monster hunter world you get to create your own character and travel to the new world to hunt down and capture large monsters that roam outside on the vast lands. That lay. Before you this.


Game. Received critical acclaim upon release capcom being especially praised for the way. It managed to make it so accessible to western markets. Xenoblade chronicles.

2. Is an action rpg that offers over 70 hours of intensive adventure. A mesmerizing storyline unfolding in the beautiful scenery of the game. The gameplay of xenoblade is equally impressive featuring a series of intricate mechanics and having the potential of becoming an addictive activity thanks to its impressive variety dragon age inquisition was viewed as the redemption song of bioware through the massive rpg title they established a new name for themselves.

And even managed to amass about 150 awards and nominations for best role playing game of the year its epic storyline and action filled gameplay turned dragon age inquisition into a really good role playing title a spiritual successor to the baldies gate. And i swindell series pillars of eternity won various awards. Including a best role playing game of 2015 being especially praised for its artwork and graphics. The gaming title features a deep and engaging combat system.

As well as a great immersive storyline. That s just full of life darkest dungeon has you managed a collection of heroes that have to explore the dungeons below a gothic manor. That you ve inherited from your wealthy family of course. The gameplay is sprinkled with challenging moments where monsters and other vicious foes will jump right at your pack of heroes.

Prompting. You to fend them off with your mix of real time. Movement and turn based combat a part of the elder scrolls series and its first online outing. The elder scrolls online is set in the continent of tamriel and it features a plotline indirectly connected to the other games in the series the re release rebranding as elder scrolls online.

It s hammer yell unlimited brought this title a myriad of praises both from new players as well as the diehard fans of the franchise a sequel to the stick of truth south park at the fractured. But space w hole. Follows. The story of the new kid who has recently moved to south park and who becomes involved in the epic role playing that includes.


But is not limited to conspiracies crimes supervillains genetically engineered monsters and mafia kingpins the fractured. But whole is a tongue in cheek rpg title. That perfectly emulates. The original south park animation style horizon.

Zero. Dawn is a video game. That looks outstandingly good. Its immense plains and vividly designed creatures making the entire gameplay.

A soulful experience that will definitely be remembered a long time after finishing the game. But the best part of this title is that it comes with rpg features that allow the player to grow. The main character and meaningful and surprising ways the final fantasy franchise is most definitely one of the best in the world of video gaming and the 15th main installment in this series is no different being a charming role playing game with an extensive open world and an intriguing action based combat system final fantasy. 15 is truly a golden title and it became the favorite of mini gamers.

Deus. Ex mankind divided is an action role playing stealth video game that set in the cyberpunk themed dystopian world of 2029 an overall praised title the sixth installment of this series has received multiple positive reviews for its art direction. Environmental design. And decision.

Making system that made the entire gameplay feel way more authentic a charming fantasy tactical role playing game that takes place in a fictional world inspired by norse mythology. The banner saga. Tells the story of a caravan that must find a place to settle an employed inventive means of keeping away their enemies at the dredge with hand drawn animation in a beautiful written storyline. The banner saga is a game.

You simply cannot forget neo or benevolent king. In japanese. Is an action role playing game that takes place in the early 1600s during a fictionalized version of the sengoku period. The players goal is to navigate around levels and defeat.


The monsters that have infested various areas all kinds of combat tactics. And methods being employed to finish. A mission divinity original sin is a fantasy role playing video game. That has received quite a lot of praise upon its release mainly for its ability to modernize the rpg genre and bring something new to the gaming scene.

The novelty comes from the fact. The game comes with the editor that the developers used to create it allowing players to construct their own single player and multiplayer adventures and publish them online role playing game where the player dives into the character of a high school student in modern tokyo persona. 5. Is controlled by a day night cycle and weather systems.

That influence. The general behavior. Similar to a social simulation game making the entire gameplay feel highly realistic and immersive and these are some aspects that present the game in a very particular way shadow of war is based on the universally beloved lord of the rings universe and its entire gameplay is infused with the greatness of the saga of epic proportions. The second installment of the middle earth series is even more full of action than its precursor shadow of mordor players being encouraged even more to go head to head with even more rabid orgs.

Torment tides of numenera is the spiritual successor to 1999 s planescape torment and it is a role playing video game that was successfully crowd funded through kickstarter in the first six hours after the project s launch it features a story driven gameplay a great deal of emphasis being placed on the interactions with the world and the characters that populate the entire universe of the game featuring some really intricate unforgiving gameplay mechanics kingdom. Come deliverance will definitely challenge your combat skills. And some of the most intense and inventive of ways backed up by a solid storyline in an in depth character. Creation and upgrade system.

The game is one of the best recent rpg titles that we got to play the fact that link is such a customizable character that you can make him a slice chaka a heavily armored knight or someone who runs around in their underwear. Throwing chickens at moblins is one of the best things about the legend of zelda breath of the wild the rest of the gameplay is equally epic and we must admit that we re really impressed by this gaming title. And that was our list showcasing 25 of the best rpgs in this generation. Make sure do those like and subscribe buttons down below.

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