3 iPad Pro Amazon Cases Reviewed! Which should you buy?

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“Guys evp man here you re still looking for a case for your ipad pro pro 129. Well. I have three cases that are available now on amazon. Affordable and they make a great stocking stuffer.

Let s go to check them out. So today. We re taking a look at three cases from three different. Manufacturers they re gonna give you unique features with your ipad pro 129.

Now remember jerry did a review on the ipad pro and showed. How easy it was to bend having a good case something s gonna protect it it s gonna give you that extra protection so you ll want to watch this video look at these three cases. Which are extremely affordable and available on amazon now. So let s start with each one and we ll see the pros and cons of each to see which one you ll want to buy for this holiday season.

Make sure you hit the subscribe button and tap the little bell icon to get notified when new videos become available alright. So most of these cases have a very similar construction so you have a hardback polycarbonate frame. And then you have this panel. Which is made out of a synthetic leather material that s gonna give you the ability to you know have various viewing angles.

The important thing about this one and we re gonna look at the brand right here just for a second so you can see the logo right there infant land. Yeah. This specific case is one of the few that i have found that support wireless charging of your app. Insel also it allows you to house it easily without adding extra thickness you re gonna see this case in a second where they took a different approach of storage and they put the pencil here.

So what i m gonna do is place our ipad pro in here. See how it works..

How everything aligns and how the pencil stays in place alright. So very simple. And you re going to notice that i haven t even taken off the pencil. It s still magnetically attached and when i close it.

This is what it would look like so neat thing about this case is that this case is a thin case you notice very very thin. It s gonna give you some extra stability when it comes to your tablet. Because it does have a polycarbonate frame. That s gonna hold it and you ll notice that it does add some drop protection.

There. But still allows your speakers to breathe the same here. You have your mics are nicely exposed. Still and then you have your speakers.

Really nice cutout design. I like here your apple pencil is in place and remember even you know one of the things i always say is that all it takes is one of those type of motions for it to drop and so. But still you can have it here it will charge and if we open this up. We can notice that it does support the auto wake feature so close it up again open it up.

And it supports the auto. Wake. Now if you take a look at the back here. It does a decent job of protecting your camera.

So i ll put it in an angle. See that volume is there and then you do have some viewing angle..

So we ll move these guys aside for a second so that you can see what you can do here. So you know you can open this up obviously flip it on the back like this rotate. It and then you have a viewing angle here that you can use for if you re gonna watch media. Because of the size of the tablet and how good the viewing angles are i ve actually been in a plane with it like this and it s absolutely perfect you can see everything that s going on another option to do the exact same thing.

But put it this way so. Now you have this viewing angle. This also works this is much more in your face. And frankly everybody else sees what you re seeing so depends on which one you want to go with so this of the three cases.

It s probably my favorite because it supports. The apple pencil. It has some good protection and supports auto. Wake.

So this is definitely a buy all right so now this next case took a different approach. But it has this kind of cell pattern in the inside. Which is really designed for absorbing impact has some cooling events that you can see right here. And then the apple pencil gets stowed in this area here now it does not support the charging mechanism right.

But it s going to allow you to stow it here and if we take our ipad. All you do is you slide it in it s a very flexible material so you ll see me just snapping it in like this and then it closes. Now the one thing. I like the fact that the pencil is nicely store is not going to fall away.

I like the bumper material. So let s take a look at that for a second..

So you have good bumper material on each side you notice here and here and you notice here. You have your grill. You speak your grill is out charging port here. This is the one thing.

I did not like about this case notice. It covers my mics that s the one thing. I didn t like about it so if you re not if you don t really care about the mics here. Then then this is a good case.

But again the mics are covered. Which is something that i was disappointed with on this side. You ll notice that you have the pencil charger. But your pencil will now charge.

Here. So we ll take this out for a second and i ll put it up let s go ahead put this right here. And you ll notice that while it will stay there it falls off really easily so i wouldn t really recommend it for your pencil. It does have some good protection in the back.

You can notice. The camera protection is really good construction is really nice it just has a couple areas. I think is amiss so if i was you i d probably stay away from this one now this last. One looks just like the other one a different brand let s get their brand.

There so you can see it yes are i ve had esr cases polycarbonate frame back. Which is nice shell based similar construction as the other one however even though it says on their amazon page that it does support the charging or the pencil..

It really doesn t so. If you take this guy right here you put it on it will you know it will stick in place. And it stays there pretty decently it does not charge. Though it s just not going to charge.

So you know it does support your auto wake. Which is nice so that s not a problem. And it has the same i would say angles. That we talked about what the other case.

So i ll put it right here you can view something like this or you can have it like this so it works with waste. The bad part of it no charging so if that s important to you you may want to stay away from this case or you may want to consider it if it s not you do have as we see right here good camera protection has great protection all the way around it s gonna protect your tablet. It s a good cover especially has the bumpers are on the side. And it looks good too so.

There you have it guys. Three cases available today on amazon. I would prefer so guys there you have it three cases. I d stay away from this one.

Because the lack of the mic support here this one supports the wireless charging this one doesn t these are probably my safest ones to go with. But i prefer this one here. The most because it supports the wireless charging has the great cutouts here for the mics and overall. It s just my recommendation and buy so here s the brand.

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