4K TV Calibration TCL UHD 4K

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“Right you guys welcome back to the channel. I am your host slim nine one one zero today you guys i want to go back. And do another tcl 4k for you guys i know a lot of times. I ve done two videos talking about the tv itself.

And then i did one with my settings um. A lot of time like i said. I go online. And i try to read people s reviews and things like that go on websites to see what settings they re using try to get to the best picture.

I can i talked about how i didn t want to get the tv calibrated through geek squad. Or anything. Like that because it s not an expensive tv feel something like an lg lg oled tv maybe i would do it but there s a five six hundred dollar tv. So i don t feel like i want to pay over a hundred dollars to get that done um after some tinkering and going online and things like that i have found what i think is the best set up and i m going to share it with you guys today um on the screen right now are the expert settings that i m using for calibration and i ll tell you guys how to input that into your tv.

Because you can t do it through the tv you need the roku mobile app. But first off let s starting up let s start off in our settings. So you want to turn your tv to brightness to the very bright. Setting or you can do brighter.


Well you guys start off. Please do this in a dark room um. It s going to give you a better look at the picture and everything to get it set up so you want to turn your tv to brightness to bright picture mode. You can set it to normal your picture size direct so that there s no change and it shows the full picture with anything that you re watching audio effect you can keep it normal.

I mean most people aren t going to use this tvs on speakers anyway because they re pretty terrible. So you pretty much are going to need a sound bar. Um sleep timer your preference ending uh scroll. Down to your events.

Picture settings click on that picture. Most is going to be a movie make sure you change this to movie dynamic contrast is all when you turn it on um. Most of the time is just going to distort your picture. It s not really helping so turn it off backlight you re going to turn it all the way down to 26 brightness.

You can take it to 50 contrast bump that sucker all the way up to 100 to adjust the intensity of white parts in your image. Sharpen this you can turn it down. I do see some people turning it up some people will turn it all the way up color keep it at 50 your minimum setting. 10.

You can turn down the zero color temperature is actually also important as well you want to take it to warm game mode um..

I keep it off this determines your input lag when gaming. I do quite a bit of gaming right now i m on battlefield 1. Thanks to ea access and it s early play trial settings um. You get 10 hours of play time.

If you ve got ea access. So it s a pretty good deal um so game mode off and on it s not to me. It doesn t really matter. I m not mlg pro or anything like that so i can t really see the difference in the input lag.

Whether it s on or also. I don t even mess with it so it s up to you guys to turn that on or off when you re gaming alright so back to them these settings hit us on the screen. Your expert picture settings how to get the dose you cannot get to it through the tv as you just saw so. What you need to do is download go to google play and download the roku mobile app.

Once you download that it s going to ask you for your roku sign in and then through the internet connection. It s going to link up with your tv. So it s going to tell you you re gonna click on that with your tv. Then once you re all signed in and you re at the start screen of that mobile app.

If you look in the top right corner you ll see three horizontal bars click on that and it s going to take you to settings look down at the bottom click on settings and then at the top you ll see your roku tv with i believe your isp uh settings as well once you click on that you re going to see..

It s going to say. Expert. Picture settings click on that. And.

Then you ll be able to change. These numbers that you see on the screen. Um you can tinker with this if you want to i mean. I noticed sometimes deter we whichever movie on watching like i recently watched x men apocalypse sometimes to me the flesh tones were a little too much red or orange.

So you can um play with these settings. You can reset them. If you want as you can see right here since reset. Color management values you can click that if you re not happy with the settings or if you know it these are different colors and percentages are you can fluctuate these numbers to get it to where you want to you guys know that everybody s eyes are not the same so what i m a like you may not like um.

That s why it s pretty important when you go to get a tv say you go to best buy hhh grades or something like that you want to actually see what that picture looks like yes a lot of times those everything all the settings are bumped up for the brightest of the bright and the darkest of the darks so that it can kind of persuade you to buy that tv. But sometimes you just need to take it home play with it for a few days every store has its own return policy take a look at their policy before purchasing take it home and see what it looks like if you re really that much into picture quality and things like that it s all up to you and what you want to do um. I can say probably costco is one of the best ones. I know i think they have like a almost 90 day return policy.

So if you got costco that s definitely a good place to pick up an electronic um..

If you re out searching for 4k tv. Try um. A lot of times. I ll browse slick deals to see who s got anything on sale anything like that there s a lot of websites you can go to for deals and things like that so once again you guys.

These are the expert picture settings that i m using i can leave the link in there. So you can get back to this if you don t want to pause this video or anything like that. But once. Again you guys.

Thanks for watching. I am. Slim 9 1. 0.

Thank you to my subscribers. That i have and those that are viewing leave me a like subscribe if you re not a subscriber. Leave comments questions anything like that i love reaching back out the people that have the same interests that i do thanks again for thanks again guys for watching i ll see you guys in next video. ” .


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