[4K60 HDR Far Cry 5 PC – Ultra HD, 60fps, High Dynamic Range – The Complete Package?

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“Everyone what i hold in my hand is a headband for the artists 7bi steelseries. Steelseries. These are for the headset. The artist line artist line just came out recently then you could think about it.

They had some interchangeable headbands with them this one particular. One is designed for the artist seven arches five and three have different headbands. So there s one just one specifically for the 7. And that is artists 7 right there with us with a default headband.

The headband there normally retail. The one i got the custom one i got is they have different designs different styles. They run about 15 dollars on the website on steelseries website. That particularly got it free.

I didn t actually pay anything for it basically steelseries sent out an email send out a customer for their customers. Promo code for basically early adopters to make sure. I was one of the first ones actually order this just r27 directly from the steelseries website and the last. I looked they were out of stock they got back in stock and they re back out of stock again.

I think the last time. I saw it so this one. I got this headband free basically had to purchase something with this so i ended bind the carry bag the carrying bag for it which i ll i ll show you guys here in a little bit like i said these actually go for 15 on on the website. Yeah.

This is the varix. The first time. I actually took the default. The standard headband off his arches seven this particular one so this the first time actually putting it in so.

It s it s fairly easy a different little design. I mean. But just what i m wearing these on i could barely i mean they re so light and that putting a band on there to headband really really really fits nice and attach the velcro with the velcro so pretty simple my own they re pretty swap them out and i don t know if i ll buy another they ve got different designs they actually had on the website. I think we can vote for different styles had a bunch of different style different designs you know they re to listen to votes from the from people to vote for their next design.

But they ve got a couple of them and this one is actually called crushed dusk crush dusk this one s called now it s interested on the website. The orange color that pinkish is actually like orange online. So i m happy with it so far open bag and no more like i usually have i usually have hard cases for my headsets. But this was a this was a monitor artists are first actually soft case for a headset and this is actually this made for the artist line.

This particular carrying bag and the materials pretty soft nice it seems pretty quality s well stitched. It s definitely quality a quality bag you know it was like a polyester or it s kind of nice soft to it so. It s definitely. Yeah definitely a nice and quality like say this this runs for 15 to just like the heads headbands.

I m just as you get this under steelseries own website. Now i ll just put into the artists five headset here kind of show it fits right in there easily put it right in there and the interior is just just a nice soft nylon like i m like a little nylon mesh. And i ll just put in there are two seven just just to show it yep they all fit in there perfectly nice appreciate everyone watching the video. This is helpful kind of give you an idea of different acessories.

At least two accessories are available for the artist line. So please leave you re welcome to leave a comment. Please like the video and subscribe and i will see you guys next time. 256 bit memory bus seems to really not have enough bandwidth in spite of having a high clocked.


Gd r. 5. Or gddr5 x. Memory configuration.

Just can t really put it out this game at 4k. It s so heavy. So we have to move to gtx 1070 to get an equivalent experience well. I think you can actually do better than the xbox.

One exeter 10 7. 0. Yeah. Yeah you can do quite a bit better.

And if you do unlock the framerate. You do see that it is sometimes in the 4 as well so like if the game actually allowed you to adjust any of its more bandwidth. Heavy settings. You could probably end up getting a much higher end experience even on the gtx 1070.

But you can t really do that the the games options mainly control the coarseness and kind of granularity of pixel shading and less so of anything that has to do with high bandwidth effects and even on a gtx 970. You don t see a lot of variability when going from low to ultra at 4k as much as you would see as going at 1080p for example so can you actually lock it to 30 frames per second on a 1070 with maxing out settings and running at 4k 100. I did that for a couple segments of the far cry. 5.

Pc video yeah oh excellent yeah. But it does kind of speak to the power. The xbox 1x or indeed the optimization of ubisoft that the x is capable of handing in native 4k pretty much a lot 30 frames per second yeah i mean i think there s a couple of things going on there in the xbox 1x settings as i found out they do turn down terrain setting on pc. Which controls the filtering of decals for a lot of the train in the environment like on roads and things like that which looks you know you can see it at 4k definitely.

But looking at the way. The engine is set up if they re deferred and they re using a virtual texturing system like they ve posted at gdc. I could actually end up being a good level of savings. They get on 4k on the xbox one x pushing it up to that 30fps where on pc.

I kind of feel at 4k you really do want to have your filtering up nice and high you know whether it s texture filtering or filtering for other elements on screen. Because at 4k you want those pretty pixels you know yeah. That s what i ve got here albeit at the point. 9.

Resolution scale. And something i should point out. The benchmarks still look pretty wobbly on the reduced resolution. But in game.

As you can see here. It s pretty much flawless. I mean i think you re alex i think it is a bandwidth bound situation and when there is a lot of stuff going on into of heavy smoke effects depth of field that seems to be able to cause issues for the titan x pascal here. But you know i think you know it s quite revealing that we can t actually double xbox 1x performance with one of the best gpus that money can buy it feels a little sad.

I think ya know i think i mean i think as alex says. They strategically reduce certain settings in the xbox to hit the target frame rate and those settings. Don t have significant enough of an impact on the overall image quality that kind of doesn t matter it just the extra resolution is worth it and this is a series that at least since well. It s just four they ve always just targeted 30 frames per second anyway.


I want to touch on the proposed performance or the the options that have been leaked prior to release for this game. Have you guys seen that no so for the console. Versions. There were leaked screenshots out there showing that there would be different options in the menu like there s a performance mode.

There is an image quality mode that kind of thing well. But it didn t manifest in the final game. It even showed up in some emails which makes me think like okay this is probably gonna happen. But we just don t know when so i guess the question i have then is if we re already at a pretty much locked 30 frames per second on really both the ps4 pro and the xbox 1x.

What do they mean by like if they try a performance mode is it doesn t sound like it s feasible. Even at say 1080p to actually reach 60 frames per second on the xbox one x. I mean based on your pc findings what do you think about the chances of. Lab so i m looking at the pc findings here at 40.

Gigahertz and arisin and i did do 1080p benchmarks with xbox one exciting s to see what it was like cpu but you know bound how cpu bound. I would be and i still found that there were. Sections where would go down to. Like 74.

Fps and this is at 40. Gigahertz. On and rise in and when you re going then down to you know jaguar cores less threads in general at a much lower clock. I don t really see it getting to 60 locked so you mentioned though xbox one.

But presumably. A performance mode. Would actually drop more than just resolution. Perhaps okay.

You re right you know at that point. When you say it like that when you do drop down. Some of the things that do effect. Think things like the vegetation and geo setting affects a lot of your cpu performance.

I guess they could turn that down yeah exactly and clawback enough performance. I mean. This is just the aircraft in here. It could end up being a thing.

I mean perhaps i would love to see a performance mode. Actually unlocked through a patch just to even put it up against something like a rise and see like oh. What about maybe how would an xbox handle a game write this yeah. I guess write that i mean.

That s another thing to consider is the sort of like you want to say forward compatibility in exactly. I guess backwards compatibility on a new system. Where you know you can play these older games on newer hardware and an unlocked framerate as an option is perfect for that and it s exactly what we ve seen in titles like hitman which you can lock at 30 frames. If you want or you can go unlocked and i guess the xbox one x version gets close enough to 60 frames per second.

But the other ones definitely do not mm hmm. But still it s an interesting option so that s kind of what i m expecting if they add it to the console. Version. Yeah.


I ll be interested to see what happens. There and speaking of sort of games looking to the future. I was looking at your video for doom and wolfenstein and i noted that the native 4k mode on the x was tanking to 35 frames per second. But you know what about the next xbox you know that s gonna actually probably sort that out and it will definitely have a quantum leap in cpu power.

So you know that s an interesting thought there i ll be really interested to see if they do a performance mode for this because i agree with alex. I don t think the cpu power is there and i think it would be pretty horrific enough that they may have been removed. I think it may have been booth for a very good reason because the experience that we get now is pretty awesome on the xbox and the playstation. 4.

Pro indeed all of them would run pretty. Well you know even the base xbox one yeah. I mean xbox one you still get hdr the game still looks good i mean. It s blurry because the resolution is quite low.

But it still looks exactly the same in terms of the raw details on screen right the detail settings are the same obviously there s some performance issues. But nothing too severe and certainly light years beyond like far cry. 3. 4.

On last gen right. Well. I ll tell you what i have actually had some people asking whether using hdr on pc has a performance penalty and you know logically it s baked in at the engine level. And it suggests that that is not the case.

I did actually run the benchmark and the variance was like one frame per second. So i strongly suspect that hdr probably has no heat to performance until put alex. What do you reckon. This is interesting.

I actually spent a good amount of time reading about this the other day by coincidence and enabling hdr in an engine can actually have a performance impact it depends on how they re doing it necessarily whether or not they have it set up so that they manually configure it in real time in the shader based upon your display. Because different displays will have different nits settings. And you know this is what john was talking about earlier. How you can go into a game.

And maybe configure the brightness and the white levels and things like that depending upon how they do that at the engine level it could end up making more shader permutations and making it more expensive to run a game an hdr versus sdr. Which is a weird thing and you would never think about that it s very light in performance. But still we re talking about like a half of a percent at 30fps. It could end up making you drop below vsync yeah so like little weird things like that in general though i don t think i think a game like this they would spend enough time and qa.

Making sure it doesn t have a problem like that yeah. I think well i mean you know i ve obviously spent the day. Capturing this game and playing it hdr. I kind of blown away by it really i mean the presentation.

Really does pop and it s what you re saying earlier john. It just seems to have been manufactured to be kind of almost overly bright. But on the flip side that means you get some pretty amazing swings in the dynamic range. So when you actually come out of the bunker right at the beginning.

You got a really awesome hdr moment. There. See i love that moment because to me that s a throwback to well like every crytek game ever where they have that coming out of the dark space. And the door opens in your blinded moment happens in far cry.


1. Exactly so with h with actual hdr on modern tv. You finally get that effect of being blinded by the sun. When you open the door.

There s some quick word about gameplay. I ve played it for a fair while now and it does seem to me. I mean alex you re looking to be looking at the sort of evolution of far cry for a video. We ve got coming up.

But well i don t know i think we ve got some pretty amazing visual technology here yeah. But in terms of enemy. Ai. And encounters in particular wasn t massively impressed yeah um in terms of gameplay.

I kind of found that in comparison to other versions of far cry before it the enemies in this game. Really love just running at you and they re totally fine with dying because they just die in the dozens yeah and apparently to moose and to skunks and all sorts of wildlife. They just love dying. Yeah.

I ve had some really funny moments. Um unfortunately not caught on video to my to my disappointment. Well i ll tell you what i used to flamethrower on a bear and it kept on coming it didn t stop. It was relentless that s the best thing.

Though is that i used to flame through her on a cow or something near a little village. Oh. My god and the thing started running around like crazy and catching the grass trees and enemies all on fire. So like the whole place is on fire and burning to the ground because of that and i m just kind of standing off to the side watching where other thing is when i go out into the great outdoors.

Fundamentally not every piece of wildlife seems intent on killing me. But but that does actually seem to be the case in far cry five dogs falls coyotes wolverines yeah you know the latter possibly yes but you know see i can tell you haven t lived in america. Rich. That s fair enough so i m sure you ve got many battles little.

Skirmishes with wildlife. Oh yes cincinnati wildlife. Okay look hardcore yeah. I ve had my i ve had my share okay look.

I think we re gonna wrap this up now because we re sort of moving from the sublime to the ridiculous. Yes so yeah so we re gonna wrap this one up please do like and subscribe if you want to see more fissile stuff. If you want to see more 4k hdr video. And i d like to say thank you to alex and john for joining me for this one of course well thanks for that richard.

It was a pleasure yes and just one final note of course. This is available on digital foundry net to our patreon supporters. Pristine 4k full hd art. So yeah.

That looks pretty awesome on your tv. But yeah. That s where i m gonna leave things for ” ..


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