5.3 Brawler s Guild Special Bosses & Items Guide

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“Everyone that s 53. Gave us some new bosses for the brawler s gilts. But but some of them require item in order to fight them. I ve made a with information from both wowhead and allow forums.

So thank you very much to all that posted information. I couldn t have done this without you some of the items are based on pure luck. And some locations are still uncertain. But let s see how far we can go shall we you need knockoff grumpy foot to challenge grandpa rumble foot.

The item can be found at the gramo bazaar in kun lai summits target grandpa grandpa foot types let s dance and you ll receive the item you need hoe severe fuse in order to challenge master boom boom to get this item you need to go to kota base camp in kun lai summit. Accept the quest called the burlap grind and mount cocom kill the hosen until the item appears in your inventory keep in mind that it isn t part of your quest reward and you re not limited to 100000. Just keep carrying the hosen and the item will appear you need to dig monsters earth plate in order to challenge minges dicks. You get this item from archaeology and so far.

The only drops that have been found we re from tor here dick sites. So it s possible that you specifically need to search an odin you can also get the item from buying two of your crates from brann bronzebeard at the seat of knowledge to buy crates you need to restore artifacts. Which you can create from a solve pandaren mogu or mantid artifacts you can also buy solved. Artifacts.


We have spirit of harmony from the spirit of harmony vendor in your main city in pandaria. You need paper covered rock in order to challenge rochambeau there s a chance you get this item from harvesting crops on your farm. It s uncertain. If one crop has a bigger chance than another.

But my guess is that it s all the same my advice would be the plant song bell seeds. So that you create spirit of harmony and use those to buy solve artifacts to buy the twelve ear crates to get the big masters earth blade. While you re also farming for the paper covers rock you need impeccably sharp tooth in order to challenge. A razor grin.

There s a chance if you get this item from fishing in any fishing pole in pandaria. I have no advice on how to make this any less painful maybe you can combine it with some sort of fishing achievement. A poster on wow headsets that the item came from a pool of emperor salmon you need a frost tipped egg shell in order to challenge dp and 2p you get this item. After you beat.

The elites level 25 battle pet do p. In ice crown. He can be found behind the shadow vault. He doesn t despawn or anything.


So you simply need to go there and defeat him in a pet battle. You need a rep to hide boxing gloves in order to challenge detail you can buy them from the darkspear quartermaster near razor hill and it will cost you one radical mojo you can get this mojo. Once a week by doing the quest called battlefield. Parents you need the bear and the lady fair in order to challenge.

The bear and lady fair you have a chance of finding this item in a crate that you receive after escorting caravan in the barents. When you re in the barents. You ll get a warning that a caravan needs an escort from a specific location fly to that location and you ll see your wagon up here on the map. Now all you need to do is stay close to the wagon and keep it safe from enemies until it reaches its destination.

You need a vial of reddish herbs in order to challenge split you have a chance of finding this item in a treasure box. Which is rewarded for doing a random scenario. I don t know if doing a random heroic scenario will give you a bigger chance of finding the item you need dusty old robots in order to challenge blingtron 3000. You have a chance of finding this item in a blink tron 4000 gift package you get the package from a blingtron 4000.

But only once a day. If you re on terok are on the align. Side and you still need to do your daily blingtron quests give me a whisper and i ll see what i can do you need modified chomping apparatus in order to challenge mecha bruce. You get this item after defeating bruce for a second time and you can challenge him after buying a challengers card from the car trader turn in the card at your cueing npc your next match will be against the mighty bruce you need well worn blindfolds in order to challenge the blind hero.


The location of this blindfold is still unknown. I ve personally checked lair fasta blind they hit a master hell. I ve even checked the beggar installment who claims he s blind and so far nothing. I have a hunch as to where to get this item.

But it will contain spoilers for five point three. So if you don t want any spoilers. Please click on the annotation and we ll take you to the next spoiler free part for those still sticking around. I have a feeling that you can get this item.

After you complete the five point three part of refuge on his quest line for those that don t know the next part will be you fighting ruffian and to make it more fair. He will wear a blindfold let the challenge begin hero you must defeat the black prince in combat wait. That s absurd. I would annihilate my own champion.

You my dark prince will be blindfolded. He s available to both the horde and the alliance. It s a blindfold. It has a little bit of blood on it and it s the only thing that i could think of.


I ll update a video with annotations or in the video description when new information is available so there you go those are the twelve items that you need for the 12 new challenging and the 12 new bosses that you can challenge all you need to do now is go to the brawler s guild and turn in your quest you can then purchase the challenge card and give it to your queueing npc. But some will require a specific rank within the brawler s guild. I m not 100 positive. But i think the cards are specific to one character i tried to check it on my monk.

And he couldn t use the cards that my paladin could this could also be because his rank in a brothel skills are still very low. I m not 100 certain so if anyone knows the answer to this question. Please let me know you can also collect a couple of new shirts and these shirts will give you a buff. Much like the shirt from icecrown.

So now i m running around with a buff that says peruse. Which is the best thing ever. I ve only seen a few of the new fights. But so far it s been more than worth it to find the items the battle against mecha bruce was hilarious and awesome and i love the punch out reference with the title fights.

I hope information will be useful. If you have any additional information for me please leave a comment down below subscribe. If you like my videos and ” ..


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