$550 GTX 1080 Gaming PC!?

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“What is up guys jack and matt here with the tasty risen today for five five hundred and fifty dollars. We re gonna be building with a 1080 let s right into it shall we. But first a word from today s mom. This video is brought to you by a more soft and there i tube software that helps you download convert and transfer videos to your favorite devices directly from youtube you can download videos at full quality and turnaround and convert that video to work on your ios or android device all seamlessly from one app.

They are currently running a back to school promotion where you can save 50 on your next license. So please. If you re interested check the link in the description down below. And they suck into a more soft for sponsoring today s hey guys so this pc.

Build is kind of an interesting one we are doing a gtx 1080 pc. For 550. Yeah. You heard that right so how we managed to pull this off is with this xeon combo that we got from a viewer actually on our discord server.

Big things to use olan for sending this over this has an e3 1230 xeon in it. Which is actually like an i7 4790. It s pretty relatively modern i7. So we thought why not pair it with a high end graphics card like the 1080 so as matt mentioned this is the e3 1230 version 3 which does make a little bit of a difference from the version 2.

But like he said pretty much an i7. Which is pretty amazing out of a xeon. We have 12 gigs of ram here with the really odd heatsink that i just noticed two different heights. But who cares and so we are pairing that with this really awesome d.

2. X. 1080. So a little bit of an older card now you know but it is still a baller graphics card and for only 550 you can actually get into 1440p now do we really recommend this combo.

Not fully because. The 1080 is gonna be bottlenecked a little bit by this older is young processor. But this is going to be a really interesting build and you know maybe it ll play fortnightly for tonight now for the power supply. We re actually on our last.


One of these which we ordered way too many of this is the thermaltake smart series 500. Watt power. Supply. 500.

Watts. More than enough to power. This system. With a gt x.

1080. This thing will probably sip anywhere between like maybe 300. Watts. And maybe not even that on under full load.

But we ll do some more discussion about that later in the video. But we re also gonna be housing. This thing in the air oh cool shard. Which has this interesting bulge and fronts.

Which i mean looks pretty cool. But it s very similar to some of the other rgb cases that erekle has the offer within like the 30 to 40 dollar price range has an rgb thing in the front has decent airflow not the best. But for a system like this it s gonna do more than enough in keeping the components in the system cool and add a little bit of rgb flair on a budget. So this will actually be a very quick build so let s go ahead and so as you guys could see this pc was pretty darn impressive for the price and that 1080 really still kick some butt and of course.

There s a couple drawbacks with having an older xeon like this was matt will talk about so with the benchmarks at 1080p. You can clearly tell that there is a cpu bottleneck. At some points in games like 49 especially running on like pro settings. You re trying to get the most fps possible.

The cpu is the limiting factor. But it s not that bad to where i wouldn t recommend doing something like this at 1080p and all the other games. I tested at 1080p perform flawlessly. But this system right here makes the most sense at 1440p because when you up the resolution you become more reliant on your graphics card as opposed to your processor and the 1080 is a really good 1440p card being able to max out far cry.


5. Deus. Ex mankind divided and tom clancy s rainbow. Six siege on high settings at well.

Over 60 fps and for 1440p 550. Is actually a really good budget for a system be able to dive into that resolution and the mars themselves are actually getting a lot cheaper so of course another option you can look at is rising. 5. Something like a 1600 2600 or even if you can really up your budget at 3600.

So obviously. This is gonna be a lot more money and we re kind of getting out of the realm. With this really cheap budget pc. But if you re wanting to actually have an upgraded path.

Which this really doesn t we re kind of maxed out right now. But as good as you can get which it is really good but for future proofing it s not the best and verizon v. 1600. Specially version ones they re becoming so cheap right now in the used market it s kind of a better option.

But you can always keep an eye out for this processor. And now. It s kind of the main idea of this video was to inform you that this iii 1230. Xeon works.

And it s actually pretty good so keep an eye on these combos on plays like hardware swap at ebay. It might actually be a worthwhile option for your next budget bill. So as always don t forget to like comment and subscribe and we will see you guys. .

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