6 Ways You Could Live FOREVER!

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“Everyone and welcome to top thank today. We re going to learn about six ways ways you could actually live forever. Now let s begin number one reproductive cloning. What you could create an exact copy of yourself could a small army of clones help you live forever reproductive cloning is when you grow a genetically identical copy of your physical construction in the modern scientific community.

The best way to do this is called somatic cell nuclear transfer you start by removing the nucleus of a somatic or non reproductive cell. In your body. That nucleus is then placed into an enucleated egg cell enucleated just means that the nucleus has already been removed once you place. The new somatic nucleus into the egg.

The egg will start to divide now over time that one egg will slowly grow into an embryo that s nearly identical to its host otherwise known as you cloning would have a variety of significant effects on everyday life. But it would be especially useful for medicine and long term survival well let s say you experienced liver failure. You re admitted to the hospital. And they tell you that you need a complete organ transplant.

Normally you d receive a new liver from someone else. But even if your donor is a perfect match. There are still countless risks involved in using another person s organs as your own reproductive cloning reduces that risk to nearly zero so if you need a new organ you could just make an exact copy that way you re replacing your dying organs with newer healthier versions of themselves hypothetically you could extend this process to replace your entire physical body. Scientists already have the technology to search and download your memory by scanning your brain.

So when you reach a certain age. A computer may be able to transfer a copy of your memory to a younger clone of yourself you would still talk. Think and act like you you just look and move like you did 60 years ago. There are some pretty unique ethical boundaries being crossed here.

But that doesn t mean. It s never going to happen scientists are getting closer and closer to making this sci fi staple. A reality if they succeed reproductive cloning might be your path toward immortality number. 2 nanotechnology in the next hundred years.

Humans may have discovered how to permanently erase aging and disease..

A recipient of the national medal of technology claims that we re close to the perfect fusion of biotechnology and nanotechnology scientists are working on microscopic machines that can travel anywhere in the human body. They ll repair everything from dysfunctional cells to damaged tissues. They ll combat disease prevent cell decay and significantly extend your lifespan ultimately. Scientists want to use nanotechnology to blend man and machine hmm.

Every person will have hundreds or thousands of intelligent robots in their bloodstream that way nanobots can anticipate physical problems and fix them right away. It s like having the best doctors in the world. Constantly watching over every nook and cranny of your body. Having built in nanobots.

Also speeds up the healing process exponentially. Imagine you scrape your leg. Normally you have to wait for your body to heal. Naturally your blood has to clot new skin cells have to form this can take days or even weeks.

But nanobots would flood to that part of the body and stimulate cell growth for nearly instant repair with so much protection and regeneration. The average person may be able to live forever. Number. Three cryonics cryogenic freezing has always been treated like a bizarre far fetched way to extend your life.

But cryonics aren t reserved for fictional books and movies. Anymore. There s real science behind it in fact. A few hundred people have already begun their frozen slumber.

So how does cryogenic freezing work immediately after someone dies. You refrigerate their body in liquid nitrogen normally this would destroy their body. So you have to replace the deceased person s blood with cryoprotectant fluid. It s there to stop ice from forming in the cells.

Since the chamber is said about minus 196 degrees celsius..

Few people know that bodies are usually placed upside down in their steel chambers that way their heads are always kept at the absolute lowest temperature. The biggest problem with cryonics is that no one knows how the revival process works. The idea is to revive the physical body by restoring blood flow and normal cell function this should allow for someone to continue living as though nothing ever happened almost like they took a nap and suddenly. A thousand years had passed some people have taken this one step further by freezing only their head.

Not only are they expecting to be revived. But these people also need a functioning body for their second chance at life. We don t have the technology for this yet either. But scientists hypothesize that your brain could be attached to another body.

It will learn how to adopt that new body as its own while maintaining your personality and memory if this sounds like an appealing way to put your life on pause. I ve got good news cryogenic freezing is a possible and realistic option for people who want to preserve their bodies. It does however. Come with a couple of major downsides first of all it s extremely expensive cryogenic.

Preservation usually costs around 200000. Oh. And more importantly. There s no guarantee that you ll ever wake up like i said earlier.

The revival technology has not been developed yet that means you re betting on science. That doesn t exist in the world today it s risky. But you can t freeze yourself. Unless you re already dead at that point.

What do you really have left to lose number four the anti aging enzyme over the course of your life your cells will age and die. They ll struggle to reproduce and lose functionality your total cell population will decrease which causes illness and organ failure. But what would happen if your cells. Never stop reproducing if you could revitalize the old and decrepit cells in your body.

Could you stop the aging process..

A study from 2018 discovered. That one enzyme might be the secret to everlasting youth. The enzyme is called telomerase its job is to synthesize the dna in the nucleus of each cell. It does this by adding a small sequence to your chromosomes called a telomere telomeres protect the ends of your chromosomes from rearrangement and destabilization.

But every time your cells divide your telomeres shrink as they get smaller and smaller your cells lose the ability to reproduce effectively. But the telomerase enzyme can completely reverse this process it will reconstruct the telomeres on your chromosomes that means your cells will live longer and reproduce more while we know how it works on paper in practice. It s a whole other animal modern researchers have been toying with different ways to increase the effectiveness of telomerase in the cell as it stands right now the enzyme repairs your telomeres. But not all the way in other words you re still aging just a lot slower than before a few other studies have discovered a huge downside to telomere reconstruction cancer cells actually use telomeres to accelerate their growth by supplying an enzyme like tamela race.

You might increase your risk of cancer. So does that mean telomerase is too dangerous to use well maybe for now. But it s an extremely promising strategy to stop the aging process with a few more years of research. Under our belts telomerase may become a safe and precise way to stay young forever number five cybernetic organisms.

Even if we can t cure. All known diseases or stop the aging process. There s still another plausible way to keep us alive. We have to create mechanical bodies that means completely cybernetic.

Organs muscles and bones an organic heart for example can get overworked. And failed you can be born with a heart defect experience trauma or develop heart disease. But a mechanical heart doesn t have the same issues. It could keep your entire body running while still increasing physical performance now of course our current array of cybernetic body parts isn t that impressive.

We ve probably had the most success with artificial limbs their lifelike precise and commercial available. Which brings up the first major bump in the road. Cybernetic body parts will likely be available for purchase way before entire bodies. Many bioengineers predict that humans will slowly.

But surely merge with machines now that means adding more and more mechanical body parts as the years go by in other words..

We re on our way to becoming a society of cyborgs. It s very possible that this combination could usher in a new age of both intelligence and creation. Oh and everyone would be living a whole lot longer number. 6.

Robotic holograms. What if you want to control the robotic body. Without giving up your own. That s why a russian billionaire created.

The 2045 project instead of developing artificial human parts. This project is making separate mechanical avatars. Now at first you ll be able to control your avatar from a separate location. The current goal is a hundred kilometers away by hooking you up to a special machine you ll temporarily upload the contents of your brain into a mechanical body that lets you control this new body as though it was your own then when you re done you can transfer back to your organic self.

But how does this solve the problem of death eventually. The 2045 project wants to use their avatars as human replacements when you upload the contents of your brain you re permanently transferring it into a new artificial body much like cryogenics this would only be done at the end of your life. So. What will these avatars look like well the first ones will remind you of mannequins you d find at a department store.

But they ll get more advanced as the years go by ultimately. The 2045 project wants to create hologram like avatars. It s really hard to say whether or not they re going to complete this mission. But if they do our society might have more holograms than actual people hey.

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