8 Best Stealth Games To Play In 2019

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“One will deny that we are now living in an era. Where gaming is a a serious deal. We now have access to hundreds even thousands of different games. Now all have our favorite genres whether it be horror action rpg mmo or any other crazy ones that are out there.

But there s this genre that is unique in so many ways something solely dedicated for the real human predators and that is self well as you might already notice. There are just a few good stealth games in the market. Nowadays. The reason is because the type of genre is not one that you can easily develop.

It s not about the graphics quality and effects per se. But it s more about the overall gameplay and the play style players want real action. They want thrill and they want to get that immersion wherein. They feel like they re an assassin itself on their screens.

And not many developers can really provide that for us with that being said in this video. We re going to explore eight of the best stealth games that you must play in 2019 welcome back to our channel. If you re new here. We are gaming focused and we are dedicated to bringing you everything gaming related.

If you love games. And would love to win 100 amazon gift card simply subscribe to our channel and comment down below. Because you automatically go in the drawer to win and which is one lucky subscriber each week to send it to assassin s creed odyssey. One of the best if not the best stealth games.

That you just have to play in 2019 this triple a title features a graphics quality way above most other games even non stealthy games. The game is set in ancient greece. Where you ll experience. Very realistic gameplay and you ll be churning back in time to explore ancient greece.

And it s humans habitat the gameplay includes customization of the arsenal based on ancient technology including gears special abilities. And you ll even have your own ship and fleet to command the battle system is of course. Rich with plenty of stealth and assassinations and this is literally one of the few games where in keeping your cool could actually become the deciding factor between success and failure to complement its stealth nature. The game also features epic battles especially the war between athens and spada also incorporating a peasant who is absolutely nothing.

But he has skills worthy of an epic battle between mortals and so called gods. This is what makes assassin s creed odyssey. A state of the art title. The experience also involves for you to start as a complete nobody.

And you will then have to wager your way to become a deciding factor between victory and defeat in this game is very hostile yet beautiful environment. We just know that you ll absolutely love it hitman if you want to be the boss of how and who you want to kill whether it be a villain or not then you must really try out hitman to set in the modern world. This triple eighth title features agent. 47.

A deadly predator who is the definition of assassin itself. And as a definition of an assassin. You should be entitled to all access. As well as content that could perfectly portray this definition right well no problem.

Because the developers have got you covered this is by far one of the very few if not the only game that features a gameplay wearing that player can literally decide. However he wants to down attack. Most of the stealth games so far have premeditated ways of killing a target. But though they are often beautiful and fun you never really have that many choices to decide the way of killing your prey not in this game.


Though as agent 47. You can choose however you want a person to die. Just don t get caught you can choose to orchestrate. A suicide or even accidentally assassinate someone or just simply blowing off the head literally with a sniper shot.

If you re more of that quick and easy type assassin this game will definitely open you up to many ideas that you ve never had a thought of before in any other stealth games. Hence. Providing you that realism and immersion. You can t find anywhere else origami shadow.

Addition. The next game on our list is origami origami is a stealth game that will let you play as an undead assassin. Who is summoned back by mysterious non model entity. Included him being risen from the dead.

You also have the included power to manipulate shadows hence. A great asset for an assassin who lurks in the night. The game was developed by an indie company known as lintz works and the game was published on microsoft windows ps4 linux os x and nintendo switch so far this game is one of the most underrated game. The marketplace.

Since the vast majority of gamers especially pc gamers have transitioned to playing the latest triple a titles. Nevertheless. It is our responsibility to inform all of you that despite its now mode eoka graphics quality its overall unique gameplay still made this game one of the best stealth games. That you can get your hands on in 2019.

So if lurking unseen around your targets. Using shadow based abilities. Or even teleporting from places to places. While avoiding obstacles or something that amuses you then you should definitely try an origami shadow edition.

Sniper elite for our next stealth game on this list. This time is a shooter game sniper elite for sniper elite. 4. Is the fourth installment of rebellion.

Developments. Sniper elite series. Unlike its predecessor sniper elite. 4.

Is a semi open world. That offers tons of features and realism to the game. The game is set during world war 2 era. And you ll be playing as an american sniper tasked with different stealth missions and campaigns against the nazis.

The developers added a lot of new gameplay features into this game not only from installing realistic mechanisms. But also incorporating other weapons such as bombs in your strategy better range for your rifles to complement the semi open world maps. And with great terrains identical to the real world during world war ii. Another asset of this game.

Worth. Mentioning is the incorporation of tactical strategy system this game wouldn t simply ask you to kill targets. But you can also do a variety of other things you can strategically use the terrain on your own advantage to find a mission regardless. If that mission is an assassination mission or not plus.


You also need to include and plan for your scape routes in every campaign overall. If you re looking for a stealth shooter. That requires tactical thinking exceptional wit and real killer. Instincts.

Then you might want to give. Sniper elite. 4. A try metal gear solid number.

5. Another solid stealth game filled with many assassination variations second only to hitman is metal gear. Solid. If you re into difficult games.

Designed for smart individuals. Then you must put a checkmark now on metal gear solid. 5. As part of your wish list.

Although. It is a bit of an older game whether you use some random boxes to conceal your location or strategically flow to jumbo beer using a large balloon in midair this game will let you explore strategize using all the brain cells that you have in 2019. There are even less guidelines on how you should get things done. And you ll need to rethink every step from time to time.

There will be some times that failing to keep your stealth will make you fail your mission and it s not uncommon for this game to have a single mission with multiple targets. If you re into this kind of hardcore game. And you haven t played metal gear solid before then mgs. 5.

Is your perfect title deus. Ex. Mankind. Divided.

If you prefer a more straightforward. Mostly story based stealth. First person shooter sci fi game. Then deus.

Ex mankind. Divider. Could potentially become your new favorite game this game is set to a rather futuristic set up where cyborgs and the likes are a big thing. The game.

As said earlier is pretty much straightforward with not really that much to explore as you ll be spending. Most of your time in a single city. But that doesn t mean that this game. Doesn t feature a great story with the choices to somewhat explore side stories from different and pcs as per.

The stealth gameplay the game will most of the time required to execute targets without getting caught. You ll also have an interesting feature of knowing the mental state of your targets. Whether they re sleepy mad active wandering and so many others the ais kind of felt boring to fight against as they are oftentimes really stupid or jensen is somewhat overpowered. But it is the action in the story that really makes this game.


One of the best deus ex mankind. Divided are one of those titles. That are action. Packed.

While still keeping it stealth genre as its main asset. A truly must try dishonored to more of a fantasy game that lets you choose whether you prefer being stealthy or not or just kill some targets with some spells and abilities like throwing rats or obliterate targets using a weapon while the more straightforward and easy and non stealthy strategy is a thing from what we ve found dishonored 2 players prefer better to go on with more difficult variation. Which is to be stealthy despite the play style variations. The gameplay is more focused on the abilities of each of the characters in the game.

You ll be playing different characters in this game. And each have their own set of skill sets. And though you can be just fine. If you refuse concealment those are the characters skills are designed for stealthy gameplay.

Hence. Why this game is part of our best stealth games. List teleporting slow motion and bouncing projectiles are some of the stealth abilities much sought after and there are also a lot more to explore to spice up your experience. The game also features a stat system.

Where you can make each of the character stronger and you can optimize them any way that you want be it stealthy or more of an extreme yo lowest just before we get to the last one in our video. We just wanted to say thanks for watching. And we hope you ve enjoyed it if you did then make sure to hit that like button. And don t forget to subscribe and comment down below for your chance to win the hundred dollar amazon gift card the shadow of the tomb raider last but definitely not least on our list is the shadow of the tomb raider while its main advertised on rrah is action adventure.

This game. Actually has a huge stealth gameplay content in er seriously. If there s anything that square enix messed up in this game that without a doubt would beads advertised on row. And you literally can t blame them.

This is an absolute beast. A mixture of different genres such as adventure action puzzle. Horror and thriller. And great depths of stealth.

This game will never fail you in terms of the content. As there are absolutely a ton of things to explore hundreds of puzzles to solve a taste of some real horror and jump scares and a huge usually diverse environment suitable for perfect concealment and stealth kills. The main character lara croft. Even has stealth abilities on a skill list that you can unlock as you progress throughout the game breeze enough to include stealth as one of its main genres graphics wise well not really sure how to describe it better than simply saying it s just bloody.

Perfect. The only game on this list that features ray tracing and when you look at your monitor screen. You will surely see the same scenery. When you look out of your window from the house in the real life it just simply looks real especially in for coding and with that we end our video.

The above titles were carefully hand picked based on overall reviews from different sources and while only eight games have made our countdown. There actually are some honorable mentions that almost made it on the list stealth games such as splinter cell tenchu intruder alien isolation marker. The ninja and many others are worth mentioning as these are also good south games. Just that they seem to lack a thing in terms of their overall quality with that said we highly recommend considering one or many of these stealth games lifted above because we know that you ll absolutely love them anyway check out some of our other amazing videos on the screen at the moment.

But until next time thanks for watching and game hard. ” ..

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