A Career with Pizza Hut (JTJS92014)

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“I m jonah who s a and i m a 17 year old with a a boys high school student from northshore oakland and today. I m learning what it like to be a team member at pizza hut. Well. Pete s has come a long ways since the modern version of it was invented in italy 125 years ago.

Today. Pizza hut is the world s largest pizza restaurant chain. And and new zealand. Is now a store with an eight minutes drive time of 90 of kiwi homes.

Hello. Donna johnno heads to the auckland office and parent company of pizza hut restaurant france. I would like to show you around the office before we go to this tall hairy singh is a great example of how anyone with the right attitude can speedily work their way up. And actually the marketing computed and this is a professional team harry started as a part timer.

While he was a business studies student and now as area manager. He s responsible for 11 stores. So donald here is your big team member uniform and optical john was going to learn about how he could start a job as a team member and it s been harry s job to train many so welcome to pizza hut journal. So as you can see this is our front counter and here.

It is the dough production line and the make line and we have a little office around the corner pizza dough is made fresh at least five times a day and first job of the morning before the store opens is to make the first batch and it s really important to take the water accurate temperature. That is a little bit more sore to put a little bit more cold water on a dull blend..

Which has a culture to make it rise is poured into the water and in some oil will be added. So so in pizza will be very good on job training. We call it so if anybody is starting from the scratch will know they have to go through the restaurant basics and food and safety to begin with and then we ll put them in the training for any particular station for example for the dough making so they ll be in training for first one month therefore making the dough once they re certified. Then we move them to the next station could be make stations that s good easier than i thought it would be yeah.

It is it s very simple process so the next thing. We re going to do is oil. Some pens. So simply we have to put two pumps of oil into each end right and just stack.

It like that once they are trained on the one station. We call them export once they are trained on all of the station. We call them export go so on an average. It takes about a month to clean them on one station.

When the dough is really let s cut to the correct weight. And then rolled into patties okay so feed the 30 from the top over so this is for the length. And this is for the width. So we get the exact wrong shape change.

So that s a reason. Why we have to make it you know complete round change right each batch makes odi pizzas..

Oh. That s really nice yeah. Now you got the trick. Oh yeah sorry time to fix.

It together and fit. Something simple hawaiian pineapple ham and post shades. So we ll put the sauce first of all and spread it using the red bottom of this ladle. Yeah and you use the cup to portion the topic.

There is no hd. Specific qualification requirement to get this shot. However. We do actually you know recognize the people.

With you know high motivation good actually communication skills. Obviously the the personable presentation and hygiene are important and because the reason why the we do overall training on job. So that s why they are not required to have any specific education. Yeah hold it firmly so you feel hungry now right yeah.

So what you can do is you can just choose whatever you want yeah and you just make your own pizza. Following the instructions you know six years ago..

I started as a team member with pizza hut. You know here. I m you know after six years working as an area manager. So these are definitely provide very good career.

Advancement and opportunities. So we have very great the culture to promote buddhism our bread is it hot visiting the store today is zane marshall sane trained is a microbiologist and he s here to run some checks on quality and safe food handling with free safety in the restaurants is the the main priority for pizza. We have very strict processes in store to make sure that all the products green. They leave us are in the best.

Condition they can possibly be so that s it 172. So we can write in the top box. This unit. Number one hubsan straight pizza hi castro speaking.

How may i help you an orders come in for the pizza hut delivery service. Its jonah s chance to learn about operating the tub okay so when you get an order so you re typing the number into the screen. So you may be trying so as you like a mail hotel. We make sure all our customer needs are met at our own stores.

So all the team members are trained to know go extra mile to make sure what customers are happy with our service and product. Well..

One customer should so be happy with jonah s people. Only tom pizza. There s a brand new product being launched. Today the cheese and marmite stuffed crust pizza all of our store managers.

Assistant managers they have all started as a team member and with the training now they are running the stores and leading great teams so definitely. There is a huge opportunity when it comes to the career advancement in the pitar joey. Did actually pretty well and seems to be you know pretty much enjoying making pieces in serving customer is a pretty much suitable team member candidate for the pizza ono s a fun day and i did enjoy myself working at pizza high and i can definitely see myself doing this in the near future. But there are no entry requirements.

Restaurant brands focus is on a positive attitude. Strong work. Ethic good. Personal presentation and good communication.

Your training is a mix of on the job and elearning career progression is excellent hours are flexible and can be tailored to fit in with other personal requirements. You re part of an international brand and the skills learnt are transferable to anywhere in the world. Support and local content. So you can see ” .


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