A Metal Mouse Pad? – Elago Aluminium Pad – Review

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“Today bring us a quick look at the logo aluminum mousepad so corsa loafers ulla ulla slices open tested out and give you a smack in death. The most mad come in four different colors. This one here is silver buts also available in dark grey rose gold and gold. So i wanted to spice up my max set up a little bit more with a nice mac matching mousepad.

This aluminum pad here is from a company called a lago. Which makes a multitude of mac matching accessories and for those of you who pick this up it comes your nutritional clear plastic packaging here pops easily open like so. And the first and only thing that were introduced with is the mousepad itself. So as you guys can see here.

It s a pretty simple and basic design. Which is what i like about this..

It s a slim piece of aluminum or as some people would say aluminium. And it pretty much features the identical anodized silver matte finish that apple uses on their mac books and i max. The aluminum pad. Does have a bit of heft to it thanks to its solid design.

And i m really happy the company didn t make this mouse pad. Too big nor. Too small here s a size my hand which i d say is pretty average and here s my magic mouse for a better reference this size should suffice for most users out there the great thing about having a mousepad that isn t too big and isn t too small is that it doesn t take up a whole lot of desk space. Anyway.

It s not much to really give you guys an overview of it s basically a slim solid piece of aluminum with an anodized silver finish on the underside here you have the aluminum pad logo for built in rubber feet to keep your mousepad in place. And that is pretty much it..

So. Here is what the mousepad looks like with my unofficial desk. Set up. Here.

As you can see it matches. Really nicely. With my thermal display or for those of you with an imac and works pretty well with the a logo p. 2.

Cent. That i have behind it supporting my iphone..

And my macbook stand. As well you can see here. The mousepad doesn t take up a whole lot of space right next to my keyboard. It s almost the width of it and so it gives you plenty of wrists and palm area to rest a logo.

Did design. The finish on this mousepad to be smooth for your mouse to slide easily over and thus allowing a nice comfortable use of the mousepad. Without that sandpaper like finish that some other aluminum anodized finishes have in terms of any cons or things i don t like about this aluminum mousepad. The only thing i could say is the rubber grips.

I wish were kind of bigger as you saw earlier there s only four tiny rubber feet. That holds it in place..

And i think a single large pad similar to what they have like on their hsn here would solve that issue in terms of grip in addition with the large pad. I think that would also reduce that hollow sound when you tap on the mousepad in conclusion. Guys photos. You re looking for an aluminum mouse pad for your desk.

Set up you definitely can t go wrong with the o lago aluminum pad. Anyways thanks for watching guys hope you enjoyed the video and if you have any questions or comments about this smells pad. Let me know in the comment sections. There down below hit that like button as always host mail and i ll see you all in ” .


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