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“Make me laugh adam nwhich is weird because you re n. Not really my type. Type. I usually go for alpha males that s not weird at all nbecause in the very idea nof.

The makes absolutely no sense. What do you think nan alpha male is a confident assertive leader n. Who knows what he wants and always gets his way you know somebody who says n. Things like and and oh.

So like this guy. What up freaks n. Name s alpha. Adam.

I m confident n. Straight up bangin and if you think women ndon t love me i m gonna debunk nthe f. Out of that myth attraction to alphas n is genetic comes from nature. I m like the alpha wolf nthe leader of the pack hell.

Yeah n..

I m bleeding well all of that is wrong because alpha wolves ndon t exist in fact the term by the very scientist nwho popularized it the story starts in 1977. While doing research n. In a national park. A wildlife.

Biologist named l. David mech seemed to observe that one wolf n. Emerged as the dominant male. Ah ha.

One wolf is the dominant leader nthe big wolf daddy that s the alpha wolf. Adam n. He wrote. A book on the idea.

And it became a media sensation alpha wolves are real nand. I love them and i bet humans nare like this too howling adam n. But 20 years later mech tried to replicate his research in the wild and when he did he realized nhe had made a terrible mistake those aren t ndominant wolves. Those are mommies and daddies wolves.

Don t have n an alpha hierarchy at all they re just parents..

I must alert the masses adam nmech renounced. The term and spent years trying to get his own book taken off the shelves stop reading this n. I fed you lies alpha wolves aren t real adam n. But it was too late the term had taken on n a life of its own and we haven t nstopped using it since so alpha wolves n.

Are just parents i guess my therapist was right ni really do have daddy issues nah nah nah maybe. There s no alpha wolves n. But i know crap too alpha males are found in chimps n our closest genetic relatives weird you are more aggressive nthan me but also wronger first of all chimps aren t nour closest genetic relatives bonobos are and bonobos live in na matriarchal society excuse me nyou re in my way animalistic growling. You re basic okay whatever those bonobo n.

Broads don t mean nothing in chimps. The alpha male is the most dominant most aggressive bro and that means he has n first access to food resources and of course mates hell. Yeah baby n. All right not exactly contrary to popular belief nin chimps the most aggressive male doesn t nalways become the leader smaller n more mild mannered males can actually become dominant by doing favors and obsessively grooming other chimps excuse me you seem to have n.

Something. In your hair. Thanks. N.

Oh hey..

Let me ask you what do you think i should do nwith my life. Wait whoa. What am i doing get off of me. I am.

The strongest n. Most aggressive male. So i am the alpha now and forever. No you re not unlike chimps.

Nhuman. Social hierarchies are constantly in flux. So you might be nthe dominant male here. But if you were playing n.

Dungeons dragons. It s your turn nhello. What do you want to do i attack nwith. My sword your sword n.

You are a magic user do you see a sword on your n character sheet no well then you can t attack n with a sword can you freak laughing..

Unlike animals n. No one is the same type n of person in all situations. Human society is much more n complicated than that so to say that n. This guy is an alpha male or that guy s a beta male makes straight up n zero sense.

Whatever nerd. The most aggressive male ngets. The most aggressive tale. It s true forever n.

cause. It rhymes actually research shows tht n. Agreeableness kindness and generosity are among nthe strongest indicators of a long happy relationship aww eat my feet nthose are beta traits huh well then i guess. Betas n.

Are the alphas of love enough lies ni. Am. The alpha. I am your god ” .


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