Addons, Mods, and Interface Guide – Warhammer Online: Return of Reckoning

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“Guys starbucks here with another video for warhammer online return of reckoning. The age of of reckoning private server. This one going over a little bit of the add ons the ui in the game. I know a lot of people been asking for a video like this so.

I m gonna make a new one with the kind of updated list of what you should be doing when you come into the game. The base ui isn t bad. But there s a lot of things you can add the game to make it a little bit more user friendly so the first thing you want to want to do is find out where do you get add ons for this game. And it s pretty clear you just go to the forums.

Go to the community media add on section and all the add ons they can get are gonna be built in here. I recommend that you get a ui add on pack to start just because i mean. There s so many add ons in this game. A lot of them are older they re even from the live game some of them haven t been updated some of them have some of them have different versions that work and that don t the best thing you can do is just get an add on pack.

Something like vinny ui that ll make your life. A lot easier you can still you know disable and enable add ons at your choosing. But at least you know a lot of the hard work of getting it set up it s gonna be done for you so that is what i actually have installed vinny ui..


It is a really good add on pack. So that s where you want to get started. There s a few other add ons that you might want to get as well the ones that i had there s crafting add ons like miracle grow. If you re a cultivator.

I have a targeting ring add on that puts a little green bar around friendly targets and a red bar around enemy targets. I find that helpful in pvp. I also get state of the realm. Which is an add on that tells me where the campaign is how many people are fighting in each zone.

What the keep status are is that what the objectives are at in that zone. You can also find that on the forums as well right up here at the top. Very useful get that one installed once you install the add on pack. I mean and the ui pack you ll find yourself in game.

For the screen. Looking like this you can go mess around in your add ons we go into your interface tab and going to your your mods and add ons and you can see everything that you haven t here certain ones you might want to turn off like i turn off you know loyal pet miracle gro. When i m not crafting you know i turn off sir that hide bards just you know there s these are all the ones that you might need to do if you don t want to use the ui add on pack..


Maybe you think there s too much in your stuff. That you don t want to use there is a little bit of bloat you can get individual add ons just to go over a few of them that are the most beneficial that i find to the game warhammer school in combat text super. Important makes damaging players and healing look a lot nicer a lot more readable. You definitely tidy roll helps you with rolling over loot.

So you don t have windows popping up all over your screen and big boxes. Again target ring that i was talking about so. That i can keep an eye on my target. Look better.

Swift assist is an add on that will let you easily make an assist macro to you know get on the same target as your melee or you know dps rv. My targets a lot of people like this one this one puts the crosshair on my enemy. When i m targeting them so that is super beneficial and open our vr like i said earlier sor. The state of the realm.

Which is this add on here gives you good information. If you re kind of lost in the game. You re like where do i go right now..


I don t know which one is active it s easy to pop this up and be like oh. There s 150 people in a valoran staff 3 right now that s where i need to be pure an enemy are the unit cream so a lot of people like that i mean that s pretty nice loyal pet is a pretty good must have add on if you re a white lion or a squid critter. This will make dealing with your pet a lot easier if you are playing those classes enemy. Like i said your bars and your party frames that ll make it look nicer and easier to heal deathblow is a fun add on that kind of just announces.

When you kill a target and keeps track of your kill to death ratio. How many classes that you killed in what and what ratio so it gets apparently. I ve killed chosen more than any other class in the game pretty nice to have that one and then finally probably one of the most important add ons if not the most important add on in the game buff head this is what i chose an overhead display above characters heads of any buff or debuff that they might have so an open rvr when your dotting someone up or you re putting you know armor d box or whatever on them it ll show you it ll show you when they re immune to stuns immune to now facts must have add on probably the single most important one in the game. And then there s a few other nice ones like anywhere trainer just lets you look at your mastery training and renowned.

When you re in the open world kind of helpful. If you re you know just like what am i spent into right now. What do i want to get if i go back to the trainer kind of nice to look at too. So that s those are someone was important add on and remember even if you install a ui on ui pack.

You can always go into your editor. And just move things around enable disable things depending on what you like make things bigger. Smaller..


That s all available to you as well just as the final side. If you if you want to figure out how to install these add ons into your into your folder. You just need to go into your let s just pull this up here into your warhammer folder. You just need to go into your return of reckoning.

Into your interface. And then into add ons and then just drop them all here. This is where all your add ons will be stored so hopefully that helps you guys get started with the game with add ons they make your game a lot easier get an au. I add on pack.

If you want to make it even simpler for yourself. And yeah. That s about it thanks guys hope you enjoyed the video see you next ” ..


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