Adobe Creative Cloud Desktop App – Apps tab fix

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“Creative arts its megan here i m going to demos how to correct a problem problem i ve seen on the adobe creative cloud desktop application. Which is this this right up here that you use to maintain and install your software. What what i m seeing is that the apps tab is actually missing from here. So if you ve had to reinstall the adobe creative cloud app.

Or you ve wiped your computer. And now you re ready to reinstall everything you ve installed the creative cloud desktop app..

Here and this is what you see when you re logged in you re missing that tab. Some of you might even see a space there for it. But when you click on that space. It s still blank so what we re going to do right now.

I m going to show you how to fix that on the adobe forums. The official posting for this doesn t work for me..

It hasn t worked on any of the computers that i ve tried it on so i ve looked through the forums and found another fix for this. And it s pretty pretty easy. We re going to go to the root of your hard drive to library application support adobe then from there we re going to go to the oobe folder. Then configs and what we re going to do is just drag that service config file to the desktop and we re going to open this desktop file that we ve just made there with textedit that s all you need for this and you can see that it says false here.

We re going to change that to true and we re going to save save that document and we can quit it we re done with textedit now back in the finder window. Here you can see that it says false in there..

We don t want to use this file. So i m just going to hit enter on this file. And they re just going to add an extension on it i m just going to say old essentially you can delete this file. After we re all done now i m going to drag the service config file back into that folder.

It s going to ask for my password you re going to enter in your administrative password for your computer. You can see the one..

We ve change is true here. And so this service config file is the one that adobe is going to look to before this is going to work you re going to need to sign out of the application. So i m just clicking on the gear preferences sign out and i m also going to quit and now we are also going to restart a computer. I have restarted my computer and now i m ready to look at go back to the creative cloud desktop.

If you re looking for it if you ve just quit it just remember that the creative cloud desktop app resides in your applications folder here you could also launch it from here so i m going to log back in and now you can see the apps tab is displaying there now and you can get started on installing all your ” ..

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