Agents Of Shield Season 3 Blu Ray Box Set

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“Hello and welcome back to another video guys down then it s the first time. Time. I m doing a video on this channel with quite some time and for of you who have actually stuck with this channel. You ll probably wondering what s going on so i try to read those.

Here s kind of a movie. Reviewing journal and i really regret doing that because. Before that i was doing unboxings like this. I was showing you blu ray content and that s generally what this channel should be and i deleted all those videos went back and tried to make it a movie reviewing channel.

Anyway. Now what i ve done is i m going back to blu ray videos. I m just going to be showing you guys packaging and whatnot because i i know how difficult it can be sometimes. When deciding what to buy and sometimes you do want to actually have a look at the packaging.

Before you make your decision and so i pin these videos quite helpful. Why do i find these kind of videos on youtube. A lot so anyway and today. I m here to do a blu ray which came out yesterday.

However i got it a couple days early and that is the agents of shield season free blu ray packaging amazon duties. Really called unique sets for agency shield. They re limited and box sets. And it s kind of annoying.

If you don t get them because i did miss the season 1 blu ray box and it was basically just a singular blu ray cover with no slipcover or nothing. And it was very plain inside. But then i preordered season 2 last year. And i got the box.

So i decided to do the same thing this year. And then i also went and hunted down a season 1 box set on ebay. So now i have two set. But anyway.


Today believe lizabeth season. 3. As it is the most recent release as this is the limited amazon exclusive uk blu ray set so here is the couple. Which is really nice.

It s kind of got this waxy feel to it the letters for agents of shield are nice and glossy as you can see the logo is embossed and glossy just the actual eagle. The shield bit this back grab. It is not so it makes that stand out really nice yeah. So that s really cool and you go to the spine.

And again. They ve just made agent coulson their glossy other than that they ve kept the waxy feel throughout this blue rate. Which is really nice. The agents shield bit is also not glossy on this bit.

So it s just the agent coulson picture at the bottom now when you go into the back. It s really nice actually because all of the back is has glossy photos. Which look really nice when you catching the light. You can see there and all very nice and glossing and here we get a blurb.

We get a description on the series of course. We all know the series now and it s on its third season. We get all the details here a five disc set and then of course. We get the bonus features and the bonus.

Features and these have got so poor. Season. One this box was just filled up as bonus features and in season. Two was exactly the same and we can see they haven t tried to improve that we ve just got bloopers of agents of shield and deleted scenes and so yeah.

It s not much but then here s all the details. See you guys who are interested in night pulls that and have a look ok so now moving on bottom just playing top plane. As well side you can kind of make out the eagle logo. There so you can kind of tell what s coming.


But anyway. Let s slide it out it s very nice thick sturdy card. Which is exactly what we want in these boxes. Because well they look amazing.

And they do cost a bit as well this was a 30 pounds pre order. So you re opening. It up. And you get the shield logo like that and then on the inside you open it up and you get coulson.

There and looking at this guy whose name. I forget so anyway you re opening up again. And this is where normally the bonus features would be they would list them here season. One this was all filled up season two just had and bloopers and delete it seems season 3 has exact same ones.

But because they know it s quite embarrassing compared to what i had on season 1. They basically haven t even bothered to put it down here. But then we get some more skills from the series itself and then we open it up again. We ll go from this side can t get it all in one shot.

So maybe. If i can i zoom out a bit. Let s have a look yeah. We can zoom out a little bit so as you can see there the first disc really dies now you think it s a plain background.

But actually if you take the disk away. You actually have the characters behind as well. So you can pop the disk straight back on there in the same pose and just for some reason. The disc is like got a dark background.

But the characters in the exact same positions behind the disks so very nice there with long and then we ll open this up again. And there are the last discs. So yeah. This series has 22 episodes.


I believe and they spin it up into about five episodes per discs you get our episode. One through five on disc 1 6. Through 10 11. Through 14 15.

Through 18. And in 19. Through. 22.

And the bonus features. I m not sure where they appear on these discs. Because it doesn t say i would imagine the last disc. Because it has the least amount of episodes.

And so yeah anyway that is the agents of shield season free box. It s a very there bit strange with the agents of shield boxes. Because they ve made it thicker. Again like the season 1 box.

The season 2 box they use different plastic on the inside to hold the discs. So the season 2 books is slightly smaller and but this one. I ve gone back to the same structure as what they have for season 1. So it s just as thick as the first box it so it makes easier to look a little bit funny on the shelf.

But that s okay because they re all pretty big boxes. And there s not much size difference. And here the bonus features. They just have not decided to go back to what they done on the season 1 box.

Which is very disappointed in my opinion. Because as so the season 1 box was far superior really but anyway. It s a very nice box. I m very happy with it of course.


It s limited it ll probably be out stuck within a week or two on amazon uk. So i d recommend you get it now. It s a fantastic box. And yeah.

I hope you guys enjoyed the video. There ll be some more blu ray box sets like this coming up and that s what i want to make this channel. Again. I want to make this channel and lots of blu ray videos just showing.

You new releases cool box sets. And what unfortunately it doesn t mean. I m going to have to read them half of them like my doctor who box my harry power box my star wars boxes and all that kind of stuff. So yeah.

And i have to redo them all for you guys. But that s why we keep this channel wise now guys. It s going to just be blu ray video boxes and yeah. And of course.

If you re interested in that please stick with the channel. Because there s going to be a lot of cool stuff coming up and similar to this video. So i hope you guys have enjoyed please hit the like button please hit the subscribe button and leave a comment. What you think of this box.

And if you d like me to do of course. The season 1 boxes. Please let me know as well so thank you very much for watching. And i ll see you ” .


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