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“Back to every nintendo 64 rpg ever my desperately clickbait miniseries. Where i take a a look at the handful of rpgs on the nintendo 64. There s not the lines through the can t read japanese in the last video. I covered paper mario if you missed it you ll find a link in the description.

I highly recommend you check that out in this video. I ll be taking a look at a game. Which doesn t even come close to the charm level of enjoyment or even playability of the previous title. I am of course talking about eden chronicles.

The first mage. There isn t a lot of information out there regarding. The generically named eden chronicles. We only have to play it for a couple minutes.

Before you can clearly see that it went through development hell. It was created by h2o entertainment. The same company behind such classics as tetris fear. The new tetris and of course.

The flintstones big trouble in bedrock. The two tetris titles were published by the big end themselves for the nintendo 64. But h2o wouldn t be so lucky the fourth time around in 1998. It was revealed that they were working on a new title with thq of the publishing helm.

The game was to be an adult oriented rpg which was a strange move in a pre concur nintendo 64 market not to mention the fact that most rpgs at the time either ended up on ps1 or pc. The game would be called nomen quest and the development was extremely low key whether this was from a lack of interest from the general public or a hush hush attitude on behalf of the publisher or the developer. We may never know in my desperate search for details. I read through every nintendo power magazine from the years 1997 through to late 2001.

Just after aiden chronicles. Release. While they did dedicate. A fair number of pages to the oft forgotten.

Fuck. Up dimensions were few and far between finding anything close to verifiable information is like finding enjoyment from the game itself. If you can do it you re a fucking liar in 1999. After roughly a year of no updates on nobin quest and new game surface from the same developer and publisher combo entitled eden chronicles.

The first mage. Which was set for release. The following year. It s pretty much confirmed at this point that it was the same game.

But had a name changed mid development for some reason after release reviews were mediocre across the board. And the three people who knew it existed completely forgot about it and that may have been for the best. Because it would have to be one of the most infuriating games. I ve ever played not to say it didn t have great ideas.


Although. It wasn t technically impressive for the time. But it feels more like an early build than a completed project whether the nintendo 64 s limited resources were responsible or the developers were simply not up to task remains to be seen. But if i had to guess i d wager.

It was a bit of both upon loading the game you re greeted with a fairly humble menu in the foreground as the camera pans over some shots of the vast world in the background. One of the few things i can compliment aiden chronicles on is the size of the world as it s the largest single map. I ve seen in a nintendo 64 game it seems the developers often hear what the strongest point of their game was as it s the first thing shown to the player and the way. It s shown got me hyped for a long ass fantasy adventure and that s exactly what i got eden chronicles took me about 60 in game hours to complete which is a decent amount for an ear open world game.

I say in game hours because i also spend about 40 more hours on top of that reloading up to crashes softlocks and losing characters in combat. But we ll get to that in a little bit starting a new game will greet you with this awkward early 3d cutscene. Which seems like it should have voice acting or some sense of direction. It consists of about 10 minutes of pointy muppets running around desperately attempting to explain the premise of the game from what i gather to squire buggered off to look for a missing farmer.

Completely disregarding. The king s orders do not look for him for some reason and everyone in the castles in a frantic flail attempting to locate the squire boy this lad goes by the name a laron and in his valiant quest for a farmer s corpse. He encounters. A spirit and then gets poisoned by goblins or something the toxin makes him hallucinate about the queen of evil returning to destroy the world and this prompts him to leave the castle with a bunch of other useless comes in order to find a cure.

Yeah upon leaving the castle in order to select two people to bring along with you on your trip you can choose between an alchemist a wizard and a warrior. It doesn t affect your playstyle much as the numerous characters you ll encounter. Throughout your journey are capable of blowing alchemy wizardry. And an assortment of other useful skills.

But i do like the e given a choice as to your party makeup. So early in the game your fourth member is a thief of you have no choice in bringing along. But she s a cutie and unlocks chest. So whatever eden chronicles has quite a diverse roster of characters which you can freely swap in and out of your party at certain point in the story.

There are characters who will refuse to leave until. The individual quests have been resolved. But since the game features coma death you can simply throw them at an ogre dig a shallow grave and move on with your new recruit in tow. I killed off my mage at the halfway point replaced.

It with an armor clad wall and ultimately end of the game with melee. Only characters descriptions of magic are pretty vague and most spells are completely useless or simply don t work properly so a party of physical ads in easy mode especially considering the warrior mage hybrids you can find throughout your journey while traversing the world you ll find that allure on moves like he s got to stick up his ass desperately trying not to puncture his lower intestine. I ve not seen a janky or walk cycle in a 3d game and it gets even worse when you attempt to move up slopes not only does this character model jump back and forth. But it also kills movement speed.

Which isn t particularly hasty to begin with i d say. This has a lot to do with our collision detection was designed as the game often throws you all over the place ostensibly to prevent you getting stuck in terrain the intrusive nature of this is something i d praise even with the bizarre walk cycles. It creates because it worked. However it s applied to objects you should simply be able to walk over and not get stuck on such as mushrooms.

There s a critical part at the very end of the game. Which has a single mushroom sandwich between two walls of a narrow corridor colliding with this fungus will send a laronne all over the place so attempting to move past it may not work at all i spent a good 10 minutes just running into this object from all angles. Desperately trying to move over it there s no other way to move past it and it s the only path heading to and returning from a story critical event to fix this they could have removed the weird hit detection on mushrooms and other small objects. Which create similar problems or simply move to the fuckin mushroom.


It comes off as though there was very little consideration for the spaces in which a luron would be occupying it this is not an isolated situation. But is easily the worst offender. The scale of the world itself is quite impressive and would even rival newer titles in terms of raw size. While the game isn t strictly open world the entire map is connected with no visible loading between areas the insides of houses and dungeons are behind a load zone.

But you can move from one side of the overworld to the other without encountering a single screen transition because of this i think aiden chronicles qualifies as an open war even if it s with an asterisk. It also features a day night cycle weather effects and an entire calendar system while the time and weather can affect performance in battle. I never figured out what the point of the calendar was but it s still an interesting addition and cements that the scope of the game was broader than the finished product to create a world of this size. And with this many intricate parts was clearly a challenge in development and many sacrifices were made for it to exist in this form the draw distance of certain assets is abysmal and when you high up on a map and nothing masks terrain popping in and out.

I think it would have been neat to have some clouds or some fog marking the tops of disappearing terrain. But that may have conflicted with the weather system. And it s a minor issue at worst. What isn t so minor is when it becomes a functional issue jests will only appear when you re basically on top of them which we ll see you explore every crack in side paths.

In a thorough manner lest you miss something useful the draw distance of enemies is slightly better. But they still only pop in within a fairly close proximity and seeing as how encounters are based on simply being near the enemy. This can lead to many an unwanted fight. There is a stealth mechanic.

Which allows you to sneak past most encounters in the game. But with enemies being extremely vigilant and only popping in when you mid prostate exam. It s difficult to take advantage of the game s pretty fucking hard to so how you don t to relinquish valuable experience points is beyond me. But simply having the options in neat addition and one that i used a handful of times to avoid some unwanted encounters.

Plenty of environments look similar. But what blends everything together a little too well is the textures and lack of distinct features the textures are only an issue in places with immediate vertical planes such as forests and caves. But the lack of unique landmarks also doesn t help when it comes to memorizing the world you are granted a compass. But with an oddly selective mini map.

It s tough to differentiate between areas. There is a world map in the start menu. Which you can combine with the compass to get to and from places. But finding specific points of interest can be a very tedious ask if it felt good to explore or if i cared about the story and the characters i wouldn t mind the lack of direction.

But the more time i spend in aidan chronicle. The less i wanted to there s only about five or six towns in the entire game. And they ve all got their own unique distinct design. Some are actually quite abstract my major issue stems from the fact that every house either contains a merger or absolutely.

Nothing there are very few npcs that don t offer to sell you shit or to train you in some capacity. I m not a fan of hero centric world design. Where it feels like all the npc s exist. Solely to make the player feel accommodated.

It s something that very few games get right and i will concede that it s entirely unimportant to most people. But when games like harvest moon and alundra knock that shit out of the park. It s hard to give games like eden chronicles. Apart especially.


When it s taken to such extremes. Plenty of audio tracks used consist largely of ambient noise. And if you ve watched any of my previous videos you ll know i adore that shit nothing really stood out. But most tracks set an appropriate tone.

Which is all you can really ask for while you re out in the world listening to a bunch of crickets fuckin. There s also a camp function. Which has the same effect as resting in an end. But has a chance of starting a random encounter apparently the encounter rate increases the closer you are to roads and trails.

But i don t have any way to test that if it s true that s a neat little function solely added for immersion purposes. And as horrible as the game is i have to praise that camping axe is a risk reward situation in the early game. Where you can utilize free healings that you ve also run the risk of being ambushed. When you re trying to get heals in the late game.

This is nothing more than tedious garbage is that all the quite long winded combat is a turn based affair and takes place in a small arena loosely based on the part of the world you re currently in it consists of your party going up against four active enemies and up to eight reserved enemies how this works is that you may have to encounter up to 12 enemies total in any given battle. But only four can be on screen at once and as they leave the arena. They re replaced with the reserves. I m quite fond of this as it was clearly done to tiptoe around the constraints put in place by the nintendo 64.

But also doesn t feel like you re being directly limited the biggest issue is that the combat is incredibly sluggish and it takes forever for anyone to do anything a turn consists of a character manually moving within a predefined area and then selecting an action since you have to physically move to your opponent. And they can move around as well it can take a few turns to initially engage them you can skip their movement by pressing a. But it really doesn t speed it up much when enemies cusp buffs. And debuffs which are unskipable the effects activate on each character individually.

Which includes a single animation each time the spells cast many late game creatures start the battle with a full of buffs. So you can easily see two or three minutes fly by before you even get a chance to move once you arrive at your enemy. It s important to be as close to their back as possible as this increases accuracy and the hit rate especially in the early game is ridiculously low. When you engage in combat your movement radius shrinks significantly making it almost impossible to flee.

But it s a double edged sword as it means the enemy can t flee either combatants are assigned ranks and one bad boy will always be the leader. If you kill the leader unit. The underlings will have a decent chance of fleeing. Which to my knowledge yields the same amount of experience.

I couldn t find any downside to allowing foes to flee as most enemy drops. A garbage. And it s usually quicker than trying to kill them so if you can nail the leader immediately you can cut your combat time by a sizable chunk when you re moving around within these areas you are blessed with the sight of these marvelous walk cycles. Some are actually quite decent such as the thief girl who runs cautiously.

But whose hood falls off as she moves once you stop moving she promptly records in preparation for a fight. It s a small visual element. But that s the kind of shit. I genuinely appreciate in games.

And it s refreshing as most characters move like their knees were replaced with springs naturally defeating enemies will grant you experience which you can use to increase all sorts of shit alongside the standard level ups. Which only give you one permanent hit point. There are also specific stats as well as skills and spells to which you can manually assign experience increasing their level for various benefits since the traditional level ups are pretty much useless. The only way to get stronger is to interact with this system.


The stat points and magic are self explanatory. So i ll skip over them and specifically talk about skills. Which are more like jobs than anything. There s a skill for alchemy and increasing this allows you to create more bizarre and potent concoctions.

The thievery skill allows you to unlock tougher doors and chests and the mechanic skill allows you to disarm traps with a higher success rate. Some also have secondary effects such as fever area you to deal more damage. If you attack enemies from behind. These skills also dictate what weapons you can use and how good you are with them as well as completely useless.

Shit such as world law and diplomacy. I never touched law or diplomacy. And i ve read that they re mostly useless. But flesh out the world if you give any shits about it at all which i do not with all that said.

I d like to talk about the most important part of the game. The crashes. And the softlocks featured within aydin chronicles are some long obtuse and tedious. Fucking dungeons.

And it has a tendency to crash or softlocks. Requiring you to reload your previous save. I was balls deep in a dungeon and i had to fight this wizard guy to progress. But everytime he cast this specific spell the game would simply refuse to continue on with the battle it d still be running.

I just couldn t fucking do anything occasionally saving and reloading would fix this. But there were also fights. I had to stealth pass so i could actually progress because i could never beat them before they cast that spell and look saving and reloading isn t an awful idea every hour or so as if you re moving around in the world for a decent amount of time the game will start to chug really bad not to mention the fact that occasionally i d be walking and it would simply crash the music would still play. But the screen just went black.

I ve seen screenshots of aiden chronicles spitting out actual error codes. But i never got any of those myself just a lot of fucking softlocks. If it weren t for safe space. I honestly would not have beaten aiden chronicles and to be fair not only do i not think it necessary.

But it would not have changed my opinion one single bit so to conclude aiden chronicles was a grand idea completely destroyed by constraints and possibly an incompetent development team. While it is technically impressive in some areas everything else is half baked and not worth sitting through to enjoy. The handful of interesting things that achieves. I had the worst time with aiden chronicles such a bad time that i m actually looking forward to playing quest 64.

It will be fucking refreshing. I hope and if this video has inflamed your lust for terrible fucking games. I hope you ll join me next time when i cover it ” ..


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