Alchemy Quest – The Price of the Black Market

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“What s up guys talk again and this time. We re doing the price of of the black market. It is another quest in the alchemy quest line to get flasks being very important so this piece is actually quite easy to do. But there s a little bit of a tricky bit to it so i wanted to make a quick video on it so one of the first things you need is the blood of sargeras that is very easy to get you can do world quests for it it s also the reward of some other quests lines as well.

I think. It s just a crafting ingredient..

So you can you can get that in a lot of different ways that won t really go into that so i ve already got one of those and one of the next things you need is the celt door. I ginger wine. Easiest place to get that near the alchemy trainer is right into the bar like in area chamber of the guardian. So you can see right on the map.

Very easy spot to go get it right here don t believe the little one spot on your map. Especially if your alliance is going to take you to the horde areas and that will be bad..

I ll just get ported out so i won t be too bad. But it ll be annoying so come in a rile as your gaze or are really i don t know else never know how to talk to it what else he has the ginger wine that you want to just come in here and grab some ginger wine. You ll see it completes that and then there s another bar maiden or a barmaid who s walking around. She s talking to a table filled with no one good job.

She s a great she s great bar baby she put coffee on their table talk to her you just need moisturizer in fetta grab. Some of that and the next thing you need again is you re going to need to make the sculptor drink scout will drink whatever the heck that thing is called and what you need is the silver hair of khadgar..

So you need to get some khadgar hair. And you can tell he s right here. If you come up to him already there is much to be done. There s nothing that you can do but just in yourself champion drink hey go behind you talk to him.

But then you carefully pluck a single strand of hair from his head less pissed and then you re good. And that is all there is to it very easy to complete it could be a little bit confusing on just how you re supposed to complete that last bit and we re to find everything..

But as as usual. It s pretty simple just hard to decipher sometimes when reading could be quest so hopefully that helped see you ” ..

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