Alexa Site Rank and Chrome extension

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“Everyone today. We are going to discuss about some of the trusting tools for our our website. So if we need to trust our website and we need to make that websites that websites is we need to check the credibility of that websites or something like whether we can trust that website or something we can make a running check. So basically the alexa is doing a ranking and we can see that ranking using dialects are websites well when searching alex on web prank or something i can t see the rank so so there is one website.

There is one link here so i am open the link here it selects our site info. If you re typing. Some websites here you can see that websites rank..


Here i am just typing like facebookcom. Before you run run analytics. I can see how it s worth and also the ranking also it will show the districts in rockland and 18 gauge between four and four 1744 daily time on site or something. So also the later website.

They will show here so probably youtube will have something like three rank or something and whenever you are searching side like lecture talk. Ten websites or something you can see the top 10 bad sides. I will show you that also so let s say top sides..


They have one yeah they have one link for that one so you can see that google youtube gmail facebook page. Oh qq there are so many other month. So this whole piece from dalek sorry so right now we are finished with that and we have another one that we need to discuss about so. If you are we need to see the rank from our own browser without going anywhere.

We can do that so basically if i am giving you we are clicking here you can see dialect sarang here. So this we need adding an additional extension for chrome. So we are going to add that rhino so right now i am going to remove that one so i remove that and then i m going to add alexa essential form so for chrome..


So here we go alexa extension for chrome. So i am just clicking on that that s some process tension. So it s adding into my web sites right now and after that i can see my rank here. So i need to accept and enabled so it will say like it s i accept and edible.

So if i am going here. And i am checking here the google rank is one so if you are clicking on that we will get all the details support so many methods. We will get so engagements and also the traffic source such as yuto everything will be there so it s a very useful plugin..


So we can add that bring him into our chrome extensions. So that s all about alex alex our plug in so we will come with some other things on next. ” ..


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