Alienware Aurora R7 Let s look at the inside of this thing

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“Right so i am about to be installing a new desk here in the room room that i have my pc and one of my subscribers requested a kind of not like really a teardown. But just a rundown of the machine of the alienware aurora r7. Which is what i have here and i ll show you guys real quick how you release the side you just pull up on that and then just kind of lift right off from here you can kind of see all the internals. The lighting s not very good in here.

Yeah hold on now yeah so as you can see this is how compact everything is it s squeezed in pretty tight from here to get to everything you swing out the swing this thing out hold on kind of crazy here. So let me just kind of show you guys. This is my 10 atti back here you can t really see like you did its i guess. It s like just a straight up stocking video.

1. It does have the i can t get in there anyway anyways. It s a 1080 ti. Then underneath this alienware om liquid color.


Here is going to be the 8700 k. And then you can see the the hyperx ran back. There. 32.

Gigs to 16 gigabytes sticks. 29. 33. X.

And p. On. That it s got your little mechanical and exhaust fan up there and then the motherboard just sits on the left side on the left panel. It s mounted there these are all the these are all the ports on the back so you can see we have all usb.


30 i believe these are all 20. Where we have here that s gonna be huh well. If that s not gonna be displayed for it to the motherboard that s exactly what that is um. I think that s what that looks like anyway got the optical audio there and down here is all the graphics cards you know it s 3 displayport.

1 hdmi yes. That s it here s the fan. Which is um or not the same the power supply. It s 850 watt that s it yeah.

It s pretty simple um. If you guys have any questions. Just let me know in the comments. I ll be happy to answer them right down.


Here. You have a couple more harddrive slots and put a couple ssds in there. And yeah. I ve already got let s see where is my m dot.

2. Oh. Know where that sits in here. Let s see there it is down.

There there s them not to drive. And then i don t know where the hard drive is probably right in front of my face. I think. It s oh.


It s on the side right here. Yeah. There s the 2 terabyte hard drive 512 ssd m. Naught.

2. And then 2 terabyte hard drive. So yeah. That s pretty much it for now if you guys want to see anything else let me.

” ..

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