Alienware How To: Play 1080p games in full screen on 4k display

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“Eg pokeball here today. I m going to be doing a quick a quick video video showing you guys how to play your games in 1080p on a 4k screen. Having the annoying box and other screen and sd p project this protects the game it s a full screen mode. I ve got dying lights here which we re going to run and we want to be able to play in full screen mode.

Obviously. This is this 4k screen. So anyone with a 4k screen laptops will have this sort problem. If they follow these steps or similar steps.

Ok loading up. So you can see 1080p resolution on a 4k screen. It shows it in a shrunk down box in the center of the screen skip. These.


The you think it needs to go into the settings on the game and set it into 1080p and it be job done. It s not the case even on the desktop from silica. The same it will still do is i can same as this so you need to follow these steps briefly and even if you re do in the game. Like i said.

It doesn t make any difference. I mean you see here where the cursor is that s the only difference that the screen is quite shrunk down so in order to get it to display full screen mode and come at the game. And we re going to right click on the desktop right click on the desktop go into graphic properties. I have traffic options resolution cook quite here and we can select 1920 by 1080 here.

Ok. And notice. The icons are massive that s because they ve been up scout. So they display properly on a 4k screen.


So you can go into personalized display and then put the back on to medium. Which is what they are default for tiny. We need to sign out and then sign back in again. And okay.

There we go so now the screen is in 1080p when i run again again just to prove a point. He s pretty rapid to be fair say right i am filming. Am. I fine so apologies for the the dodgy lying.

I ve got some extra light on the rental. I get to run up bountiful in windowed mode. If you put it to full screen as you see he does go back to the center. Again.


We ve got this annoying today ep in the center of the screen. So what you need to do once again. If we right click on the desktop go into graphic properties opens up the interface d graphics. Control panel so i ll do this from here not for the nvidia one click on display and you ve got the resolution such as neil just the 1080p resolution you need to click the scale full screen run.

I know it sounds very simple. But i asked plan around it for about half an hour five minutes to figure this out i ll look on the alienware forum and someone have twigged it. But if i do a quick video just to show you guys how to do it yourselves. So yeah okay this and run down light again and now we should have a full full screen.

Without the annoying box in the middle scaling it down in full screen mode. There we go and you see it s actually in full screen. It s not a windowed mode. Because we ve got no gray box around the top and if you want to for gaming 4k.


I mean i ll see you can t over the 970m is not gonna be powerful enough. I don t think the 980m would be powerful enough to play any new titles like dying or anything bruce. Especially nothing like crisis or anything. That s going to better play in the 4k mode about the amplifier and a decent graphics card to go in there pretty much that is the end this video really so i mean this this video goes out to fx for fps victory comment on my other video.

Ask me just do a brief video showing you how to do this. If you ve got any questions. Feel free to me a message or comment on the video. Please like subscribe and i shall see ” .


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