ALL ACCESS: Floyd Mayweather vs. Conor McGregor Epilogue SHOWTIME

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“Aspiring writers writing coach. Nstefanie newell. And this is the life of a writer channel channel today s video google ndocs vs. Microsoft word which software is the best for in this nvideo i will be comparing the two based on price and functionality.

If you want nto. Connect with readers and sell more books make sure to subscribe as i post nnew content every tuesday. So when it comes to writing books. The software.

You nchoose is a very important decision as the ease and functionality of the nsoftware can make a huge difference in how smooth the writing process goes. Ngoogle. Docs and microsoft word are very popular software among writers. I ve used nboth and i like them for very different reasons to keep it simple and to help nyou to make an informed decision on which software will work for you ni will be comparing pricing.

The need for internet access. The save features nadd ons and the collaboration and edit features. I will also look at some of the nmost common functions writers use such as header and footer page setup spell nand grammar check word count and formatting for a book so let s jump over nto my computer and compare the two let s talk about pricing first since for some nwriters. This is going to be a major deciding factor microsoft word online nrequires a subscription to office 365.

Which will give you access to all of ntheir office. Apps including. Word the pricing is 699. Per month for one nperson and includes one terabyte of cloud storage if you go with a 999 per.

Nmonth version that supports up to six people you can get a one month free ntrial now for those of you who are already familiar with microsoft word. I nwant you to keep in mind that this is a simplified version of the desktop nversion if you re using microsoft office online and working on a file you can nchoose to work on the same file in the desktop version if you have a copy ninstalled and are using the same login and it will save the changes in the nonline version of the file. So you can work between the online and desktop nversions. So long as your file is saved in one drive.

Which is their cloud storage nin comparison google docs is completely free you ll just need to sign up for na. Google account. Which is also free and once you have an account you will have naccess to their entire suite. Which includes google docs nboth.

Google docs and word do require internet access to some degree. So for nexample internet. Access is required to install and activate office. But not to nuse office applications such as word once you have these fully installed on nyour computer.

You can use multiple devices. Including pcs macs. Phones. And ntablets.

You will also need internet access for google. Docs it too can be naccessed anywhere on any device and you can also access it offline. But only in nthe chrome browser google docs gets high praise from users on its save ncapabilities as all your changes are automatically saved. As you type you can neven use revision history to see old versions of the same document.

Sorted by ndate and who made the change word online also takes away the save button because nthey too automatically save changes to their cloud storage. One drive. Add ons is na feature that will take your writing experience up a notch and provides nfeatures like voice to text. While both word and docs in my opinion can stand to nimprove in the area of add ons.

I give the edge to google docs hands down. Ncollaboration is something that writers will find useful when working with nwriting partners beta. Readers writing coaches and editors both can handle the ntask word allows users to collaborate and share in real time. And the ncollaborators don t need office 365.

Just an internet connection. Google docs nprovides. The same collaboration with their share button as well making edits nis. Another important function for writers as editors will need to add ncomments or edits.

When reviewing your document word makes it fairly simple. But nto be honest as someone who uses this feature frequently when doing manuscript ncritiques for my clients. I much prefer the desktop version with that being said ncomparing google docs vs microsoft word online..


I would say that both nsoftware handles the editing feature the same ok now that we ve gotten some of nthe. Most functional elements of the software. Compared let s look at some of nthe. More basic options.

Writers will need to use once nthey begin formatting their manuscript and if you haven t seen my previous nformatting videos for google docs or microsoft word make sure to check out nthe description box as i ll have it linked. There. Let s start with the header nand footer. Both docs and word makes using the header and footer simple as nshould be expected now when it comes to page setup.

I m gonna have to give this none to word only because they lay their page formatting out in their classic nribbon format. Which means that all of the options for changing. Features are nright across the top when comparing the spell and grammar check both google docs nand word handle the function relatively easy nalthough upon initially looking for spell and grammar check. I found it neasier to find it in docs as it was under tools where i m used to finding it nwith that being said i did find a really cool function in word that reminded me nof grammarly and that s its ideas function.

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Microsoft word. Which software share writers use each nwriter should look at budget functionality their own skill set the ndevice. They re using and which software will work long term for their needs. Nbecause.

Writing your first book is for most authors at least a year long project you nwant to give consideration to all of these factors as software. That s nconfusing not able to perform in the way you want can all affect the consistency nin which you write remember the writing process should be fun and creative and nyou definitely want to make it as easy as possible nso while ultimately. I have my favorite. The decision will be yours so let s talk nabout.

Some of the differences between the two word offers tech support via nchat or phone. And you can use your fingerprint. Face or pin. As an extra nlayer of protection on one drive.

Which is a bonus nwhereas with docs. I love that it picks up the formatting in documents and ncreates. An outline that feature alon these early rounds stop stop don t do that ndon t do that ranallo. No hammer fists nallowed in boxing.

What is he doing floyd mayweather again nusually takes the early rounds to collect data cheering all right come on floyd wow nice right hand nnow switching stances conor mcgregor. Definitely looks nlike he belongs in this fight nice slip in stop fake fake fake stop stop stop bell dings mayweather. I know bell dings mystic mac s prognostication ndidn t come true he is definitely nrepresenting himself well and again going on the attack nbut..


He has to be careful conor stop don t do that ndon t do that we know that both nof. These guys are not averse to bending. The rules popped mayweather s head nback with a jab right hand to the body nby mayweather. That s it nthat s it byrd no no no no no nstop you re tied up stop you re tied up cool it.

N heup that right hand gonna come that right hand gonna come bell dings ranallo. We are through nthree rounds of the money fight in sin city byrd. You bending over that s why he hitting nyou down there okay i can move my head yeah. But he s hitting you nwhen you do that you re crowding me ni can move.

My head man stay smart good recovery nyou. re winning every round now come on dad bell dings. Bernstein mayweather needs nto take him into deep water. Which is later rounds nand then be aggressive mayweather motioning nthat.

One may have been just south of the equator byrd stop stop ndon t lean on him. Don t lean on him ndon t lean on him malignaggi. One thing conor nstill has to get adept to is working on the inside. It s the hardest thing to learn ranallo.

Oh and defense nnice left hand come on conor come on sonny nyou knock it right hand to the body nby mayweather. Oh nice counter left nthough by mcgregor nice let s go n. Let s do it. Let s go n go to the face go back ngo back to the right.

He s tired. He s tired nhe s tired ranallo. Oh right hand of course mayweather known nfor that pull counter good right hand by mayweather malignaggi mayweather nstarting to land with some more authority. There you go yeah n.

Nice combination by mayweather let s go bell dings. Byrd. Time bernstein. That s na.

Very close round koraun dad let s ngo for the kill dad let s go for the kill whistle blows send him off of his feet take control of the ring npush him back conor ranallo mayweather. Right away ntakes. The fight to mcgregor byrd get off stop ndon t lean on him don t lean n. He s looking at the clock.

He keeps looking nat. The clock ranallo this is what nwe thought we d see stop means stop. He s tired n. Bring the hook.

Bring the hook. Bring the hook big left hook. Again nbring it again ranallo final seconds nof the fifth bell dings time hey hey hey. Hey ngo don t do that ndon t do that come on whistle blows man keep it clean guys nkeep it clean ranallo.

Most boxing experts npredicted that this would be where mayweather may start nto take control of the fight bernstein. I mean. That s crazy ranallo mcgregor nlands. Another jab and another right hand.

Nby. Floyd mayweather. And now mayweather the tide nbeginning to turn in round. 6.

Now mayweather beginning to get nup on mcgregor as he backs up hands are low mcgregor flashing his tongue. He s having fun nin. The money fight good right hand by mayweather. A compelling contest nthrough six rounds.

We are at the mid point nof. The money fight in sin city bell dings break cheering get off his neck and mayweather now nbecoming more active and very accurate here nin round seven. And you wonder now is mcgregor nstarting to fatigue..


Now in the seventh round. Bernstein mcgregor. Needs na counter punch to slow ranallo. Oh.

And on the reset. Mayweather picks him off nwith. The jab malignaggi and conor s nrunning out of ideas bernstein. This has been a very ngood round for mayweather maybe his best in the fight bell dings byrd time cheering whistle blows byrd this is round 8 ngentlemen round 8 bell dings bernstein mcgregor needs nto land.

Something of note. I think in this round ranallo. There s one nleft hand bernstein. There it is yeah ranallo mayweather with nthe more effective.

More powerful strikes good stuff here in round. 8. Bernstein. What we re getting nis a very compelling round it s a compelling fight n.

Yeah. Bernstein when was the last nfight you saw floyd mayweather coming forward to try nand knock someone out doesn t happen. And that s making it more fun and mcgregor is boxing his way nto. What he hopes might be a chance at victory this is a close round ranallo.

It s 24 minutes nnow in the books. Mcgregor has only been n25. Minutes. Once man that was a good round.

Bell. Dings ranallo. Here at the nt mobile arena. In las vegas.

The money fight. Nhas reached. Round. 9.

Mcgregor. Looking nfor. The money shot stop stop stop nno no no low blow. And you leaned on him ndo.

N t do that all right ranallo. Well. It s been an nentertaining fight thus far as a right hand lands nfor mayweather malignaggi nconor is getting more tired ranallo mayweather nis. Hurting mcgregor mcgregor is stumbling malignaggi he s looking nup at the clock looking to see how much time nis left in the round.

Too ranallo. The best round of nthe fight for floyd mayweather. Bernstein mcgregor has never nbeen knocked out in mma ranallo and the first round nthat. We have seen conor mcgregor appreciably slow down another right hand na left all floyd as we head to round number 10 let him go let him go nlet him go bell.

Dings. Let s go. Cheering round. Number 10.

Bell. Dings man here. We go get off his neck. N.

Robert. Byrd. Admonishing..


Mcgregor byrd. Get off his neck nget off his neck conor malignaggi conor. Looking to nhold on more and more yep n. All right.

You got to stop stop stop stop stop malignaggi. Oh oh oh screams cheering. Ranallo robert. Byrd nhas.

Stopped the fight. What a night. It has been nhere in las vegas. That was early referee nthat was early that was early all right.

That s it nthat s what i m talking about ranallo. Fantastic stuff bernstein. It was an intriguing nmatchup and for that man. Floyd mayweather.

Nfirst stoppage since 2011. Cheering a historic night. Floyd mayweather ncoming out of retirement. He is the winner by way nof technical knock out and still undefeated floyd mayweather.

This was nmy last fight. Tonight. Ladies and gentlemen my last fight conor mcgregor. You are na hell of a champion and to the country of ireland nwe love you guys gray floyd congratulations.

Nterrific career mcgregor good one tonight ngood one tonight laughs you too nice going lad a little early na little early. I m just happy i m draped nin the flag. I m happy i was able to nbring me team along the country with me nand just getting to perform nfor a different crowd no one s taken nthese types of. Risks soit nlay into me.

All you want i ll take it on the chin cheers and applause. Watch you heads n. I got it thank you laughter steve thank you n. I came for you boy.

I m here nwith the champ male fie nthat s a male selfie. How are you ni mean you re amazing laughter congratulations. I said laughter. All work is what n.

Easy work all work is what n easy work narrator namidst all the accolades. Some celebrations nmean more than others. I think i can get nanother nine figure check both fighters share nattributes that extend beyond the blueprint nmayweather perfected and mcgregor embraced. You did great son ni love you proud of you however stealing na playbook is one thing executing it another sorry n sorry.

Dude i m ecstatic nvery veryecstatic be proud be proud be proud n i m telling you you re unbelievable conor do you want na whiskey speaks indistinctly laughter another shot indistinct shouting whoo hoo n down the hatch i like to call up n conor mcgregor applause thank you nthank you laughs narrator ultimately as he exits nthe arena. The night the sport and the city nstill belong to floyd perfect record intact r sum complete legacy secure mayweather we ve been ndoing this for 21 years i feel like i owe nthe fans a last hurrah me and my dad communicated nbefore. We went out there the whole game plan was to go nout. There and let him shoot heavy shots from the beginning take him down the stretch nand do what we do best.

And that s what we did tonight indistinct talking number 50 is just another fight. I think the fight nwas real exciting. The fans were out nof their seats. I m happy that i had na dance partner a good dance partner nthat.

I could dance with is this it for you n. This is it this is my third time nhanging. It up three strikes and you re out great fight. Ngreat fight last time on they re always going to do nstories and documentaries on me.

This is not the end nladies and gentlemen. ” ..

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