ALL Season 5 Runways Sissy that Walk RuPaul s Drag Race RuVault

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“Shake down first up the queen on everyone s lips roxxxy andrews. Foxy roxy. The the hips don t lie i m walking down the runway give them a little of hip and blood bam. This is exactly what i would wear to an award show.

Oh that ass like to spend a night in the roxy. A huge opening weekend and her box office ain t bad either jinkx monsoon. I m ready for my close up mr. Demille.

I m serving 100 aqua marine grecian red carpet couture. I am in heaven right now i dream of jinkx yeah loofah my detox on the red carpet. Oh. It s severe well now we know where last season s backdrop went yes.

I m serving jimmy. The holograms acid part going to the met gala and i feel really sexy and gorgeous just another day in hollywood. She s detoxing from crack by the way ivy winters. The ladyboy in red.

I feel really amazing. Because i know that the garment is completely hand stitched and it s hollywood red carpet couture isn t she giving jean kasem anitha s dickinson. Yes. Let s have lunch at the ivy for your consideration honey mahogany labeija.

I m serving iman and i m stomping my heart out down the runway the men love me the women love me you can catch more flies with honey mahogany jade jolie. I can see your peacock cock cock ding ding ding yeah i m serving the judges that bread sequins in your face. I am a million bucks. And nothing can bring me down right.

Now here s looking at you kid alyssa edwards. Wow. She s all about the drama. It s very drama filled the bird flew the coop on this one.

I m serving dark and twisted alyssa edwards realness. My blood is flowing at my hardest. Pumping. And my mind is in it to win.

It somebody took the blacks one maybe with the matador and now we ve got bird flu. Penny tration. Yes. Please penny for your thoughts.

I m walking slow and letting them take all the penny tration in i make sure they can get to see the back side of penetration you better sissy that walk girl. I wonder if she has a twin she d be double penetration coco montrese action. She is ready for her close up somebody blow into those bullhorn. I m looking at down the runway giving it to you i am.

How are you oh hollywood white woman. Me yes baby you know she s a drag queen. But she really wants to direct don t we all you on top vivienne pinay. Oh.

A spokeswoman aha. I m giving face and i m giving body hands down. I m the fishiest bitch in this competition. Very jlo mah box office gold.

She s ready for the casting couch. The 49th state alaska. Oh. Gorgeous is that a birkin bag or a glad bag.

So that dress is made of plastic. But i am treating it like the most expensive couture gown ever and i just wiggle my way down the runway. It s best. I can she must have a really big dog alaska.

Oh dear. I can see russia from here that s sarah palin in that dress it s saran palin lanisha spock mughal amour balenciaga yeah he s really working that s how she walks to the grocery store. What are you talking about my dress is for extravaganza and my design is flawless and she s got a shoe in her head. She has a foot up on the others.

She does she s pumped up the volume. I tell you that she s got lisa vanderpump on her mind. Monica beverly hillz whoo cut those legs..


I m feeling extra extra fishy. My legs are bronzed for the gods and i m just eating it all up. She is serving lady miss kier in the face. Yes.

She is meets lil kim lady miss kim sabrina chacha hey from panama panama city florida panama city florida via the suez canal. Yeah. Serena chacha is a drug scholar. I feel i have a guard couture editorial like some sort of surreal painting.

I m giving them something different it s like shakira meets nokia who you calling a later housing cha cha cha lanisha sparks gorgeous look at those legs. I m looking latina i feel carrie vania totally flawless. I wore that at the beach last week. I ll meet you at the cabana.

Yeah honey mahogany caftan realness. I m feeling pretty fierce this look is gonna sway the judges no julia cape feare ivy winters. Wow oh now that s what i call stilettos being a circus queen. They decided to pull up my stilts and i did a butterfly goddess look does anybody have a really big butterfly net vivienne pinay.

She s got her own stilts check him out yes. I m wearing a sick gold dress low cut. Very short looks fierce love grecian goddess oh mighty isis i think she s choking her dog my clutch in my left hand and my baby chinchilla in my right and i m serving rodeo drive fishness she walks like a dressage horse laughter serena chacha representing panama you can t even fit back through the panama canal walking around in this carnival costume from the republic of panama. It s a dream come true j jolie.

It s the missing ringling sister screw the rainbows give me leather. I am serving up a real lion teaming realness bitch send in the clowns our little jade is all grown up roxxxy andrews. If cher had breastfed. This is what she d look like i like to have the fringe going down my boo biggles and on my booty and want to try.

And win. Two times in a row. Seeing it should say jinkx monsoon hollywood glamour meets space. I am serving up hollywood 3012 space ag had beautiful from the sun.

Oh yeah can you pay my telephone bills. My moneymaker is my face. I know for a fact that i m beautiful that is a nice ass and stop at it natural born thriller. Alaska.

49. States. I m trying to give sass and flirt and be cute and sell this garment sweetie party girl on her way home oops i left my phone inside coco montrese this is patti labelle meets ziggy stardust i love vanish so i thought i d give santino a little bit something to dream about tonight. While he s at home you better ask somebody yeah girl oh snow white and the hunty man tonight.

I am wearing and over the top gown. I m feeling really sick thing. How many black cocks had to die for that outfit alaska so pink mafia. I look like a ghost from the civil war i m the queen fashion show she bleeds pink.

She s a sex pistol someone caught the bouquet. I m feeling extra fishy my nails. I ride my hair is tied just giving it this is very singapore airlines outside me i want that outfit. I am channeling my little miss perfect gig.

It s the deal it s the ish. But donna reborn. Again yes vivienne pinay hold me closer tiny dancer. I m feeling huge to see a girlie and the judges are really eating it up next up detox this is playboy the victorian year.

I took some bouncing everywhere. I mean i have a great body so why not show it off no kidding i have this outfit. She is a hot mess roxxxy andrews sam pink panther on the runway the dress is flowing. I look drop dead gorgeous business in the front party in the back lanisha sparks sell the garment honey i feel so sears flawless.

I got the top model looks like cinderella s got a hot date jinkx monsoon. Oh dangerous liaisons. I am flouncing you down the runway with my snuffbox let them eat all this cake bitches free aqua net shirley temple. Black.

Why i gotta be black. I am giving you your baby doll fish. I look so cute. I didn t know she was into bears winters where s crystal connor when you need her yes.

I m strapped like a vegas showgirl i feel like a beautiful flamingo. I can just stick her in somebody s front lawn honey mahogany. She just jumped out of bed and grabbed the duvet cover..


Very fed bath and beyonce. I am feeling really strong pummeling. The runway that faces iman. But that mom is pure pissed off jade jolie working very girls next door holly madison.

I m feeling so pretty in heat. I m serving the judges here fish barbie girl in a barbie world life in plastic. It s fantastic alaska jade jolie lanisha sparks jinkx monsoon ivy winters alyssa edwards come on hawks honey mahogany roxy answers ivy winters goldfish its little shimo that s threatened on the runway. And i could get my little fin flopping about very fishy now that s a cat but still very coy detox the power poop girl our cupcake.

I m serving killer jellyfish be honest and i m living for it you know you could shoplift in that do a ham jade jolie jj. I m serving up some bondage bombshell fish fierceness and i am loving it she spent a lot at home depot. For that one yes roxxxy andrews. It s a complainer.

No trousers slides up miss. Thing. I am walking down this runway like i am ten million dollars. Pose pose pose roxy or fire jinkx monsoon chicken of the sea.

I am serving up seattle boho chic with a flare of day out at the beach. It s like a flying fish brackish actually now there are a hundred and two ways to wear a scarf turning it out this is my runway thank you roof let me borrow those boots are made for stomping or waiting through a river yeah alyssa edwards. The little mermaid s all grown up. I am the definition of this she going always and forever alyssa edwards mmm.

What s her net worth. She has a date with moby dick. Lucky lanisha sparks not a sheila e realness if a girl answers don t hang up i m serving bobby bobby bobby and just a little bit of bitch you know she s got a leg up on the competition alaska something smells fishy. I m holding a brook trout.

My grandfather caught and lake erie grandpa would be so proud and completely horrified would you like a mint that would go great with tartar sauce. It takes a lot of guts to wear that outfit. I m giving them a koko they ve never seen i m showing off my heart. She s got a hard on for you i love that little shy thing she does like prince alyssa edwards.

She s showing off her pootie. She s not ashamed are you showing off my legs and they are wearing the runway out that s how you wear that captain i m saying it take that honey mahogany jade jolie rainbow brite. I m featuring my arms. I turn us carry over five pounds.

So i m very proud to have the petite arms that i have she forgot to shave ivy winters ivy s a real pinup i decided to make a dress completely out of paper pictures of my face. I love that dress. Yes don t get near the shredder. Oh or an open flame jinkx monsoon.

It reminds me of the really old hollywood movies. Yes. My look tonight is rich. Whitefish.

And my attitude tonight. Is so over it waiter can you wrap that ass to go roxxxy andrews. I ve learned to love every single piece of my body. And i want them to see it she s so shy no she s not alaska that sweet little girl who caught our eye well.

I was going to come out and ask those chaps. But we re at the cleaners so i m showing off this bone right here there is purple ice in alaska hiyee detox. It s just so simple and elegant the minute. I turn around and show them that ass honey.

It was oh bonnie adi. Adi. Every. Other she got that dress from her crack.

Dealer hey guru. I see you coco montrese panther. On the runway zebra on the runway. Okay.

I m serving animalistic evening gown down. I feel equiping. I almost wore that outfit up next alaska lady in red head for business and a body for ya. I m giving crazy red executive real well if this book hasn t changed it enough.

I m not really sure what is i own 51 of this company. Ah ivy winters. The flounce and the bounce..


I m trying to move as much as possible so every little sparkly rhinestone to stinkles us in there i she s a ziegfeld girl. She can do all fit or ela. You re never too old for that no detox fascio. Oh.

Yeah. I see london. I see france you can t take this body you have no choice. But to get up into my cakes in my lingerie.

And love every. Little bit of it between love and madness lies detox then of course rehab alyssa edwards dallas speech dynasty meets knots landing i am given 2013 businesswoman and i am living for my gig today the smell of it yes does this skirt make my damn ass look big jinkx monsoon. She works for mgm by day and fox all nights. I am floating down that runway and i am just being cute and lovely oh and 100 jinxy.

No animals were harmed no animals behind yes roxxxy andrews catsuit. I could read her lips. I turned this corner then they re gonna get a load of this back. I ll eat it bitch roxxxy andrews.

The other white meat bring home the bacon fry it up in a pan and servants detox. I m bullish on that look. I m serving up mariachi realness. Oh.

I do feel like that. She s got some cock and bull story roxxxy andrews check out those chi chi s hey. I m the only latina left. I have to represent i could see her cootchie cootchie.

49th state alaska. I got amba. I m shaking. I m the rock of i want cha cha heels for christmas.

I gotta teach you how to lay maracas alyssa edwards. Very dramatic. It s a spanish fly girl on tonight. I m serving latin fish drama.

Look at that leg work. I break section. Serving tex. Mex.

Coco montrese. I m giving the judges. Dorothy dandridge. Latina.

Glam or baby her name was lola falana lola. Do you wanna jinkx monsoon. Oh drag of the dead. I feel fantastic looking spooky and sexy all at the same time you know jinx is like all the other supermodels just skin and bones yeah from the house of monsoon jinkx and fortuna.

She looks more like wise of these days. We are serving mama and gypsy realness. I think we really hit the nail on the head with this one now that s entertainment. The house of andrews roxxxy and isabella that s the answer is sister the look on his face.

She is feeling it she is loving it yeah bitches get into it missing kardashian sisters foodies must run in the family yeah. The house of alaska featuring alaska and nebraska cat burglars. That s more like miss nebraska. Because she is a beauty queen.

Yeah we re feeling good we re skipping down the runway and i m very proud of little nebraska. I didn t know patty hearst had daughters the house of detox detox and bethadone party for red october methadone and i are stomping it out and being playful and you can just tell that he s living for himself. Which is the purpose of this whole challenge america. The booty ful these girls it s fleet week and hotcha botcha not thirsty well child is giving you nothing.

But fewer showgirl and i m giving you nothing but red carpet mantri style red sky at night sailor s delight is that your boa or you just ready to flock me alaska hi dad got me this nose for my birthday it s her 16th birthday. And her dad paid for everything. But her stupid friends won t text her back young. Lady you better not be sexting mom you ruined everything next up jinkx monsoon.

Oh hippie girl. Almost famous this is pacific northwest stoner chick extravaganza. Look jinkx..


I read your diary and we need to have a talk my name s not jinkx anymore. It s dreamcatcher up next roxxxy and sure is performing at my sweet 16. Oh marshmallows me. Where my peeps at i m loving every minute.

The judges are smiling. I m giving them 16 year old realness. She s 16 going on sickening up next detox she s a pink lady pink lady s rule the skull my sweet 16 look is 80s inspired i m working this lollipop sexy sweet. 16 where s the speech ii pass it on category is sugar mama executive realness alaska cougar lady yes she s serving barbara cochran yeah this woman takes her job very seriously she s coming to visit the construction site by god there better not be any full tear down that bitch of a bearing wall jinkx monsoon darling.

It s lacroix darling. I am just camping it down the runway with every utensil i could find stuck in my little french twist. She does give good headmistress roxxxy andrews pork belly s sell by no tina knowles. I m not buying your line.

Yes. I m in my little. Short velvet dress with my gummy. Bears.

And i am feeling zack named ceo. No she didn t up next. Detox. Serving moogly.

No lady is ever sure at night. That s right i ve got angel perfume and my thierry mugler bag take thailand suck on it love that blaze it s a real power top is candy couture edible eleganza first up alaska. I think the material is a cotton candy blend guy was having some serious issues with this cotton candy fantasy so i m feeling beautiful and right. But please candy couture don t fall apart fluff.

The magic drag queen hmm jinkx monsoon. It s a hard candy christmas and her breath is minty fresh. I decided not to wear that damn hoop skirt and i couldn t be more pleased that way it turned out i am the abominable snow jinkx peppermint. Patty realness.

This is a stag party roxxxy andrews wow. Taste the rainbow bitches those judges cannot take this couture. Knows this thing. I know my body looks right this licorice is exactly where i needs to be laying melts in your mouth.

I wonder if her panties are edible too they are detox very splenda in the grass my candy couture love it detox. It s electric. It still has a little touch of the 80s lollipop yulin. Yes.

That s some black licorice. I see haha licorice and lace roxxxy andrews. The more this is my last time walking this runway. And i m feeling so good right now the dress is stone from head to toe.

I m giving them a little bit of my hair and feeling absolutely glamorous roxie roxie. She must have just come from paisley park. Where my page yeah next up jinkx monsoon fairy tale come to life marry. Princess bride.

It is i am exude a beauty from within. I want them to see how gorgeous and proud i feel like it soft earthy to me. He s a real renaissance man what kind of spot. The fan.

I saw it s good on some chicken up next 49th state alaska. I fascio that s what she s giving. You yes. It gives a bit up in here.

I m coming down the runway. And i m looking like a high fashion ghoul. And i feel lovely. Oh booty today.

Oh yeah. That s what she got from her mama. She s wearing a lace front dress. ” .


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