Amazon Echo Dot 2nd Generation Unboxing and Setup

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“In march of this year. Amazon officially unveiled. The echo dot teeny tiny device. I i paid about 90 bucks for it and actually it s been a daily driver for me i use it for alarms for checking the weather for getting news up in the bedroom.

Very super. Convenient amazon has decided that it s not enough to have one echo device in your house you got to have 10. So they took this 90 device they made it smaller and they made it 50 bucks. So today.

We re gonna be taking a look at the amazon echo dot. The second generation and not only use this device 50 bucks. It s actually less than that if you buy it in conjunction with something else amazon bundled the echo dot. The new generation echo dot with a bunch of different products including things like bose speakers internet connected things basically things that the echo dot can communicate with i bundled mine up with the philips hue starter kit comes with two light bulbs in a hub.

It ll be a video about this coming up sometime soon be on the lookout. But i m very curious to see what s different about this echo dot. I mean obviously just holding it in the hand. It s significantly smaller and lighter let s open it up add it to my amazon account and give it a shot and see if it s gonna be able to stack up to google s home device.

Which will be another video down the road as well gotta love the amazon packaging super easy to open so here s the new echo dot wrapped in plastic a little booklet about getting started with the echo dot getting to know it and everything downloading the app connecting it to a bluetooth speaker or an aux cable speaker. You also get a list of things to try suggestions for it micro usb. Cable for. Power as well as a.

Power brick. Which says it s. Nine. Watts.


52. Volts at 18. Amp. In case.

That s something you re curious. About and just going ahead and taking you step back. There. Here is the new echo dot and just putting it side by side you can see that they are actually about almost the same size almost exactly the same size in terms of footprint.

The new model is actually just slightly shorter because it does not have this ring on top to turn the volume up and down instead you re gonna have to use plus and minus buttons or just say volume up volume down you have the same other buttons. Though as well as the far field microphone on the back exactly the same microusb charging port. As well as three and a half millimeter auxiliary input. So you can use that to plug into a speaker and realistically from what i ve heard about this.

The speaker in the original echo dot was not amazing. The speaker in this is supposed to be maybe a little bit worse. But still if you want really good sound from it you ve got the ability to use bluetooth or three. And a half millimeter headphone kable.

Not a big deal and i think at this point. Let s go ahead and plug it in we ll add it to my amazon alexa app. And just give it a fair shot at 50 bucks definitely a much better price point for these things all right cables in place. Ready to engage hello.

Your amazon echo. Dot is ready for setup. Follow. The instructions in your alexa.


And going into the alexa app. You can see here. A bunch of fire tv sticks to echo dots both showing offline. Because obviously.

One s right. Here. Let s go ahead and tap the second one so presumably amazon s already added it to my account for me i ve to hit update wi fi press. The action button for five seconds so action button.

I did not know what to call that earlier wi fi isn t set up on your echo dot. All right i did get the orange ring light up mode. So now i have to come over and actually connect to it over wi fi. I see amazon right there.

You ve connected to echo dot go ahead and finish. The setup in your alexa app. So now we get the option to choose what type of device. It is we re gonna choose echo dot and connect to wi fi and give it my information about my wi fi network and set up is complete.

And now. It s updating. And it s going to restart in a few minutes. And it s gonna give you an intro video.

If you want it i don t really need it. And it says now you try say the following phrase. A lot alexa. What s the weather currently it s sixty degrees with partly sunny skies.


You can expect more of the same today and there are you it s working during the middle of all that the echo decided it wanted to avoid and up to hate so i decided to let it as far as what this thing can do if you ve seen an echo device. Before that s that s what i can do it s got an ever growing library of things that it can attach to connected devices internet of things type things so thermostats light bulbs door locks. Just whatever else you can name if it s internet connected. It s probably gonna be able to talk to alexa at some point or another.

I m kind of surprised that she didn t light up when i said that let s just go ahead and give a quick test of the speaker inside of it though alexa play music from amazon. Here s a station. You might like whitney houston. That s interesting alexa volume mine.

So that s about as long as it s gonna get. Which is not very loud it does. However. Mean that i can easily talk over it so alexa stop.

And it stops. Whereas some previous ones have had problems with that and the original one definitely had a problem with that alexa. What s the weather in beijing. Currently in beijing.

China. It s 43 degrees. With fog. Today you can expect lots of sun with a high of 67 degrees.

And a low of 32 degrees. And there you go if you d like to see some of the other things that the echo can do make sure to check out my other two videos on the amazon echo devices. But suffice to say if there s a question that you want answered most of the time. The echo can do it there s a lot of things that it just doesn t know.


And it doesn t have the contextual information like siri does and like especially google s assistant does which we will see in a future video. We ll also see how this interacts with some other devices. When i look at the cue bulbs. Here shortly.

So be on the lookout for that video. The echo dot and the original echo and everything will play a part in that video. I m sure well you ll guys i have to let me know what you think about this device down in the comment section at 50 bucks. And i think they do discounts if you buy five or ten.

They give you one free with each time do you think. It s a good deal at that point they can play music it can play music out to a speaker. It can give you sports scores. It can tell you the weather it can read the news and everything to you as sort of a little personal digital assistant do you think it s worth it for 50 bucks possibly less mine was like 41 because i bought it with the hue bulbs and hue bulbs.

Got discounted as well i think for that price it s absolutely a steal so i m gonna go ahead and continue just loving the amazon echo dots. But that s where i m gonna wrap things up for today if you want to pick one of these up of your very own like i said 50 bucks possibly less if you bundle it with something else or you buy a bunch of them absolutely amazing. My affiliate link is down in the description. If you like this video.

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