Amazon Echo Studio Review: MIND-BLOWING Sound!

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” s getting serious about sound and have stepped up their game. With the echo studio. Studio. This is definitely the best sounding echo ever but should you buy it hello friends welcome back.

If you re new here my name is craig. I love new tech and seeing what it can do for us. If that sounds like something you re into stick around this is week. 45 of my 2019 echo series.

Amazon s been improving on the sound of the echos over the past five years. And this is the biggest improvement today see it s big it s like as big as my head and it s heavy. I m sorry apple. But this might be the best sounding.

Smart speaker on the market. The echo studio sound is great. And there are some really nice features. But this may not be the right device for you i think.

The studio falls into a weird spot let s talk about what it does my experience with it at the end. I ll share my likes dislikes and who i think. This is really for the echo studio at the time of recording this is one ninety nine in the us for what it does. It is very reasonably priced.

The echo studio is a high fidelity speaker with 3d audio and it s a built it like any other echo you get all the features that lexa brings you can ask questions control your smart home set alarms. And everything else you would expect from an echo. It even has a built in zigbee hub for connecting smart devices that need a hub. The echo plus that has a zigbee hub is typically 12999.

It was really all about sound. Though you could stream from supported services such as amazon music apple music pandora spotify. Title and others the studio really shines. Though with high fidelity and 3d music with amazon music hd.

You can get 50 million songs in hd. And a growing catalogue of 3d music there s a link in the description check that out if you want to learn more about amazon music hd. It really is just a small upgrade from the normal amazon music now for video. The echo studio also supports dobby atmos.

Dobby. Atmos sound..

Is typically a multi speaker setup that gives you sound all around you the way. The echo studio is able to deliver great sound with music and dobby atmos is magic okay. That s not it it s really the combination of multiple speakers and the ability to automatically tune to the sound of the room. It s in the echo studio uses three two inch mid range speakers to fire sound from the left.

The right and up it uses a one inch tweeter to fire sound out the front and a five point two five inch subwoofer speaker firing from the bass down. It is cool echo studio will tune to the sound of the acoustics in the room. You re in and give you the best sound can you do have adjustments that you can make within the app. So you can fine tune.

It but to get it started. It plays a little sound analyzes the room and gives you the best sound. It can now my experience listening to music with this the sound is impressive. It is definitely room filling sound.

I wish you could be here in person because any sound. I put on this video will not do it justice with my eyes closed. I didn t feel like i was listening to one speaker. It felt like the sound was all around me.

They re really these side speakers. The way it spreads out the sound is really impressive. I did check out the 3d music playlist that amazon has and it s just it feels like you re in the music. There sound.

That was coming from here and here. And it never felt like it was just coming from here. I also was listening to regular stereo music from apple music and was impressed by the sound. I played pink floyd s money with my eyes closed.

And i could clearly hear the stereo sound it just felt so huge the left channel was coming from here the right channel was from here vocals were down the center and it just mind blown. It was an amazing music experience. I know i m messing around. But it really was a nice listening experience i could only imagine what a second one of these would do to improve that experience overall sound was really balanced you get a lot of bass.

Great mid range and really clear highs. Plus you can adjust all those levels within the app typically i listen to music with earbuds in because i want to feel immersed in the music. With this. I was having a great time listening to music and just trying all different songs and getting lost into the listening experience.

Which is something i don t really do for this video. I sat that with my eyes closed to really take it in you don t smell sound..

But you gotta take a deep breath to relax your ears and they take it in the sound. Okay. I m not an audiophile so this is a horrible impression of me acting like i know how to listen to music. Now for video.

You do get really great full stereo sound out of it for any content. You re watching. But the big feature is dolby atmos to get dobby atmos sound. You have to pair it with a fire tv device and you have to watch content.

That has atmos m. You can t use this with bluetooth to any other device. And expect atmos sound out of it the streaming services that support dolby atmos are apple tv netflix front. Some prime video and you ve got voodoo well you re not gonna be able to get apple tv on there.

So you won t be able to use this with that you ll could do it with netflix. But netflix you ve got to pay for the premium tier to get that atmos on and even then everything s not gonna have it and only select movies on prime are going to have it now with two ecco studios. Paired you re gonna get even better dolby atmos sound out of it the first thing. I listen to with dolby atmos was the demo that it had and it sounds like things were moving around you it didn t sound like anything was behind me.

I mean. It s one speaker it does well. But i can t work miracles here. But can t get greedy next to just sit out.

I watch the movie gravity to see. If i notice the dolby sound out of it the sound was so immersive and complemented the movie so nicely and just gave. It really i meant to sit down for like 10 minutes to test it and an hour and a half later when i had to stop watching the movie. I did to watch gravity.

I was using amazon prime not all movies are gonna support it but amazon is starting to use dolby atmos with some of their series. So if you watch jack ryan. That s one it sounds good it really it just really enhances. This.

The listening experience instead of using my tv speakers in here or having to set up a whole. Separate surround sound in here this really up the game on it. So i was impressed by that now let s talk about the likes dislikes and who this may be for and why you may not necessarily want it first the likes this thing sounds great as i ve been saying throughout this whole video. It is a great sounding speaker.

A plus on sound disclaimer. Though sound is subjective you may listen to it..

And it doesn t work for you the next thing. I like the price is great for under 200 you get a high fidelity echo. Then you can listen to hd music on and have dolby. Atmos.

Sound. With your movies. What more is there to say about it boom. Mic dropped go buy yourself one okay.

There are some things that i don t like about this and this may not really be a dislike. But more of something to think about unlike other echoes like something like this you could just stick this on the middle of the counter. And it s all gonna sound the same pretty much anywhere you d go in it this thing. I don t think.

It s really meant for that kind of use because there are front left right top firing and down firing speakers on this so it does sound amazing you get a great listening experience. But i think that listening experience is closer to what you d find from a traditional speaker. I think you re meant to sit in front of this thing. So you can really get the sound as it s meant to be that way.

But i feel like when you re off access you re not getting the sound the right way out of it. But my real dislike and this isn t a huge one. It is a huge one because. The device is huge and that s what it is i think.

It s a really big device and depending on where you re using it it might be too big like the idea. I have a 42 inch tv in here this thing s kind of big it like needs its own furniture. I have to put a shelf underneath it and i don t know especially with eliminated on a content that you could get in the dolby atmos sound. I may be better off just having a sound bar underneath it and putting this out in a living room.

Or something maybe. If you don t have surround sound. These things are kind of big and bulky so having two of those on pieces of furniture. I don t know it might not be that aesthetically pleasing.

It is huge i mean the home pod used to feel kind of huge. But it s a little baby thing next to this uh. But it s not a deal breaker. It s not a quality thing.

It s a size thing next thing for me that s kind of a dislike it s not necessarily a deal breaker. But the atmos audio isn t necessarily enough of a reason for me to go out and buy this because it is limited in to certain streaming services at this point..

In time not all movies are in it on amazon prime and to be honest. I don t watch a lot of prime movies and netflix. I m not paying that top tier to get that sound if i m not getting the atmos and i m not buying this for hd streaming services or 3d music you could be like me. And maybe be better off with two of the new echos and have those paired with the fire tv as a home theater and get stereo sound that way for the same cost as one of these it would also be a smaller setup.

So who is this for should you get one this is the tough one for me. I see this is a great addition for someone who loves hd music or really loves listening to any music. But doesn t want a whole stereo setup in a room for a single speaker. This thing is it s incredible.

It really is an awesome device and gives you a vip fills. A room. Nicely this is a great way to have one speaker and great sound in a room with no fuss. I do see this as possibly a soundbar replacement for watching tv.

But in some cases. It just might be too big and the sound bar might be a better choice. If you want surround sound. And dolby atmos.

This could be great two of these are cheaper than most atma certified setups. But i don t see replacing my sleek surround sound speakers that are tucked up in the corners of the room that give me true surround sound with two of these that simulate it for me. It d be a step backwards for the sound. You are getting a great sounding device.

But it falls into a weird spot. I mean if you re okay with the size. The look. I don t think it would be a device to get rid of a true audiophiles sound setup or a movie lovers surround setup.

Because those are still gonna probably do a better job than this i do feel like if you re really into music or movies. This might not be enough. But if you re a casual listener. It might be too much audio for you i don t know what are your thoughts on the echo studio.

How would you use it let us know in the comments section. Max make sure to check out this video. Over here to learn more about amazon echo buds. If you like this video.

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