Amazon Exclusive – HP Pavilion Gaming Laptop

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“What s up everybody should boys floss back again with another video and today. We we re gonna take a look at the hp pavilion gaming laptop. Now you can this up on amazon. I ll put a link up in the description the price on this one 1000.

Bucks first things first let s go through all of the specs now he s got a 156. Inch. Full hd ips display with the resolution of 1080 by 1920 now it s powered by the eighth. Generation intel core i7 that s the 8750 h.

Processor clocked in at 22. Gigahertz you get. 16 gigs of memory. Four gigs of ram.

One terabyte hard drive and 128 gig ssd. Now you get a dedicated and video g force that s the gtx 1050 ti graphics card nine hours worth of battery life and features windows 10 pre installed you got front firing hp dual speakers with hp audio boost tuned by b o play now you got a backlit keyboard with green accents all of that 4000. Bucks let s see what it is shout out to white shoes she got the day off here we go hp pavillion gaming laptop 1000. Bucks let me grab a little unboxing knife i ve got the spider man here we go one more okay.

See what it is okay. Let s pull this out and struggling a little bit bear with me up. Okay. Let s see what you get in the box.

Now okay. Here s a quick start guide that set up instructions plug it and file it all your paperwork. Let s see what else is in here. Okay.

I did that the hard way. This is gonna be your plug okay big power brick. And here s your laptop let s get this plastic off here. It is hp pavilion gaming laptop.

Now everything is black and green on this one let s go through all the ports. Let s see you got hdmi. I got usb usb type c. You got a headphone jack okay.

Let s see what else. There s all your vents on this side you got two more usbs and you got your sd card reader. Okay pavillion brandon lightweight this way it s about five and a half pounds quality build on this it s open this up oh look at that now this actually looks beautiful. There s a be an old logo.

There s your front firing speakers. Let s check..

The key travel on this real nice alright. Let me pause. The video. I ll plug it in then we ll check it out talk amongst yourselves.

All right joss. We ll be back in now. I got everything all set up so now let s test it out first things first build quality now if y all. Remember a couple of weeks ago.

I did the hp omen. I love that laptop. But it s just too big and too heavy. I could never take it outside this one nice and lightweight.

I ve taken it everywhere premium materials. Nothing cheap about it at all bill quality a1. Now. Let s do the one hand open chest.

Now pops off the table a little bit. But you can easily open. It with one hand now let s check out the. Ports one more time on one side you got two usb 31.

And there s your sd card reader on another side you got a. Headphone jack there s your rj45. You got. Hdmi.

31 usb. 31 and usb type. C. 31.

There s your power input with a little led on the back. You got some pavilion. Brandon with your big giant fans. Now.

The fan on this is not that loud alright. So let s open it up and see how long it takes to boot up now it s completely off let s hit the power button okay. You hear it turning on let me get this into frame a little bit okay. There.

It is now let me put my code in there. It is completely off to completely on less than 10 seconds..

Now let me show you what this backlit keyboard looks like i m gonna dim. The lights alright so i m sitting here in complete darkness let s turn on the backlit keys. Look at this super bright. And that means you can use this at night with no problems alright.

So you got a nice big trackpad right here very smooth. Very responsive. Everything is nice and fluid let s check the keyboard nice clicks on these good key travel. This is a gaming laptop.

So let s try out gaming. Let s take it over to steam. Got some street fighter. 5.

On deck. Let s open it up. Let me grab a controller and we could get busy okay here we go now i m doing this in real time. So yeah.

I can see what you re gonna have to deal with each game is different all right here. We go take it over arcade street fighter. 5. Three fighters by now i m guaranteed to win this ain t a mobile game.

I m gonna get busy all right let s get high look how smooth the game is running. Oh caught me. There s about to be stun city. Okay.

Let s go to amazon check. The web. Browsing speed. There.

It is now let s check the display. And we ll try out the speakers. All right so let s open up youtube. Nice key clicks.

I like that display is extra bright. Let s put in one of my videos. Okay here we go let s get max volume open this up beautiful display nice and loud the speaker sound crispy. I will do one more we ll do one more so this is a gaming laptop video.

We ll do one more game. I m about to be playing street fighter..

5. Everywhere right i m getting the hang of it again. I m getting the hang of it again okay let s go we looking good yeah. We re looking good i loved it i m taking this laptop.

With me. Tomorrow. On my flight. Oh good.

G. Cross. It. Oh.

Got me oh ah. Oh. What am. I doing okay.

I gotta get a press. The wrong button in the controller. Okay yeah. See this control.

I have something buttons underneath it my first and bolts at the same time. But no one at all i want to see one more let s do one more one more one more for the road. One more for the road. Yeah.

Something i m not really feeling these two buttons underneath. The control. Them maybe i could deactivate them. I gotta go to the settings.

At last one y all last one yeah. I gotta go out to reno. And i gotta. See.

If i can style a little bit right not like that lpk in the play she came to play nothing for i got my blood configuration wrong. I know bad excuses. Wow. Sun.

City there comes sun setting up. Oh..

I better. Win after that all right you win. Let s wrap this up all right so overall on a scale of 1 to 10 the hp pavilion gaming laptop is a major go for 1000. Bucks the price is right if you re looking for quality laptop that s not gonna break your pockets check this one out.

You ve got a great build quality lightweight easy to carry beautiful display dual speakers. Got a nice and loud tuned by b o. You got a fast processor plenty of storage plenty of ram with the nvidia geforce graphics card this is a win hit me up in the comments let me know what y all. Think about this one shout out to everybody rock with me on facebook foursquare twitter google and a special shout out to everybody rock with me on instagram now i know that s where i m at full time and a special shout out to everybody locking with the new stream on sundays.

Yall already know oh yeah special shout out to everybody follow me on snapchat flossy. Underscore. Carter that s where i m at and a special shout out to the notification squad. I ll see y all.

In the comment section. Early hashtag salute. Oh. Yeah.

One more thing. Almost forgot. Fellas. Ladies.

Say. It. With me. All y all.

Haters. All y all. Trolls. Close your eyes.

And picture. Me. Rollin. Your boy.

Plus. I m now deuces spot one to beam up ” ..

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