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“Name is ellie and i ve been reviewing the new generation of the kindle fire. Fire. Seven kids edition. For me for moms.

Reviews with my four and a half old son. And my two and a half year old daughter. I ve just wanted to show you what comes in the box. So here.

It is it s pretty compact in the box. So it comes quite unique box kids were quite excited when it arrived and it comes in its case. So this is the tablet as you can see it comes in its case. Already packed some instructions charger.

Which comes in two parts really easy to put together. You just pop your speed part into there so i want to tell you a few things about this kindle tablet and for kids that i think it are really good so. The first one it s gotta be the case that it comes in and it s totally robust as you can see it s like it looks like a bumper..


So whilst the screen itself isn t actually kind of protected by anything you can see there. It s been used it s about a few smudgy marks on it and there s because it acts like a bumper. It s not gonna get too damaged if it s dropped or which obviously happens my daughter dropped it quite a few times. But she s a bit younger than my son and then the other really cool thing that it comes with here is this stand that s built in now the stand.

It s quite stiff to open a bit more tricky for little hands. But they do get used to it. But once it s up it s fabulous um. It really is good for when you re out about if you if your child just gets fed up holding it and it just stands up really steadily and i think that s part of the reason.

Why it s quite good that it s a little bit stiff to pop open and but as you can see it s brilliant and it you you can use this you can see that you can bend it up and down and you can only use it two ways you can use it as i ve got it there as you can see or you can pop it the other way around like this. But you can t have it up on its side that s a slight disadvantage when if for example your child s playing a certain game that needs to be in that land in that vertical view because they won t they ll have to have it if they want to understand it ll need to be like this. But it s you know i think that the benefits of this stand. Really do outweigh any negatives that it might have and one of the best features about the this kindle fire.

Self and kids. Edition. Tablet is the parental controls..


Especially if you ve got slightly younger children and i m not sure how well you ll be able to see on here. But you can set up child profiles. I think it s up to four child profiles on the same device. So i m just redoing.

My son s one on here so i can talk you through it. Then you just add the child child s profile by adding their name whether the boy or girl and their date of birth and then you can set the theme. And so there s two different themes and one of the benefit under nine you under nine years old and another one for children who were aged 9 to 12 now i m gonna add the profile which i had already done but i ve undone it to show you so it s added. The profile on here so now my son and daughter will both have their own profile on the same tablet which they can switch.

Which they can switch to and from quite easily. And i ve set two different pictures. So they know who s who s is who so it s really quite easy to use there are a couple of areas where i think there could be room for improvement or things that some people might find it s like just like draw box or have frustrations with and the first thing that i ve already mentioned is that the case is slightly bigger on one side than the other so it s a bit harder for little hands to hold. Although it didn t really bother my kids too much and some of the other things are that the battery life could be better my daughter in particular often left the device with a power intensive up running and just dumped it somewhere.

And then came back to find that the battery was really run down or occasionally. She would go to pick up the tablet. And say mommy..


I want to play my tablet. And it would have no battery at all left. So we would then have to charge it and now she can imagine with like just over two and a half year old it s it s hard to be patient. Sometimes and i think that all the kids would probably be better at taking care to close down apps.

Once they ve been playing in them. And that would help with the battery life. But little ones have really not going to understand that i m a couple of other things the storage space. We did not really have an issue with and but 16 gig is not that big and although it can be extended to i think.

It s 512 you have to pay extra to get my crusty card and for more storage. And that s gonna be quite price quite quite costly. If you go if you want to go up to that bigger extra storage space um. The only other thing really would be that the camera on the device is not amazing.

But again. It s not really a huge drawback. My kids were just delighted to have their own camera that they could take pictures of mostly half of my head or or me moving and looking more unfolded genic than i thought possible and but yeah they loved it and but i think all the children might think this camera is rubbish..


They ll have seen their mom or dad s smartphone camera pictures. And they ll think why is my device not taking that good pictures. But really for kids on the younger side of the recommended age range. I don t think it will be that much of a problem.

I really hope you found this short video. Helpful and if you d like to read my full review of the new generation kindle fire. 7 kids edition tablet pop over to wwm a few mums calm and you ll find it there along with some other great product. Reviews.

Bias guides and advice on some of the best parenting. ” ..

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