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“Guys. It s me kevin here. I want to take a minute to make this this video on the amazon fire. Stick slash fire tv.

Stick. That s out on market now. I just want to make this short video for everyone who s gonna make a buying decision and is interested in purchasing this item currently i have one myself for i my wife my daughter and the rest of my kids comes in very handy for our household. Now when it comes to the amazon fire.

Stick slash tv stick some of the pros that go on with this are that it s very lightweight flexible and it s affordable. I mean. It s honestly hard to get past the affordable price tag of the amazon. Fire tv stick you can find that.

These days anywheres from. 2999 to 3999 depending on what store on location you get it from and there are also sales that you can catch this river. This represents a significant savings from the fully featured amazon fire tv stick that can run anywhere from. 4999 to 8999.

Depending on your location and store in terms of price. And design. The fire tv stick seems to be the most similar to the google chromecast both sticks and able users to plug directly into a hdtv hdmi slot to start streaming content within minutes. It s an ease of use item.

There s not many issues with it you just plug and play now another pro pro number 2. That i call it for this is the powerful new voice. Features one of the major upgrades between the original amazon fire. Tv.


Stick and a new one involves the alexa voice integration. If you ve experienced amazon echo. Which uses alexa. Then you know how powerful the voice features can be you can use your voice to do things like play game of thrones or launch netflix or even find a good comedy and best of all you don t have to hunt for a way to use the voice controls right on the remote itself right on the remote device.

That s provided with the alexa firestick tv stick there s a prominent button at the very top this comes in handy because alexa also comes with certain features well amazon s amazon calls skills like the ability to place an order for pizza delivery with your voice hold the button. Say what you want it ll basically bring it up. I mean. There s nothing easier than than having access to a feature like that now pro.

Number three that i see also good with this device for everyone is the unlimited access to the best streaming content. The main reason people. Buy the amazon. Firetv stick of course is to get access to the best.

Streaming contact content. The concept content concept is so simple that it seems like it can t really be true. But here it is take the fire. Tv stick plug it into your tv.

Connect to your wi fi boom. You re done. The ease of use. With this stick.

Is a no brainer. Even a complete newbie can get this and set this up with no issues from there you can access any of your major streaming services like hulu or netflix or of course amazon instant video. What s also great about the amazon fire tv stick is that you re not forced to watch. Only amazon content.


Though you can watch from any streaming service for example. Say you want to watch a new movie you could stream from netflix. Say you want to watch a new tv show you could stream from hulu. Say you wanted to watch a game on espn you could stream from sling tv.

So see you can do all these things with this it s pretty universal plus. There s a universal search function. So that you can find all various competing services. That offer a particular title and determine the best way to get access to it maybe just maybe it s cheaper to buy on amazon than it is to rent on netflix or maybe not you can look at all these things and do these things through these various features.

But you have a lot of flexibility here and. Told you can access you can get access to more than 300000. Tv episodes and movies now ready to stream. So there s always something on that you can watch the family can watch the kids can watch you know if you have relatives over they can watch pro number 4.

Another great thing is the great integration with amazon prime. If you know anything about amazon prime every major tech company wants you to play in their ecosystem. And amazon is no different you may not have a kindle. Fire but chances are you have an amazoncom.

Account. If you have amazon prime then you get unlimited access to amazon prime instant video that means access to thousands of videos and tv episodes now this leads me to pro number five the fast and furious streaming content music not just video the new upgraded amazon fire tv stick now comes with streaming speeds that are 30 faster than in the previous version. A lot of this has to do with the way. The fire tv stick connects to wi fi.

But the point is you get a lot smoother streaming experience in addition. You re not limited to just streaming. Tv. Folks.


And film content. You can also stream music content for all the music lovers out there remember i m gonna read that again. You can also stream music content for all the music love now. Amazon refers to this and its marketing materials.

As entertaining your way you can use the fire tv stick to stream music for guests touring parties or on a family night. It s up to you there s a lot of different things you can do with this using alexa voice in the great integration you can even do something like play music for a dinner party. Any amazon firetv stick will go to work finding the right music to set the mood for you now. This is gonna lead me into a con.

Something that i see as a quote negative. When it comes to this is it that bad no. But it s always good to give the public and people one of the negatives or something that i see negative about the amazon for the amazon firetv stick. It s not as powerful as other set top boxes.

But in a big. But it does wonders still and it does its job over and over again. I have one for the family myself it might be obvious. But you re not going to get the same type of functionality and a stick as you re gonna get for the full set top box.

Like apple tv or even amazon fire tv. Thus if you re a hardcore gamer or a film purist. You might look at what the amazon fire tv delivers in terms of a higher performance streaming experience. Moreover.

The amazon fire tv comes with the ability to plug into the ethernet. Giving. It a big leg up on the amazon fire tv. Stick.


Which is still restricted to wi fi access. But now the amazon fire tv. And the amazon fire tv. Stick both great items.

Both do wondrous things. I have both items you know you just basically have to pick and choose what your needs are and get what s going to suit your household either one is an awesome choice when it comes to doing what your family and household needs now my closing thoughts on is i personally my kids and my family feel this is a great product. It s a great product for the kids or an avid tv person i mean for the price that you re paying you cannot find a better buy to do what this does there are even ways to watch premium events and current movies for all those things go a little bit more in depth online. There s things you can look up um.

I mean it s endless for what you can do with this you you don t basically can only limit yourself you know i personally give this a four star rating out of five stars. And i ll give it an eight out of 10 on the must buy now scale. Anyone interested in this item. Please click on the link or links below to get the deals to get you the deal today.

I put various links down in the bottom. Where you can get various deals on the amazon. Fire. Stick or the amazon fire tv.

Stick. It s kind of your choice. But uh click the links below today and i mean if you re interested in this type of product go get them i hope you enjoy ” ..


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