Amazon Unboxing Maxun Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 & 9 Camera Accessory Bundle Set

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“Everybody today we are going to be unboxing the maximum camera accessory bundle set for for fujifilm instax mini. 8. And mini 9. This is their set that comes with camera case album selfie lens color lens wall hanging frames film frame and film stickers and i believe that is like a total of 7 items.

And i ordered this on amazon for 2299 ok. So the first thing. We are going to be demonstrating on is the so sticker. This is so cute.

I have never seen ones that you can actually put like write little notes down on the bottom. This is really cute this little guy. I m going to take him off on to this picture right here in a nice. Very cute.

I like that and you know what i really like to do with these things on the back..

I like to stick them onto the back of these photos and like write little notes on them. Like this is my niece. Blah blah. Blah.

Blah blah blah blah. Next up we have the frame. So i think. This is pretty self explanatory.

So you can put the frame basically anywhere you want and what you do now to put the picture in the side you slide it right in to the frame. How cute is that so cute next thing we have a wall hanging cream. This is so cute guys and now i just hang it on my wall isn t that cute this is our next item. We have the album that s really cute guys.

I really like the material of this album it s made out of really good plastic tpu and the reason..

Why i like tpu so much is because it s really flexible and i know that if i press stuff in here. It wouldn t break or brittle easily because it s soft plastic. It s not like a hard plastic. It s a soft plastic and i really like that hand of its next item.

We have is the table frame cute and then what you do to put these on like a desk or something you have to fold this on the bottom you got this little nice frame that you can put up your family. Members or your friends or whatnot. The next thing. We are going to demonstrate on is this selfie lens.

So next time when you take a picture with your friend you can actually see who is in the picture. So that way your film doesn t go to weight really convenient. Let s demonstrate. The camera case.

What s nice about this camera case is that it s made out of pu leather and what s so great about this case is that sam s sick and tired of this flap right here that opens and closes..

I can just take it right off like that and i can just have the camera out and open like this so i can take pictures. Faster. And what s cool about this is that has a little pocket in the back. Where i can put say like a selfie filter or a color filter or whatnot isn t that cute that is so cute okay the next thing we re going to be looking at is the color lens.

But what s so cool about these is that it comes with these two shapes there s a circular circular shape and there s a heart shape so what i m thinking is that you can take a picture and everything else can be pink. But like whatever you re focusing on it ll just be in the heart that is so cute guys. I think i m going to give these a try right now so shucky darns guys. I ran out of film.

There s in the horse film in here i m so sad. I ran out of film. And i really never thought of buying any so i really can t test this camp bar this lens for you guys. But i m pretty sure that whatever this whole like whatever you re trying we re focusing on it cents.

If it s centered and everything it won t be blue and everything surrounding that will be blue..

Which will make a super cool effect for like the summer or even during the winter time when it s all white and there s so much snow you can take a picture and everything will be blue and then whatever you re focusing on will just be like regular colored. I haven t recommend that jess give this item a try or 2299 you get seven items which is roughly about 328 per item. I think for the quality and for the amount of stuff that this came with i think it s still relatively cheap compared to ebay because it s only 328 per item. Whereas some of the items on ebay they were selling for like five ten dollars per item and not to mention they were from abroad so your items won t even come and tell the month after or even if you re lucky two weeks.

But really for an item that is located in the united states and comes within three four days. I think this is a really good deal so if you guys are really considering. I highly recommend that you guys check out maksoon on amazon they have a lot of items on their amazon store ranging from all these insects accessories to accessories for your girl pearl. So if you guys have time please give them a try thank you so much and i ll talk to ” .


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