AMD FX 6300 Overclocking Guide (Overclock to 5 ghz) Step by Step Guide

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” s up everyone this is howser and i m going to give you a little little tutorial on how to overclock an amd fx 6300 cpu now before i go further. I m gonna throw down a little disclaimer here. I m gonna say that overclocking can damage your hardware. If you don t know what you re doing or if you push it too far so do this at your own risk next thing.

I m gonna say is not all hardware overclock. The same that means that you could buy two identical cpus and one could reach phenomenal clock speeds. While the other could reach just a small overclock it really depends on how lucky you get when you get your cpu. Now.

The results and numbers that i m going to put up in this video. Our guidelines. They re not end all be all numbers. Um you might not get as well of an overclock as i did or you might get a much better overclock as i did like i said they re just guidelines so take it at that all right so first things first these are the results that you should aim for if you re going for an overclock on different kinds of cooling.

So on stock air cooling. You ll be right around 4 gigahertz. So a nice little overclock on custom air cooling like a noctua nhd 14. Or in octal nhd.

15. You should be right around four and a half to four point six gigahertz unclosed and water cooling. Like we re using a corsair h. 100.

I you should be able to get right around four point seven to four point nine gigahertz four point nine gigahertz is stretching it a little bit. But it s definitely possible if you get a very good chip and on custom water cooling. Which is what i m running on this setup. You ll should be right around 5 gigahertz with a half decent chip.


The cooling setup that i m using to get the overclocks in this video are and a hime 1048 pump. A chevelle heater core and xsp seer a storm water block 3 8. Inner diameter tubing and a 120 millimeter fan in a push configuration that is running at 6 volts instead of 12. This is all set up so the pump sucks the water out of the reservoir pumps it through the radiator.

Then into the water block and then back into the reservoir. So before you get started get yourself a little fan. In this case. I m using the stock heatsink fan that came with the fx.

6300 cpu. And take the fan and place it on top of the mosfet heat sinks. This will help keep your mosfets. Nice and cool and will help you a little bit on your overclock.

Now that your cooling is all set up start your computer hit delete and go into the bios when you re in the home screen go to the top right corner hit the exit slash advanced mode and then click on advanced mode now that you re in the advanced mode click on the tab. That says ai tweaker and you will see the settings to overclock your system. Set the ai overclocked tuner to dcop mode. This will enable some of the features below the dram oc profile should have defaulted to your default ram.

Speed leave that alone in my case. It is ddr3 1600 megahertz. The cpu ratio is the multiplier that s used to determine your cpu clock. Speed.

This is what you use to actually overclock your cpu turn off aim the turbo core technology. This will stop your cpu from throttling up cpu bus frequency. This is the frontside bus ratio of your motherboard and the ram. And the cpu leave the pcie frequency.


At 100. The memory frequency leave that at the default. Ram speed set the cpu northbridge frequency to 2000. Mega.

Hertz and set the ht link speed to 2400 megahertz disable. Cpu spread spectrum. Disable pcie spread spectrum and disable epu power. Savings mode.

Then enable cpu load line calibration and cpu northbridge load line calibration next set the cpu and northbridge voltage to manual mode for now we re going to leave the cpu manual voltage on default the cpu northbridge voltage go ahead and set that at one point two to five volts and leave everything else at its default speeds. Just ignore my dram voltage for now you should leave that stock speeds. I was using it to overclock the frontside bus a little bit earlier and i forgot to change it before making this video. The last thing you want to do is go to the advanced tab and then click on cpu configuration and in here.

Make sure that core six state is set to disabled hpc mode has set to disable and a pm master mode is set to automatic now that that s all done head back to the ai tweaker panel and take a look at your cpu ratio. Now the cpu ratio determines the speed of your cpu. It s the frontside bus times. The cpu ratio so if you up the multiplier you ll get a higher clock speed on your cpu.

So first thing is change your multiplier from 17. Point 5 to. 18 this will give you a clock speed of 36. Gigahertz for a 100 megahertz overclock and hit f10 and then save preferences.

Let your computer boot into windows. And run. Some stress tests to make sure that the overclock is stable and that your temperatures are not too high. I like using prime95 torture tests to test for stability when i m overclocking my cpu and i like monitoring my temperatures with speed fan now after you run prime95 for about half an hour to an hour and your temperatures are acceptable and you haven t gotten any crashes or errors from the program.


It means that you ve got a pretty stable overclock. So if you want to push it further go back into the bios and increase your multiplier by another 05. And then hit f10 save preferences back in the windows. And run.

Prime95. Again so continue doing this and continue increasing your multiplier by 05. Until you reach an overclock that s not stable or your temperatures are too high. If your temperatures are too high.

Then back off a little bit maybe one or two hundred megahertz and call it quits there. If your temperatures are still acceptable. But your cpu is a little unstable then scroll down on the ai tweaker panel in the bios and go to cpu manual voltage and increase the voltage by point zero five volts now this will help make your system more stable by running more voltage through the cpu. But it will also drastically increase the heat that s put out by the cpu so keep a close eye on.

Temperatures when you are running prime95 you should really shouldn t exceed. 15 volts on air. On water you can probably go up to. 15 five volts maybe 16.

But that s a big maybe if you re really pushing it. I definitely wouldn t suggest anything like that for 24 7. Use now it s time to move on to some temperature information. These are the amd maximum recommended temperatures for their cpus the eight core cpus like the fx 83.

Exceed 62 degrees celsius under load for an extended period of time and the six core or lower cpus like the fx. 6300 should be kept below 70 degrees celsius. I found that a lot of the time. Once i get close to 70 degrees celsius.


No matter how much voltage or how little clock speed. I have the fx 6300. Just isn t stable and here are the results that i got from my fx. 6300 cpu.

And my cooling system. So i was able to go up to four point four gigahertz without much trouble i kept it at stock voltage and was stable temperatures were good i really didn t see much of a temperature increase until i hit four point five to four point six gigahertz at 45 gigahertz i started seeing pretty high temperature increases. I also had to raise the voltage to get a little bit more stability at four point six to four point eight gigahertz i saw a pretty large jump in temperatures again i up the head to up the voltage to keep the stability going and five gigahertz which i m running now i have to pump one point four volts through the cpu and prime95 is stable. But it reaches a temperature of 70 degrees celsius.

I know 70 degrees celsius is what too high for the cpu to be running at 24 7. That s why i only run the prime95 towards your test for about half an hour to one hour max just to see if it s stable during gaming. Which doesn t stress. The cpu as much as the prime95 torture test.

I see a max temperature of right around 50 degrees celsius under full load. I was able to push the. Cpu a little bit. Further i was able to play games at 51.

Gigahertz. And i was able to benchmark up to five point three five gigahertz at one point four five volts anything after five point three five gigahertz. Really wasn t even stable enough to benchmark so thanks for watching hopefully. This video helped you a little bit.

If you have any questions. Let me know just post a comment below like and favorite this video. It s much appreciate it so i ll ” ..


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