AMD Ryzen Processor Names Explained!

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“Friends and welcome to this week s episode of steve explains the stuff last week. Week. We went over intel processors and their names basic functions to help demystify the processors this week. We re gonna focus on the amd rison lineup explain what the team read has in store for you pc builders ami has a pretty strong line up for consumer level processors dmd rison.

3. The amd rison five baby rises. 7. And love break bore aim.

D. Rising. Tremor. All these segments are unique with a core count and functions.

So the further delay let s dive in and see what this all means alright. So first off let s decode. The name of the processor. First.

We re gonna use the risin 320. 200. G. Processor.

As our example to help spell out all these alpha k t. s. So. Risin is the brand pretty easy to follow as it s amd bryson next into code is the three this is a segment this lets us know what type of user may want to use it for the tasks are trying to accomplish.


Has identified three core customer types for each of their segments. Three more the mainstream user. 5. Is per high performance and 7.

Is your enthusiast. The 22 in the 2200 is our performance level. This will indicate what to expect out of the processor in this case. The 22.

We know this would be on the mainstream level 4. 5. 6. High performance 7 8.

Well doesn t fall under enthusiasts. Grade pretty easy so far alright next. We have the model number in this case being the zero zero. This lets us know the sku and if it has any additional speed much like intel naming we have the suffix at the end to let us know the power or difference between clock speeds within a series for example.

We may see anything of the following g x. Ws. Or no suffix for a regular old desktop processor. Ok friends next we re gonna walk you through what the suffixes mean for your new and e processor.

You know some plain old processors with no suffix. This simply tells us that this is a standard process. We ll start with the risin 320 200. G.

For our next..

Example. The g. Is to indicate a power feature of the processor g. Essentially.

Tells us. There s the radio in vega graphics. Built in next. You know.

Some of these processors also come with the x power suffix much like the risin. 5 1600. X. The risin 727 or x.

Or the rison thread ripper 2920 x. The acts like x force tells us it s a high performance processor with xfr. This is extended frequency range xfr is amd s automated overclocking feature. Which allows the user to take the processor beyond the advertised turbo frequency.

Results will vary depending on your cooling solution whenever i hear beyond i think of dragon ball z. You got push beyond and you re like goku screaming going to super saiyan last. But the opposite of lease there is the w egg series of the red river chips w. Ax is a suffix designation apply to amd workstation great component typically utilize in the server and rendering roles.

These things are built for power and purpose and while they can be used for gaming. The price jump is probably best spent on a better video card and your monitor for the enhancement of your gaming experience. So now. That we understand how this all breaks down naming wise and we understand what you re looking at let s check out the different types of processors much like intel naming scheme.

There s no rule behind how when or what you use each processor for simply with the extreme flexibility of the new m4 motherboards choosing a new rison processor follows the same principles..

We ve previously discussed in our last. Intone video comes down to a what do you want to do with it and b. What are your expectations in terms of speed. Let s say you re building a basic home computer or getting to the beginnings of gaming or better.

Yet. You don t see yourself doing much more than a simple you task like using spreadsheets or some google doc processes. Some light you tube to check out those three old dead fine comps these you ve been looking more to warrants of rising. Three series of processors geared towards mainstream pc.

Users with the built in vega and for course our processing. You re well on your way to be able to do manage tasks and games. Like dusk and other low requirement graphic games like league of legends. Dota and fork knife.

Now. Let s say you have a bit more coins. Towards that processor budget you want to add a bit more zest. Those are imaginary lemons.

So you juggle use some more tasks like multiple tabs open with sweet memes and twitch streams and to be a true epic gamer by dividing your heated battle field of quick champion swaps for or fall. At 76. If you re looking more towards the rising 5 line of up processors. Which are geared towards high performance users become equipped with 4 to 6 cores and up to 12 processing threads.

What this means for you is more tasks more efficiently this processor is also more geared towards the graphic. Designer and artist as a multiple course will make it easier for those. Fancy art programs and a drawing tablet like a cintiq susan be a nice express way to drop so express yourself. Artistically with the sonic fan art given.

The new movie poster..

Let your imagination flow like a hollywood movie budget. Now. Let s say your gaming budget is not even a question and you re ready to experience top tier gaming. We re talking serious pc gaming or maybe you re an enthusiast builder content creator you might be streaming on mixer twitch or youtube.

The rison 7 series of processors is for you it s packed with 8 cores and 16 processing threads this where you want to be for high performance gaming extreme multitasking and live streaming. These processors are geared towards the enthusiast lastly the big guns the absolute unit of a processor. The thread rippln you ll be ripping through multitasking like a hot knife for room temperature butter yum. So pure 3d art right there goes the rendering maybe using it for a top tier streaming ring bam there goes the content creation studios you name it with 32 possible cores and up to 64 processing thread.

The thread ripper is the end all be all for the andy side of consumer processors and that s the end of our journey our processor journey. Now you re all professors here s our phd. I m so proud you came this far so guys don t forget about m. Exp.

You know the drill comment like the video share with your dog your neighbor louie get the videos out there you guys know how it works comments you guys are gonna win this month. A wicked prize from our friends at coursera and m65 pro and an hs 50 gaming headset. You guys know where a falls on social media. Facebook.

And twitter. The same at memory express. Our instagram is official memory express of course guys. This is steve from memory express thanks for watching this video.

I hope it helped and i ll see you next week. ” ..

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