AMD Vs Intel Choosing The Right CPU

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“What s going on very glad to see you back here on tech of tomorrow tomorrow you guys should know by now. I m elric your host. Now one of biggest questions that i get every day of the week is what s my choice amd or intel. What s better what should i do how and why should i make a decision like this well amd and intel both make cpus now amd since they bought ati.

They also make gpus as well so in some ways as a total package. Amd has some better leverage over intel. Now. The main thing is you have to ask yourself what am.

I going to be doing. That s the first thing you would ask yourself what are you doing with your computer. Because if the only thing that you re going to do with your computer is watch games at 1920 by 1080. There is absolutely no reason in the world that you can t use an amd system.

Even one of their trinity apu systems with a 6670 will still play a lot of games at decent frame rates even with a 66 70. That s very cheap system. You can put a whole system together like that for very low priced now with that said though if gaming isn t the only thing you re doing when i say gaming. I pretty much mean gaming internet surfing typing documents any of the basic type stuff.

But your fun factor is gaming..

There s nothing wrong with amd now if you re a person. Though you re going to be rendering in 3d. You re going to be using a lot of type of stuff like photoshop hi. Intense math calculations and those kinds of operations.

You re going to want to go with an intel based system. I mean there is a reason. Why mac. Only chooses to use intel in their systems.

And not amd when it comes to high tech stuff. Intel is just better they have less problems they have less errors just overall for high end calculations. They are very good now on the server side of things there are all kinds of great amd servers that are out now that will totally work with our opteron and other type of things so in the server market from what i m hearing from the people out there. I m not a big server guy.

But in server market. Even though. Intel definitely has the lion s share of the market. Hey andy.

Still has some great solutions so at the end of the day..

A lot of people always ask this what s better it really just depends on what you re going to be doing now. I ve bought a bunch of different laptops for laptops due to heat. And the very fact that there s always more heat with amd cpus that s one of the big things about them right now intel has cooled off things with laptops i pretty much choose to go with intel with their hd 4000 graphics on their new stuff they seem to work very well for those type of basic applications. You know i m saying.

But you don t have to go out and spend big money on an intel cpu and all this stuff. If you just want to do basic things. The intel cpu comes into play when you re doing things much beyond standard gaming. If you re just gaming doing standard stuff.

I have to say you should probably be looking at amd. Unless you just have an enormous amount of money to spend and in some cases. When we re comparing stuff even with using an nvidia card and intel versus amd and amd on some of the gameplay. We ve heard and we ve seen from all their sites looking around that sometimes you get better performance.

That s just the way that it is so if you re somebody out there and right now you re sitting ready you re going hey. I m going to go out. I m going to buy a system first off determine what it is you re doing with your system. Determine your budget and then pick the parts that you want to go.

There s all kinds of great things..

And nowadays pretty much all parts are almost plug and play there are some people who have some extreme stuff. That has problems of drivers and stuff. But almost even the most non pc. Person go out and buy a bunch of parts and put them together.

And it should work so do it yourself guys you can save a lot of money by going out and building your own pc. So at the end of the day when it comes to amd versus intel. There is no clear winner because sure you can say that an you know an i7 that cost. Twelve hundred dollars gets you a little bit more frame rates than a cpu.

The only cost 85. But let s see here 85 1200 big difference. There and does that money difference justify the cost because the cost difference is major for the longest time. I ran only intel based systems.

But then we start doing a lot more experimenting. I started getting into the more amd stuff started playing around bit. And i found that a lot of these lower end amd systems play games. Absolutely fine.

There s no problems you save a lot of money now if i m doing something where i m really hard work..

I m going to be doing a bunch of editing and all that type of stuff well then yes. I would definitely go with an intel based cpu. So there you guys have it that s the main question i get all the time. I hope this answers.

Some questions for you guys if you have more you can always put comments below or you can send me a direct question right through the messaging here or you can send me direct email at elric at tech of tomorrow comm. But i hope this clarifies some stuff so if you re out there looking. No. There s really not too much of a difference just depending on what you re doing like usual.

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