Analogue Super NT Unboxing & How to Install Firmware Update

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” s up guys here. It is day has come super empty got attacked in there there bottom of the box. We got this i start with the end the world. It is super turrican director s cut so i went with the black super nt.

I think it s modern looking i think it s really cool looking soo dang. There it is i don t know if you ve watched any other reviews. But people aren t kidding this thing is nice and they have you just like perfect so we got the power button reset. Got the retro gamepad controller hookups.

Nice bottom bar to keep it from sliding around that was nice so we just got the hdmi on the back and the power hookup. Something else i found out today. They re releasing an adapter in the future for the hdmi you hook up. Obviously.

If you want to do any of the retro light gun games like super scope. 6. That adapter will allow you to connect to like a crt and play those awesome light gun games so learn that in the box. We got analog celebrate and explore the history of video games with the respect it deserves so true yeah.

There s not another console out there that plays retro games in a modern way on new televisions..

It s awesome and some information about the super turrican director s cut what it is why it s called the director s cut. They were going to release the full jane back in the day in the 90s when this was released. But apparently it cost a lot more to get a cartridge you know the bigger cartridge with more is essentially the game. They originally built was too big and too pricey for them so they re finally releasing it now so pretty cool.

See what else we got in here all the packaging. I wish you could fill it s just so nice like they did not cut any corners on this thing. We got the hdmi i mean look at this even. The hdmi cord.

You can see it as the analogue logo on there yet and power cable of course power adapter see even that check it out sweet hope you can see it sweet analog logo on there everything just feels nice everything is well made you know that this they do not cut any corners with this i am pumped to play tomorrow. I will start streaming so let me know in the comments. What games you want to see what like what classic games. You want to see me playing i m craving some donkey kong countries.

We ll probably start with that but unreal. I m so pumped to start playing this thing. Let me know what you think let me know what your favorite color is i m i m really happy with the black. I think with recreating a such a cool console.

And it s modern just sweet..

So. Oh yeah. We also have the sd card slot. So for firmware updates.

And things like that all right guys let s jump into the firmware update. If you re anything like me this took me a second to figure out how to do this. So. You re gonna need an sd card.

Then let s go to an analogs website. Here and figure this out so if you go to support super nt. Guides and then they ve got the super empty firmware update version 39. Our ads.

So first things first. We gotta download the thigh right here black ice once you downloaded the firmware update. The second step is to format an sd card to fat32 so for me. I m on a mac on my macbook pro so we need to open up disk utility.

I m gonna click on the sd card..

I have in there i m going to erase it make sure you save the files on that if you wanna keep ending the files on the sd card. I m going up analog c3. I am too monitors. So now i need to copy the firmware onto the sd card.

No other files can be on that s because except for the firmware then fire drop the bin file on to sb. 5. And it is alright that was easy so really checked the sd card boom alright so now you just follow the next couple steps power your super nt off insert. The sd card into your super empty sd card slot power and on and your super nt will automatically begin to update.

The updating process will be represented by the power. Led on the front of your super nt rapidly for winter. This will take three to four minutes do not power down your super nt during this process or disturb. The unit in any way.

And then shoe brandy is finished updating the unit will auto reboot and the leds color will turn back into its normal mode. White. The super mte has now been updated sweet once give it a shout alrighty. Let s fire it up for the first time.

Without the sd card..

There we go all righty now let s shut it down. So i put in the sd card. All right let s see what happens when we fire to begin there it is but they said we deceive flashing and then it should take about three to four minutes for the firmware update to kick in. See y all.

Yes. A few minutes. Later. Know what started changing.

Where it is firmware updates work. Okay and then those of you aren t familiar with the 8. Bit do controllers we plug the receiver in and it says to power on the controller just to hold the start button here. It is times lights on top blinking.

Pressing there we go back to that parent. There we go star was super turrican director s cut all right so why is the the button to launch all right so there it is get there it is gasps hope you enjoyed ” ..

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